18 Velvet Truffles Caramel with a Hint of Liquorice 30% Off - silver foil

Box of 18 - Velvet Truffles Caramel with a Hint of Liquorice

The World's Best White Chocolate Truffle 2016*

Box of 18 Un-enrobed Velvet Truffles. 

Caramelised white chocolate ganache with just a touch of liquorice root. Part of The Velvet Truffle Range, it shares the signature exquisite texture served naked as pure ganache. Creamy white chocolate, luxury caramel and spices are expertly balanced.

No alcohol or artificial flavours or additives. 18 Truffles - 130g

These Velvet Truffles come in a bespoke box, wrapped in a plain foil bag without a truffle fork. 

THESE MUST BE STORED IN THE FRIDGE and served at room temperature.

These fresh cream truffles need to be kept refrigerated. Consider the Enrobed Range to avoid refrigeration.


All our chocolates are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarian diets. No preservatives are used.

Ingredients: sugar, fresh cream, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, butter, skimmed milk powder, liquorice extract, molasses, emulsifier: soya lecithin. May contain traces of nuts.

Please Contact Us if you have specific questions or requests.

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