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Say it with Chocolate – Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Delivered by Post

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

pic15Does the bustling high street fill you with dread? Nothing can be more stressful than pushing your way through the busy streets searching for the perfect tasty accompaniment for your dinner party, or the ideal gift for your loved ones. Thankfully The Highland Chocolatier has the solution, beautifully hand crafted chocolates by post.

Iain Burnett’s Highland Chocolatier’s luxury chocolate selection is loved the world over and has been recognised through national and international awards. This global recognition has led us to offer a worldwide delivery service so all those who appreciate our exquisite work can enjoy a taste in their own home, no matter the location. Whether as an indulgent treat for yourself and guests in your home, or a special delivery to a distant loved one, the Highland Chocolatier postal service delivers special messages with much more than just words.

You can choose to deliver to your own address, or a different one. Think of the pleasure on your loved ones face as they unwrap the present of our dark and milk salted caramel hearts with a personalised message included. These heart-shaped favourites are filled with a luxurious caramel speckled with the exciting taste and texture of sea salt. Our signature São Tomé 70% dark chocolate sits beautifully with our caramel noted milk chocolate versions. Not only will you receive these moreish treats, but in the centre of the box is a singular disc of dark chocolate for an indulgent treat. This beautiful gift is not only gluten and nut free but finished with a hand tied ribbon in a beautiful white and gold box. No matter where that special person lives, show them how much they mean to you with UK and worldwide shipping all year round.

UK Delivery

Customers are now busier than ever with little time for themselves. Our luxurious chocolate selection by post frees up your valuable time and delivers all your chocolate needs in a convenient way. We aim to deliver our chocolates in perfect condition as quickly as possible. Each item is packaged with extreme care to preserve the contents our small in-house team of chocolatiers passionately create every day. In the UK We deliver Monday – Saturday by Royal Mail and for those who need the perfect chocolate selection in a short space of time, we offer a next day courier service Monday-Friday completely removing the unwanted stress of last minute shopping. The cut off for same-day dispatch of our gourmet chocolate deliveries is 12pm.


Many of our deluxe chocolate items are eligible for free post making them even more appealing, this will be clearly mentioned as “UK Free Post Item” in their description. These items are posted by Royal Mail Second Class. Not only do we offer many items with free delivery, but customers can also order in advance, specifying a preferred delivery date to guarantee the recipient receives their gift on the ideal date.


Worldwide Delivery

We take special care to ensure our customers outside the UK receive their Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier Gifts in the same pristine condition as those in Britain. All deliveries are made via airmail courier, though your ideal delivery date cannot be specified with deliveries outside the UK we aim for European deliveries to arrive within 2+ days and the rest of the world will receive their delicious signature chocolates within 4+ days.

Popular Gift Selections

Our most popular chocolates make ideal gifts to send to those who live far away, but still crave the exquisite taste of our luxurious hand-crafted chocolates. Our Award Winners Selection showcases the best of the Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier range. Each individual mouthful have won awards in their own rights, including the signature dark velvet truffle ,crafted lovingly with single origin dark chocolate and blended with specially selected Scottish cream. These delicate creations took three years to perfect and were once only available to Michelin chefs but now available to chocolate enthusiasts worldwide boxed in an elaborate red and gold container with a magnetic closure. Our award winner selections are all gluten, alcohol and preservative free making them perfect for all who may desire them.

Another popular gift selection is our decorative tins of luxury chocolates, encased in a beautiful black and gold tin that can be kept as a memento, our decorative tin selections include milk chocolate pearls made with our signature chocolate that melts in your mouth and transports you to a  place of serenity with each mouthful. For those who love nothing more than a strong coffee with their luxury chocolate, you can now enjoy espresso beans rolled in our signature 70% dark chocolate for a bitter sweet and truly unique flavour.


An exceptional gift for those who enjoy the zing of fresh fruit is our dipped fruit selection. Candied in syrup for weeks to preserve their natural flavours perfectly capturing their sweet moreish flavour and presented in a distinctive round to perfectly showcase the glisten of the fruit. Each fruit, though varying in each selection could include a whole clementine and cherries on their natural stalks are hand dipped in our signature single origin 70% dark São Tomé chocolate

The outstanding textures and flavours we produce are thanks to the best natural ingredients chosen with extreme care. The finest aspect of our chocolate creations is the fresh yearly harvest that ensures fresh, unique flavours to our recipes. We are proud to be able to deliver these one-of-a-kind flavours to customers all over the world.

There is not much as widely appreciated the world over as delicious, melt in the mouth chocolate. Here at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier we believe that no matter the taste preference or the occasion, whether it be as a thank-you, a birthday treat or anniversary, our gourmet chocolate gifts by post will be thoroughly enjoyed by all who are lucky enough to receive them.






Cooking for Chocoholics: Gourmet Recipes and Gifts

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016


One of the things we love the most about chocolate is how versatile it is. If you are perusing a restaurant menu, you can be sure that chocolate will feature on it somewhere – even in some of the savoury dishes! At the Highland Chocolatier, we always promote the use of cocoa and chocolate in recipes both healthy and a little more indulgent. If it is time to give yourself a little treat, why not consider using our cocoa ingredients for your next luxurious recipe? Or maybe you are unsure which recipe to try out? We have some great ideas to really tickle your taste buds and bring a touch of luxury chocolate to your table.

Our Chocolate Ingredients: Perfect Chocolate Gifts


You simply can’t start to think about the process of cooking your new treats without contemplating which ingredients you are going to be using. Iain Burnett’s Highland Chocolatier promote the use of only the best ingredients to ensure that you are creating a meal that is removed of unnatural preservatives and other harmful nasties so often present in our store-bought ingredient packages. Selecting the chocolate that you will be adding to your recipe takes some careful consideration.

For savoury dishes, it is often better to use pure cocoa for the rich, bitter flavour of the bean itself. Cooking is better suited to our smooth 100% Cocoa Bar. Use it for melting in a sauce or grate it directly into other recipes for the desired chocolate flavours that you wish to have. We highly suggest you try it in a delectable meat roast for rich flavours that will surely make your meal taste that little bit more special.

If pure cocoa is a little too strong for your tastes and you are looking for something that is a little softer, smoother and sweeter, we also have White and Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes. These finely grated flakes of chocolate contain all the great tastes of our gourmet chocolate bars, while being easy to spoon into a warm mug of milk for a delicious hot chocolate, or to be added to any number of desserts, savoury dishes, or sauces.

Could your meal get any better than with the addition of chocolate? We think there is no better all-round ingredient for those extra special Sunday dinners and desserts. Our chocolate ingredients make great gifts of chocolates by post, and are even great chocolate gifts for him. Why not give them a try?

Delicious Home-Made Truffles


Looking for something that you can make while you await your next delivery of our finest award-winning velvet truffles? We have everything you need to create your own delicious rustic truffles at home with this simple, easy to follow recipe, featuring our delicious dark Sao Tome gourmet chocolate bars.

Gather up 350g of the dark chocolate bar and finely chop it into a pot over medium heat. Stir in around 5 tablespoons of double cream, gently stirring as the chocolate melts. (Trust us, you’ll be wanting to eat it as soon as it all starts to melt and blend together!) Once the chocolate has melted and has blended into a smooth liquid with the cream, remove the pan from the heat. If you want your truffles to have a flavour of their own, why not try mixing in your favourite liqueur or flavouring at this point? The dark chocolate envelopes each flavour perfectly.

Pour the mixture into a shallow container or dish, and leave to set in the fridge for around 1 ½ hours until semi-firm but set. Spoon out a small amount, and roll gently into a ball. Be careful, as it will melt all over your fingertips here – but that means some deliciously messy clean-up. Once rolled, simply coat in some cocoa powder, and you are ready to serve. We recommend trying these truffles with our dark chocolate and no flavouring to get the full taste of our delicious single-origin chocolate in every bite.

Haggis and Chocolate: The Unexpected Pair


You may be wondering if you read that header right, but you certainly did. At the Highland Chocolatier, we have created a delicious recipe for a chocolate sauce that works well with some of the most delicious haggis bonbons around. This exact recipe was in fact served at the launch of our velvet truffle range and turned out to be a huge hit among our gathered guests.

Our dark chocolate Sao Tome 100% Bar is the staple of the chocolate sauce. Simply break up the chocolate bar in a bowl above a pan of boiling water, stirring until melted. Adding cream is optional, but we suggest adding at least a little to take some of the bitter edge away if that is more to your taste. Add as is necessary for you. That is all there is to this delicious dipping sauce! Cook the bonbons for dipping as noted, and watch as your dinner guests are amazed by the traditional, surprising and rich flavours of your chocolate creations.

Combine Chocolate with your Favourite Recipes

It is known that chocolate can make almost any meal taste richer and far more delicious. Even adding chocolate to savoury dishes such as chilli, or even a rich and delicious tomato soup, can make your meals that little bit more desirable. Make chocolate your secret ingredient!

Visit us at the Highland Chocolatier for more of our gourmet chocolate selections, including our luxury chocolate wedding favours, chocolate hampers, and delicious chocolate gifts for him and her.

Indulge Your Loved Ones with A Luxury Chocolate Hamper

Friday, March 25th, 2016


Chocolate is universally loved, so what better way than to show your appreciation for those most special to you than with a luxury chocolate hamper? Ian Burnett alcohol-free hampers are literally chock-full. Containing award winning artisan sweet treats and keepsakes your loved ones can treasure forever all presented in a sophisticated black wicker hamper secured with elegant leather straps.

Making a change to traditional presents that are often discarded, the present of a gift hamper will thrill anyone lucky enough to receive one. With four exquisite Highland Chocolatier selections to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be one that suits the lucky recipient who will love delving into all-encompassing chocolate aroma as soon as they possibly can. Our luxury chocolate hampers are the perfect way to indulge the chocolate lover in your life. Whether as a Father’s Day gift, a surprise thank-you to a special friend or a unique twist on traditional birthday gifts, we at the Highland Chocolatier guarantee our opulent selection has tantalising treats to suit the chocolate enthusiasts in your life perfectly.
Ian Burnett Highland Chocolatier uses a uniquely flavoured single-origin cocoa from the volcanic island of São Tomé in the South Atlantic giving his chocolates their signature intense cocoa flavour, perfectly paired with specially selected Scottish cream each delectable chocolate will delight every palate, every time.
We understand that not everyone has the same tastes, however, so, If you have any special requirements, we are happy to assist, simply enter your preferences at the checkout under “Special Product Requests” and we will gladly substitute and equivalent to suit your specifications.

The Chocolatier’s Selection – Box of 9, 20, 30 or 48 Chocolates

These luxurious treats are perfect for sharing and come in a range of moreish hand-crafted flavours. The small dedicated team of chocolatiers are trained in-house to meticulously hand-craft these delicious chocolates. The flavours include an indulgent raspberry truffle, made exquisite with a hint of black pepper, a cinnamon praline with a hint of sweet spice and the famous milk velvet truffle created with fresh Scottish cream.

Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes

–These delicious Belgium chocolate flakes can be used in a number of ways and guaranteed to delight whoever receives it. What could be more appealing than a sprinkling of these flakes adorning desserts? Or why not stir with warm milk heated on the stove to create a comforting real hot chocolate that can be shared and enjoyed with your family. These versatile flakes come in a beautiful keepsake tin that can be used time and again to hold your treasures and to be used a reminder of the beautiful gift received.

Luxury Fudge Dipped in Milk Chocolate

– Fudge has been a firm favourite with families for years, the melting texture dissolves into a creamy vanilla and caramel experience. Of course, enrobing our luxury fudge in smooth milk chocolate seemed only natural, this gluten and nut free recipe is a delightful indulgence for both young and old.

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier Mug

– When enjoying your luxury hot chocolate made with the Belgium chocolate flakes there’s no better place to drink from than a Highland Chocolatier mug. A hot drink has the ability to take you away from reality and straight to instant relaxation. Whether indulging in a creamy gourmet hot chocolate or enjoying a cup of tea alongside one of the other sweet treats available in the hamper, this keepsake mug allows you the ultimate relaxation your loved ones deserve.

Strawberries & Raspberries rolled in white chocolate

Not only do we stock our hampers with traditional creamy chocolate centres, we also have extravagant fruit enrobed in our finest white chocolate for those looking to indulge in something different. The zing of our 100% natural dried strawberries and raspberries is paired expertly with the cool calm of the glistening white chocolate. The fruit lover will love this unique, refreshing option.

Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar

Salted toffee has grown massively in popularity recently, a once unconventional flavour customers now love the contradicting saltiness matched with the silky sweet flavour of toffee. Our expert chocolatiers know that the flavours and crunch of the toffee and sea salt lend themselves perfectly to our signature milk chocolate bar and have created a delicacy that is truly flawless to taste.

70% Plain and Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar

A single square of dark chocolate has the ability to encapsulate your mouth in an explosion of flavour. As this bittersweet chocolate melts away you are transported to the South American volcanic island of São Tomé where we source all of our chocolate exclusively. Chosen for its rich flavour and aromatic character our 70% bar enjoys subtle floral and olive notes. Also available in our luxury fruit and chocolate hampers is the same delicious plain chocolate bar encrusted with 100% natural dried raspberries, this sharp addition to the warmth of the original 70% bar is a one of a kind taste, perfect for that special someone who loves the taste of something strong and unique.

Juicy cherries dipped in 70% Dark São Tomé chocolate

Not only is our delectable 70% dark chocolate available in different bars, we also envelope whole Neapolitan Imperial cherries in this exquisite chocolate. Imported on their natural stocks and hand dipped these sour and sweet favourites are a unique twist on traditional chocolate covered fruit.

Cinder Toffee Honeycomb Dipped in Milk Chocolate

This chewy delight has been a much-loved and popular gift for years, no available as part of our gourmet chocolate gift hampers. The only way to enhance honeycomb is to smother it in our signature luxury milk chocolate. These generous pieces are hand dipped and the perfect addition to any luxury hamper to say “thank you” or as a beautiful birthday gift.

Decorative Tin of Luxury Nougat

The only way to improve sweet, sticky nougat is to hand cover it in our exquisite caramel hinted milk chocolate. These bite size pieces are encased in an elegant Highland Chocolatier decorative tin which can be kept as a sentiment for years to come.

Cranberry & Apricot Milk Chocolate Bar

The chocolate used in our luxury hampers are of the highest quality, the snap lets your ears know you it’s been tempered to perfection, and the smooth, glossy finish is a delight to your eyes, letting you know the same thing. Our signature milk chocolate bar has been bejewelled with sweet, chewy cranberry and apricot pieces to add another dimension to this traditional favourite.

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier Serving Plate

The only way to service Ian Burnett Highland Chocolatier chocolates is to display them for all to see on a speciality plate. Your friends and family will gaze at the outstanding craftsmanship on each hand finished chocolate, and the plate can be kept forever as a warm reminder of the beautiful hamper that was received.

Why not indulge your loved ones with a Highland Chocolatier luxury chocolate hamper?  Ideal for the whole family to share or as a generous gift to be savoured slowly, we have something special to suit every occasion and taste.

Everything Is Better Wrapped in Gourmet Chocolate

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016


When it comes to finding just the right treat to satisfy our sweet tooth, we may not always reach for a chocolate bar. For many of us, pure chocolate may not sound quite as tempting as another confection wrapped in deliciously silky gourmet chocolate. At the Highland Chocolatier, we have a range of products that are all wrapped in our delectable chocolates. From those who prefer candied fruits to the more curious coffee bean, there is something to satisfy all favourite flavours at Iain Burnett: The Highland Chocolatier.

Enrobing Delicious Confectionary in Gourmet Chocolate

We take some of the country’s most beloved confectionary and use a process called enrobing to carefully wrap each piece in our luxury chocolate. Iain uses the very same method of coating his award willing velvet truffles as he does with much of our range of chocolate covered temptations. You can even see this process taking place in our Grandtully Shop through the Chocolate Kitchen window if you happen to visit us for a fun day out. Our small conveyer belt moves each delicate piece of fudge, nougat, and Turkish delight through a curtain of smooth, delicious molten chocolate, carefully wrapping each piece with a thin layer of our famous gourmet chocolate to enhance the natural flavours of the centre.

Is everything better wrapped in chocolate? We certainly think so. There is nothing that does not match with the flavour of chocolate, and we have hand selected only the most delicious of items to be enrobed in our milk, dark, and blonde chocolate couverture.

Chocolate Covered Luxury Fudge


An all-around favourite with many families is fudge. Soft, sticky, and luxuriously smooth and creamy, there is no wonder it is such a favoured treat for so many people. The rich flavours simply melt away on your tongue, and you are left with the most delicious of experiences. Fudge is popular with children and adults alike due to its melting texture and smooth vanilla flavours that run through the caramel. Adding chocolate simply seems like the most natural of choices.

Our fudge pieces are enrobed in our own delicious milk chocolate through the conveyer belt process. The caramel notes of the chocolate complement the fudge’s vanilla flavours exquisitely, and both will melt in the mouth. The textures are both smooth and creamy with the chocolate simply melting away to reveal the soft fudge underneath. Our selection is the ultimate in chocolate covered luxury fudge.

Enrobed Turkish Delight


In the United Kingdom, we all have some well-defined favourites in our sweet shops. Fudge is one of them, but another treat we seem to love is Turkish delight. Each small cube is delicately flavoured with rose and lemon, two flavours that come together in the Turkish delight to form a fragrant, sweet taste in the mouth.

The natural fragrances are enhanced by the sweetness of our caramel noted milk chocolate, carefully enrobing each piece within your pack of chocolate covered Turkish delight. However, for those who prefer the rich flavours of dark chocolate, each pack also contains some Turkish delight enrobed in our 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate. For the Turkish delight lover in the family, this is one chocolate gift that cannot be missed.

Strawberries and Raspberries for Fruit Lovers


Sometimes we want something just that little bit different to fudge or Turkish delight. One of the most delicious fruits that we love up and down the country is the strawberry. We have carefully taken dried strawberries and rolled them in our most delicious, creamy blonde chocolate. Each fruit has its natural flavours preserved, and the sweetness of the chocolate brings out the flavours superbly.

Not satisfied with only strawberries? Each pack also has a mixture of dried raspberries, another favourite of ours at the Highland Chocolatier. Each raspberry is also rolled in blonde chocolate, complementing the sweet and somewhat sour flavours with our smooth, creamy chocolate that will melt in your mouth. For the fruit lover in your love – or somebody who loves the sweeter side! – try gifting our chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries.

Wake Up with Espresso and Ginger


You may be wondering that there can’t be many more confections we can wrap in chocolate, but we certainly do have more. In fact, we have some of the most curious and unique flavours available to try, including our quality choice of espresso beans which are rolled in 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate. You might think this is a curious choice, but in actual fact, the slightly bitter flavours of the dark chocolate mixed with the intense flavours of the espresso beans really bring the taste of your favourite mochas to your snack.

If you are looking for a great pick-me-up at work, these do the trick very well. Each coffee bean is filled with caffeine and the rich flavours will ignite your senses to start anew, leaving you feeling – hopefully! – a little more refreshed to continue with your day.

Looking for something that can bring a little more fire into your diet and ignite a new passion for chocolate? Try our new crystallised ginger dipped in dark chocolate. Each piece of ginger is warm and sweet on the tongue, with our 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate enrobing each individual piece for a delicious blend of smooth, melting chocolate and hot ginger. It is one that is not to be missed out on for the adventurous confectionary lover.

Discover Chocolate-Wrapped Treats


At The Highland Chocolatier we have a number of other chocolate treats for you to try. From chocolate pearls to our delicious, bubbly honeycomb dipped in milk chocolate, there is something for everybody. Contact us today for more information about your favourites. We would be delighted to help you choose from these and our full range of chocolate dipped fruits. Choose the finest gourmet chocolates with the Highland Chocolatier.

Springtime at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

The Higland Chocolatier_Easter Lifestyle Eggs_02We’re really looking forward to welcoming visitors back to sunny Perthshire.  The Chocolate Shop in Grandtully has left shorter winter hours behind and is now open from 10.00am to 5.00pm every day and that includes right over Easter weekend.   There will be an Egg Hunt in the courtyard gardens on Easter Monday with a gift for every child.   Legends Chocolate and Coffee House will be featuring chocolate nests and delicious specialty cakes as well as the ever popular freshly baked homemade scones and needless to say, amazing hot chocolate.

4 Star LogoNew this season we are offering short escorted tours round the Scottish Chocolate Centre available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays between 11.00am and 4.00 pm.   The cost is £10 per adult with under 16s going free.  £5 per ticket is refundable to spend in the Chocolate Shop.  Booking is advised.  Please call 01887-840775 .


In Fife, our St Andrews Shop is celebrating its second birthday on 29th March, when we will be launching a new White Chocolate Hot Velvet  Shot – imagine!   Be one of the first to try. All day on Tuesday 29th we will be holding a special celebration including 10% off everything on the big day.

Wee Tea EveningWe will host our first Tea and Chocolate Pairing Evening in conjunction with the Wee Tea Company on 14th April in St Andrews from 5.30 to 7.00pm .  The cost is £10.00 per person redeemable against purchases in the shop.  To book email StAndrews@highlandchocolatier.com or phone 0133 4208397.

Pairing Gourmet Chocolate and Whisky

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


When in Scotland, one if the most popular activities to take part in is, of course, a whisky tour. Our world famous whiskies are known for their superb quality, delicate flavours, and the smooth yet fiery heat they embrace. At Iain Burnett’s The Highland Chocolatier, we are also fans of bringing a whole new range of fans to the wonders that whisky can bring – especially when paired with some of our exquisite, delicious chocolates from our range.

Specially crafted and selected to be paired exclusively with some of the most famed whiskies in Scotland, our selections of chocolates are created to compliment the flavours of each whisky perfectly. Our range extends to champagne, also, but for the definitive Scottish experience, choose the Highland Chocolatier. For the best gift for a whisky lover, consider surprising them with gourmet chocolate paired with their favourite drink.

Expertly Paired for Flavour Sensations


There is nothing quite like a glass of your favourite whisky. For a lot of whisky lovers, not much can beat it. However, at the Highland Chocolatier we believe we have hand crafted some of the most delicate and delicious accompaniments to whiskies that bring out the flavours in both. The chocolates are smooth, sweet, and at times a hint of bitterness lingers, infused with fruits and spices selected to be paired with each whisky’s own individual, strong flavours. From the irresistible charms of the smokier variety to sweeter whiskies, there is a chocolate for every favoured glass.

Iain Burnett is an expert in flavour pairing. It takes only a small nose of a whisky for him to know which flavours would work best. That is why each of his chocolates chosen to pair with each whisky bring out the flavours of the malt they are created for. Scottish whisky chocolates have never been quite so luxurious – and it takes an expert chocolatier to be able to bring out the chocolate lover in even the most adamant of whisky lovers.

It is important to note that every chocolate Iain creates does not contain alcohol, contrary to the drink they are to accompany. Every chocolate is alcohol-free. While other chocolatiers may include alcohol as a preservative, Iain firmly believes in bringing out the best in the natural flavours of the chocolate without being marred by preservatives. Every handmade box of chocolates by post and in store are freshly made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, ready to be taken home and enjoyed.

Scotland’s Favourite Drinks Enhanced


The Highland Chocolatier have chocolates paired with numerous whiskies aged across Scotland. Some even include our chocolates on distillery tours to enhance guests’ experiences and be able to taste the full extent of the whisky’s flavours. The first to do this was the Dalwhinnie distillery in Inverness. The aromatic aspects of their famous whiskies, particularly the Dalwhinnie 15-year-old malt, pairs beautifully with our All Dark Velvet Truffles. Bitter, dark single origin Sao Tome chocolate flavours bring out the very best in this delicious malt. Now, no Dalwhinnie tour is complete without at least one Highland Chocolatier chocolate available for tasting, and other distillery tours also have our chocolates on hand.

The whiskies our chocolates pair with include the following:

  • Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old
  • Cragganmore 12-Year-Old
  • Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old
  • Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon & Madeira Casks
  • Lagavulin 16-Year-Old
  • Tullibardine 20-Year-Old

There are many more whiskies our chocolates are paired with among a variety of matured ages. These chocolates are all paired in collaboration with each distillery, and each carefully balanced flavour has been chosen to create the best range of Scottish whisky chocolates on the market.

Introducing New Chocolate and Whisky Fans Alike


If you enjoy whisky, there is no reason not to try one of our paired chocolates with your favourite drinks. If you are looking for an excellent gift for the whisky lover in your life, why not consider going for something different that they will truly appreciate? Our range of paired whisky chocolates has attracted a number of new fans to both the chocolates and whiskies alike. Our customers have given us some wonderful feedback, including from fans who thought they may not have liked chocolate.

Indeed, our chocolates have brought a wealth of new fans through our paired chocolate delights. Enhanced flavour combinations that are irresistibly fresh and smooth offer the perfect complement to our selected Scottish whiskies. Unsure which whisky is your whisky lover’s favourite? We have you covered. Our Whisky Tasting Box of 20 Chocolates contains 20 of our expertly handcrafted chocolates, made to pair perfectly with our select whiskies.

The chocolates include real fruit and natural spice infused truffles, smooth pralines coated in milk or delicious Sao Tome 70% dark chocolate, and our award-winning velvet truffle collection. These chocolates cover whiskies from the Top 50 Malts in Scotland listing, ranging from distilleries up and down the length and breadth of the country. For the ultimate gift, choose this delicious selection box. If you are looking for something extra, why not consider our range of luxury chocolate hampers?

Paired to Perfection

Every chocolate hand-made at the Highland Chocolatier is made with your satisfaction in mind. Made without preservatives and natural ingredients, every chocolate will simply melt in your mouth. Whisky chocolate has never been so good. Contact us at the Highland Chocolatier for more information or to place your order now.

Best-Selling Chocolates From The Highland Chocolatier

Monday, March 14th, 2016


There is not much else that can beat a delicious bite of chocolate, that much we are very certain of. In terms of the most luxurious gourmet experience you can have, the Highland Chocolatier offer some of the very best luxury chocolate gifts in Scotland that you need to try. With an extensive list of available products, it can be hard to find the product that you are looking for. However, we are here to help to make your gift-giving decision that little bit easier.

Among our chocolates, there are some that have proven to become best-sellers. From our delicious chocolate hampers to our exquisite velvet truffles, the Highland Chocolatier have the very best gifts of chocolates by post you could possibly choose from. Need more information? Keep on reading to find out which products our customers cannot get enough of.

The Award Winners Selection Box


With a name that defines the contents, our Award Winners Box of 20 Chocolates has soared to the top of our customers’ list of favourite purchases. Perfect for passing around after a dinner party, or for some private indulgence with a glass of fine malt whisky, this box of 20 hand-crafted and designed chocolates is as visually stunning as it is delightful to eat. You may even feel a little bad tucking in to your first few pieces, but trust us, you’ll find them far too moreish to stop!

Featuring some of our award winning chocolates, your box comes with the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Product of the Year 2013 Award under its beautifully crafted lid. The box contains our dark velvet truffle, milk velvet truffle, lime truffle, raspberry truffle, chai truffle, and rose truffles – to name a few! If you are looking for chocolates by post that will delight your gift receiver, look no further than this award winning selection box of our most favoured treats.

Delightful Chocolate Hampers


No list of our best sellers would be complete without a mention of our divine selection of the finest chocolate hampers. Each black wicker basket is crafted with beautiful black leather straps, keeping your chocolate goodies contained and hidden away until the last moment. Protected and secure, your chocolate hamper will arrive to give your gift that extra bit of sparkle and light up their day.

Each of our chocolate hampers comes with different contents, and can be altered to suit dietary requirements if needed. We have four different sizes of hamper available: Gourmet, Indulge, Deluxe and Opulence. With contents including dark hot chocolate flakes, chocolate dipped fruits, and our chocolatier’s selection box of chocolates in varying sizes, there is something for everyone with these exceptionally crafted chocolate hampers.

The World’s Best Chocolate Truffles


Did you know that the Highland Chocolatier are the holders of the title for the World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle Award 2015? Our velvet truffles are internationally recognised for their decisively smooth textures, stunning flavours, and luxurious craftsmanship. As Iain Burnett’s signature chocolates, you can understand why these are internationally renowned.

The world’s best dark chocolate truffle is awarded to our Dark Sao Tome Velvet Truffles. Completely nut and gluten free, they make the perfect gift for everybody to enjoy.  With notes of spice and the dark flavours of our single origin Sao Tome dark chocolate, our all-natural velvet truffles simply melt in your mouth and are the perfect accompaniment to an end of dinner cup of tea – or a glass of something stronger, if you wish! These chocolates simply have to be tasted to understand just how exquisite they truly are.

Chocolate Accompaniments for Whisky


As we are based in Scotland, we are of course privy to the best whisky in the world. With the best whisky in the world in mind, we have formed a selection box of chocolates that suit whisky from across Scotland. No matter your favourite tipple, these chocolates are simply delicious with your glass.

Our whisky tasting box of 20 chocolates is ideal for the whisky lover in your life. Including our award winning velvet truffle, real fruit and spice infused chocolates, and the smoothest pralines all enrobed in the finest dark and milk chocolate, is there anything better to allow yourself to indulge in? This selection has been chosen to pair with the top fifty malts from across Scotland. Sound like the ideal gift? Have your chocolates by post with next day delivery.

Select the Finest Chocolates

Every chocolate crafted at the Highland Chocolatier is made to lovingly fulfil all gift requirements and give you the best gourmet chocolate experience possible. Our most popular choices are just some of the many products we have available that could be the perfect gift, or the ideal treat for yourself. There is never a more appropriate excuse for having a little chocolate for yourself!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the Highland Chocolatier’s gourmet treats today.

Spectacular Easter collection produced by Iain Burnett the Highland Chocolatier

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


Awarded gold in the World Chocolate Awards in 2015, Iain Burnett the Highland Chocolatier is launching its annual collection for Easter with a handmade range that includes single origin dark chocolate, ornate miniature eggs and caramel-toned milk chocolate.

Chocolate lovers can choose from little gems like chocolate chicks on a bed of eggs for children, to sophisticated Chinese ginger and dark São Tomé (single origin) chocolate eggs. Alongside the range of moulded Easter eggs, Iain Burnett has created boxes and bags of miniature eggs in crisp shells or filled with praline.

The Easter collection comprises a choice of seven large moulded eggs alongside miniature eggs and chocolate chicks including:

Ornate chocolate eggshells and Belgian praline eggs: 40 colourfully decorated white chocolate eggshells and foil wrapped milk, dark and white chocolate Belgian praline eggs in an elegant white and gold presentation box.

Praline eggs and mini crisp shell eggs: a bag of three foil-wrapped Belgian praline eggs with milk chocolate mini eggs encased in a crisp shell.

Milk chocolate drizzle egg: hand-moulded in caramel-toned milk chocolate and decorated with a drizzle of dark chocolate.

Salted toffee milk chocolate egg: a caramel-noted milk chocolate egg dressed with sea-salted toffee.

Raspberry dark chocolate egg: handmade using Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier single-origin São Tomé 70% dark chocolate and decorated with crushed raspberries.

Luxury Chinese Ginger Dark Chocolate egg: handmade in Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier single-origin São Tomé 70% dark chocolate and encrusted with pieces of Chinese ginger.  It is presented with 6 Belgian praline eggs.

Striped Dark Chocolate Egg: handmade with Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier single-origin São Tomé 70% dark chocolate and emblazoned with generous splashes of milk chocolate. The egg is presented with six milk, dark and white foil-covered Belgian praline eggs.

Milk Chocolate Chick on Mini Egg Nest: A cute, caramel-noted milk chocolate Easter chick dusted in pink and perched on a nest of milk chocolate mini eggs with a crisp shell.


Prices range from £4.25 to £37.95. Everything in the Easter collection can be delivered nationwide and internationally along with a personal message handwritten on a special gift card. The UK Next Day delivery rate is £5.95.

Iain Burnett The Highland Chocolatier sources chocolate from the small African country, São Tomé and Príncipe and use local ingredients including cream from a single herd of Perthshire cattle, Scottish butter and local honey.

Based at Grandtully in Highlands Perthshire, Iain Burnett The Highland Chocolatier was founded in 2006 and is now Scotland’s most awarded chocolatier. In 2015 it won worldwide acclaim at the International Chocolate Awards with its Velvet Truffle marked as The World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle. It also won two further silvers for the Passion Fruit & Mango White Velvet Truffle and the Raspberry & Black Pepper Velvet Truffle.  The awards recognise the finest quality chocolate from around the world and reflect international tastes, offering a level playing field for chocolatiers worldwide.

Iain Burnett The Highland Chocolatier is part of The Scottish Chocolate Centre, which runs gourmet chocolate tasting tours. The business is twinned with Legends of Grandtully, a destination for locals and tourists who come to enjoy their coffee house, gift showrooms and gourmet chocolate shop.  The second Highland Chocolatier shop runs Tasting Evenings in St Andrews (Fife).

To book tours at the Scottish Chocolate Centre or buy chocolates, visit www.highlandchocolatier.com or call 01887 840775.

Come Dine With The Highland Chocolatier

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


Knowing how to make a lasting impression on your guests at a dinner party can make all the difference in sealing your title as the host(ess) with the most party prowess. You have selected the finest wines to compliment your dishes, picked up the most beautiful plates and linens for your table, and now there is just one last element that you need to consider: your party favours.

It is not always expected to think about little favours to have at your table before or after the main event, but it can leave a great impression of you as a host to leave a little extra. Weddings, on the other hand, are expected to have a few favours on the table for attending guests. Knowing which to buy can make all the difference to your luxurious evening.

Delicate Butterfly Boxes


Party favours are known for being a simple, small treat that can be a great follow-up to any party, giving your guests something to either nibble on when the main courses are finished or for them to take away as an additional gift straight from your table to make your evening last even longer in their minds. What better way to make a splash than with the most beautiful little party favours of chocolate gifts?

At the Highland Chocolatier, we have some of the most beautifully designed butterfly chocolates on the market. Each box has been lovingly crafted with gold embellishments on crisp white card to create a stunning product on your table. The golden butterfly wings protrude from the box to invite your guests to peek inside and see what luxurious chocolates lay hidden within. What’s even better is that you can choose which chocolates will be inside your butterfly boxes with choices from our full chocolate selection, making your evening truly customisable.

These small boxes are perfectly suited for use on crisp white linen tablecloths at both dinner parties and weddings. Their clean colours and patterns mean less distractions on the table and the gold accents are delicate enough to suit any occasion. Find your ideal chocolates and make your guests’ day even better. Your evening just got a lot more appetising.

Post-Dinner Mint Treats


It is something of a tradition after a three-course dinner party to have a box of treats to pass around for those with a little bit more of a hole in their stomach to fill. Mints are often a favourite for this purpose – and chocolate mints even more so. Why settle for the average when you could make even this little step be more luxurious?

At the Highland Chocolatier, we have a box of 9 velvet-smooth truffles infused with garden mint to whet any appetite at the end of the month. The truffle is encased in our delicious 70% dark chocolate, crafted especially for the most appetising, velvet-smooth texture that is known internationally as one of the best truffles in the world. Choose the most delectable of chocolate mints and give your guests a taste of the extraordinary.

Award-Winning Excellence at Dinner


With all of the effort you have put into the rest of your evening’s meals and preparation, you and your guests deserve something extra special. Rather than settling for the usual treats that are often enjoyed after a dinner party, you may want to consider opting for something that has a little more of that special touch the rest of your evening has thoroughly embraced. Selection boxes can cater to a number of tastes and look great on a dinner table as a centrepiece for the conversations to fly over. The Highland Chocolatier is known for creating some of the most delicious chocolates imaginable, and your dinner guests will be thrilled by your choices.

The Just Truffles Box of 48 Chocolates is one of the finest chocolate selection boxes of chocolates that you could buy. Not only is it full of enough chocolates to satisfy hungry dinner guests, but it contains some of our award-winning velvet truffles. Winners of the gold award for unflavoured chocolate truffles at the International Chocolate Awards, the Highland Chocolatier are proud to present the best of our range of truffles in this box.

With flavours such as our lime and chilli, raspberry and black pepper, and rose truffles all available to taste by your guests, there is no better box to centre your conversation around. Taste the finest chocolates available on the market and make it a night they won’t forget.

Pass Around a Box of Chocolates


Looking for another box that you can freely pass around your dinner table? Florentines are yet another classic that are perfectly suited for being passed around between guests. Each individual disk of chocolate is more than enough to melt in the mouth and appeal to any number of flavour preferences with different chocolates and toppings available.

One of the best choices for an after-dinner snack would be our 14 Dark Peppermint Chocolate Florentines. Boxes of chocolates do not come much more appealing than this, with 14 perfectly formed discs of our delicious 70% dark chocolate embedded with tangy peppermint sugar crystals that are crunchy and slow melting. Each Florentine is handmade and decorated, sealed in a beautiful red and gold decorative box to show off your choice to your guests perfectly.

Choose the Best Dinner Party Favours

Your dinner party needs a little bit of something special to really cement your night as the best of your group. Choose one of our finest luxury chocolates or any of our range, from chocolate hampers to velvet truffles, for an evening your guests will not forget any time soon.