36 Velvet Truffles  Classic Mild

Velvet Truffles Classic Mild - Box of 36


Other sizes available

The original Velvet Truffle, the Classic is the most awarded of Iain's chocolates.  The exquisite texture and smoothness of this pure ganache with no chocolate covering will conjour sensations of complete bliss!  

Single-origin chocolate expertly balanced with fresh Scottish cream to bring out a delicate, naturally occurring caramel-note in the milk chocolate.  Made only with natural, fresh ingredients, all of Iain's chocolates contain no alcohol, artificial flavours, additives or preservatives.  36 Truffles, 260g.

Presented in an elegant gift box sealed in an air-tight gold foil bag and decorated with a black and gold satin bow.  

Store in the refrigerator, but serve at room temperature with the truffle fork included.

Also sold in boxes of 6, boxes of 12, and boxes of 18.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, fresh cream, sugar, butter, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, whey powder (milk), emulsifier: soya lecithin, spices, natural flavouring (vanilla). May contain nuts.

All of Iain's chocolates are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians. Made only with natural, fresh ingredients, there are no artificial flavours, additives or preservatives.  

 Please Contact Us if you have specific questions or requests.

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Mon 3rd Jan 2022
Super nice for an annual Christmas treat

Wed 24th Feb 2021
Absolutely gorgeous, excellent taste and texture.
very smooth and delicious taste

Wed 17th Feb 2021
Luxury. Absolute luxury. A treat to savour. Tasted these once in store and have been back for more several times.

Thu 31st Dec 2020
The chocolate is so creamy and tastes of only chocolate. No additives

Wed 23rd Dec 2020
Just like other Chocolates from Highland Chocolaties, second to none, plus have tasted the Truffles before (This is a Christmas Present for my wife)

Tue 6th Oct 2020
Absolutely amazing! The chocolates are beauitful and they taste delicious! Never had chocolate as brilliant as these are! Will definitely buy more

Wed 13th May 2020
Really good quality but they tasted darker than they used to.. did I order dark instead of milk? I checked back on the website and it wasn’t really clear whether they were milk or dark.

Wed 4th Mar 2020
Awesome flavor and texture

Tue 8th Oct 2019
Partially melted and it changed texture

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