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Exquisite Chocolate Flavour Combinations

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Nothing quite satisfies us as a bite into our favourite chocolate, so when our favourite flavours and foods are enrobed In chocolate it really is a match made in heaven. Here at Highland Chocolatier we’ve created decadent combinations that will delight your taste buds and leave you wondering why everything can’t be covered in chocolate!

Chocolate covered fruit has always been much loved throughout the UK, but not until now has it had the Iain Burnett treatment. Our luxury ingredients create unparalleled chocolate delight for you to enjoy time and again, and with the Queen herself giving her seal of approval on our chocolate covered cherries we’re certain you will love them too. (more…)

Chocolate Selections – The Perfect Luxury “Thank You” Gift

Wednesday, April 20th, 2016






Often words are not enough, and when you want to thank a friend, family member or colleague for something special they’ve done for you, what better way to show your appreciation than with gourmet chocolate gifts? Today we live such demanding lives, we are often too busy to show the people who care about us how grateful we are for them. Taking the time to choose a luxury chocolate gift shows your loved one just how special they are to you. The Highland Chocolatier’s specialist chefs have delighting chocolate combinations perfect for every palate.

Small and Sweet

Cashews are one of Britain’s favourite snacks, and what else do we Brits love? Chocolate! If your loved one is deserving of a thank you gift and loves the crunch of these popular nuts our chocolate rolled versions will surely
leave them speechless. Cashews are rich in copper and magnesium giving them multiple health benefits. Popping a few of these delicious morsels into your mouth is almost guilt free with these luxuriously crafted treats. The cashew nuts are rolled lovingly in our signature milk chocolate which has delicious notes of caramel which is made with the finest single origin São Tomé cocoa blended with perfectly chosen unblended Scottish cream. This combination of silky, melting chocolate is paired just perfectly with the nutty crunch of the cashews.  What’s more, these dreamy chocolate pieces are gluten and alcohol free, adding to the natural benefits and making these the ideal luxury thank you gift for almost everyone.

Tangy and Tasty

Not all of us love the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate and in fact prefer something more exotic all together.  When thanking someone you love, what could be better than presenting them with our stunning orange sunrise slices? This gift is perfect for the person who loves the special pairing of citrus and chocolate. The award winning chefs at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier craft these delights by candying real zingy orange slices for days before hand coating them in the signature 70% dark São Tomé chocolate we’re famous for. Finished with a final drizzling of dark chocolate as one final flourish makes this chocolate selection appealing to not only the taste buds, but the eyes too. These tangy, tasty treats are suitable for vegetarians and are alcohol free.

The Velevet Truffle - Festive SpiceAward Winners Selection

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier has been recognised globally as a world-class chocolatier, an every year our collection of awards grows. We are proud members of the Academy of Chocolate. When looking for the ideal thank you gift, what could be more impressive than a selection of our award winning truffles and luxury chocolates? One of our most popular gifts, each individual chocolate in the box have won awards in their own rights, not many other gifts have that amazing accolade. These stunning chocolate boxes contain exciting flavours such as chai, rose and lime all presented in a beautiful red and gold embossed box, sealed with a magnetised clip.

The World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle

This luxurious gift is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life who enjoys nothing more than the intense São Tomé dark chocolate taste. This exquisite handmade product won the 2015 International Chocolate Awards in the  “best dark truffle” category. Each box is beautifully hand-tied with a ribbon and sealed in an oxygen absorbing gold bag created to protect your fresh cream truffles from artificial preservatives. Inside this flamboyant packaging lies the true treasure, naked, pure ganache truffles that have a texture so exquisite they have to be experienced to be believed. The truffles are crafted, as with all our chocolate products with single origin chocolate and specially selected Scottish cream.

Luxury Chocolate Hampers

When looking for an extravagant thank you gift, look no further than the Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier chocolate hampers. Your loved one will be incredibly touched to receive such a luxurious package from you, and will hopefully be inclined to share the wonders that lie within. Our fruit and chocolate hampers come presented in stunning black wicker sealed with robust leather straps and contain a plethora of gourmet chocolate treats guaranteed to excite all that are lucky enough to receive one. Once you delve inside you’ll be greeted with out award winning artisan chocolates which come in specially crafted decorative tins that can be kept as a memento for years to come.

The hampers include specially chosen indulgences such as chocolate drinking flakes, expertly tempered chocolate bars with a variety of flavours and toppings and decorative serving plates a china mugs

We can all agree that anything covered in chocolate instantly makes it more appealing, so our hampers include hand chocolate dipped cherries, fudge and nougat, all created lovingly with our signature single origin chocolate. With four different hamper options to choose from and the ability to substitute products for those you’d prefer we’re confident this luxurious gift will be greatly received.

Why not contact us today for advice for the perfect luxury chocolate gifts? Whether you’re looking to splash out on an extravagant hamper, or a minding in the shape of one of our smaller delectable delights we will help with any queries you may have.


GBSCC 2016 inspires a Bacon & Maple Syrup Bar

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016


Back in November 2014 Iain won the first Great British Salted Chocolate Challenge (GBSCC), a London-based competition open to amateurs and professionals, that encourages innovation in chocolate flavours. At that time Iain had not made salted chocolate, but true to form he embarked on researching all sorts of unusual salts.  Iain decided to focus on his signature un-enrobed  The Velvet Truffle which had recently been made available through Highland Chocolatier shops and on-line.

14The salt he finally settled on was spicy Szechuan Pepper Salt saying “the sharpness of the sea salt plays with the tang of the fruit, while the citrus note of the Szechuan pepper hits the tongue and leads into the raspberry fruit itself, rounded off by the earthy black pepper.”  Based on a dark São Tomé ganache of crushed raspberries infused with black pepper, the truffles were dusted with dried raspberries and a sprinkle of Szechuan pepper salt crystals.  The truffles were available as a limited edition, but The Velvet Truffle – Raspberry and Black Pepper continues to be part of the current range.

As the winner in 2014, Iain was invited to judge the competition the following year – this time themed as the Great British Spiced Chocolate Challenge 2015.  The judges chose the ‘Moroccan Rose’ created by amateur chocolatier 19 year old Zara Snell. Now six months on, it’s time for the launch of the Great British Savoury Chocolate Challenge 2016 including junior competition and for the first time, its the American counterpart. The winner of the US Challenge will be judged in the GBSCC World Championship at the London Chocolate Show in October.

Bacon_and_Maple_Syrup_Stack_3So to the bacon bar… Iain Burnett was commissioned to create savoury luxury chocolate bars to be sent out as part of the invitation to the exclusive GBSCC 2016 launch parties in London and New York. Iain is a truffle specialist of course, but as an enthusiast of all things chocolate he was intrigued.  Sponsor Andrew Mellon suggested bacon as the savoury element and Iain immediately spotted an opportunity to use maple syrup as the flavoursome link between his caramel-noted milk chocolate and salty caramelised bacon.   Iain selected specially prepared bacon from award-winning Scottish curer Ramsay of Carluke, who bought new equipment for the purpose and Maple syrup from “master syrupeer” Clarks.  Mouths are watering at the thought of such an interesting twist on familiar foods.


The Highland Chocolatier Salted Toffee Milk Chocolate Bar was an instant hit when it was launched and this was also the bestselling Easter Egg this year. Time will tell whether the bacon and maple syrup luxury chocolate bar will overtake it!   The Maple Syrup & Bacon Chocolate Bar is available to buy on-line for a limited time.



An Exclusive Velvet Truffle to Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Queens 90th Truffle Group Showing CentreA special occasion deserves a special chocolate. We’re celebrating Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th Birthday with an exclusive recipe: Sandringham Velvet Truffle.   Having established a professional relationship with Mark Flanagan, the Queen’s chef at Buckingham Palace, Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier is extremely proud and privileged to have been supplied with a small quantity of blackcurrants grown in the Queen’s own garden at Sandringham House, Norfolk.  This uniquely special ingredient then became the inspiration for a truly exciting recipe.

Iain set to work immediately to create a Velvet Truffle worthy of the occasion and fit to be presented as a birthday gift to the Queen herself.   The multi-award winning truffle specialist and maker of the World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle, combined his skill and expertise to create a classic flavour that he was assured the Queen would enjoy.  Having come up with the concept and refined a recipe based on a tangy blackcurrant puree, white chocolate ganache and honey, Iain had the brilliant idea to source ingredients from all four countries of the realm.  The resulting Sandringham Velvet Truffle uses fresh Scottish cream from Perthshire, butter from Northern Irish Dales Farms’ pastures, wildflower honey from Hilltop Farm in mid-Wales and of course the blackcurrants from England.   The distinctive truffles are exquisitely smooth, as you would expect from the Highland Chocolatier kitchen.  The ganache is enrobed in single origin Dark Sao Tome couverture chosen to enhance the red fruit notes and each truffle is decorated with a regal emblem.  They will be presented to the Queen by her chef, on behalf of Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier for her birthday.

Iain said, “I’m honoured to develop these truffles from the Queen’s own blackcurrants.  Discussions with the Queen’s chef were an inspiration and great kindness in sharing a personal store from Sandringham made this possible.  They are exceptionally full bodied and tangy enough to balance well with fresh cream – even the truffle itself is a vibrant Royal purple! The Queen is already a fan of our chocolate dipped cherries and I hope these will also meet with regal approval!”

Queens 90th Truffle 4 Box with Butterfly Box

We have created a range of limited edition boxes so that you too can share the taste experience.   They are available to pre-order online now for delivery on 21st April, the Queen’s 90th birthday and will be available in our shops in Grandtully and St Andrews from 21st April …. for a limited time only.  So take a moment of luxury for yourself or treat someone who would really appreciate this prestigious selection.  Sandringham Blackcurrant Velvet Truffles are in short supply, so if you would like to share this taste experience don’t delay!

Raising the Bar: Gourmet Chocolate Bars by the Highland Chocolatier

Monday, April 11th, 2016


The humble chocolate bar has had a luxury makeover thanks to Iain Burnett the Highland Chocolatier. All of our delicious bars have been tempered to perfection to create a blissful chocolate experience; all you have to do is listen to the snap and hear for yourself. Not only does the snap delight your ears, but the look of these bars are truly delectable with a plethora of toppings and flavour pairings guaranteed to delight all who are lucky enough to have a taste!

100% cocoa

This rich 100% cocoa bar contains no sugar, so isn’t technically chocolate, but that didn’t stop our master chocolatiers crafting this dark, beautifully smooth bar for you to enjoy. The chocolate is conched until perfectly smooth giving this bar its unique flavour and texture. This bar can be enjoyed as a solitary snack, breaking off a mouthful at a time or added to recipes, both savoury and sweet for a unique flavour. Chilli con carne is made luxuriously rich with a few squares of our 100% bar. Casseroles and other meat dishes can be enhanced in this unique way also. When looking for special chocolates as a gift those who love the moreish delight of dark chocolate look no further than this versatile bar.

São Tomé 70%

The chefs here at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier pride themselves on their uniquely flavoured single origin cocoa from the volcanic island of São Tomé. With this intense cocoa flavour an expertly chosen Scottish cream is blended to create our signature 70% dark chocolate bar. With no artificial colours preservatives this luxury chocolate is perfect for those who crave the bittersweet pleasure of this floral, spicy and aromatic blend. Not only does our chocolate taste incredible, but it has the power to do incredible things, by buying this bar is that 10p of every bar is sent directly to Alzheimer Scotland, in order to research, treat and prevent Alzheimer disease across Scotland.


São Tomé flavour pairings

Not only is this stunning flavour available for you to enjoy on its own, we’ve also painstakingly matched it with several flavour combinations guaranteed to satisfy every chocolate lover’s needs. After dinner mints will never be looked at in the same way once you’ve enjoyed our peppermint dark chocolate bar. Our peppermint crystals provide a crunch that is matched perfectly with the smooth melting chocolate.

What could be more delicious than the fiery taste of ginger paired with rich dark chocolate? We’ve created a chocolate bar that pairs just that. Indulge in the heat of candied Chinese root ginger embedded in in our signature São Tomé bar for a unique flavour experience.

For those who love the tang of fresh fruit, why not try our signature bar with a scattering of dried and gently crushed 100% natural raspberries? These bars are both nut and gluten free and can be enjoyed by vegans making them the perfect gourmet chocolate gifts.


Milk chocolate

Here at the Highland Chocolatier we understand that not everybody loves the bittersweet notes of dark chocolate so our artisan chocolatiers worked tirelessly to create the perfect milk chocolate bar to satisfy our customers who crave something sweet. Our signature milk chocolate bar is subtly spiced with soft notes of caramel to be savoured and enjoyed.

Milk chocolate flavour pairings

Our signature creamy milk chocolate bar is perfect on its own, but paired with salt and toffee makes for a taste that cannot be beaten. The once unconventional flavour has soured in popularity and our customers are proving no different. The expert chocolatiers we employ have matched the crunch of the sprinklings of salt and toffee expertly to the warm caramel noted silky bar.


Mixing chocolate and fruit has been a practice chocolatiers have enjoyed for years. We have expertly matched our signature milk chocolate bar with the chewy sourness of a scattering of cranberries and the plump sweetness of juicy apricot pieces in one of our most popular chocolate bars.

Our newest and already best selling milk chocolate bar is the caramel toffee milk chocolate bar. Dusted with a sprinkling of chewy toffee pieces, this sweet silky award-winning bar is perfect for those with a sweet tooth looking for a taste of luxury.

Blonde chocolate

Not only do we specialise in dark and milk chocolate, our master chefs have worked to create a beautiful creamy blonde chocolate that tastes like no other. The velvety smooth texture of our blonde chocolate is faultless and paired with its unique flavour combination of São Tomé cocoa, Madagascan vanilla and Scottish cream we think this is one of the finest chocolate bars in our selection.

What’s more, now the chocolate selection hand crafted by our chocolatiers is even easier to share with all our chocolate bars enjoying free UK delivery! Whether as a gift or as a treat to enjoy yourself our exquisite creations will arrive at your door for the ultimate indulgent experience. With a unique flavour in all our bars, why not order one today to see what you’ve been missing. For more information on our gourmet chocolate range contact us.


April Luxury Chocolate Showers: Gifts for The Family

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


We are now fully underway in the Springtime here at the Highland Chocolatier. The flowers are blooming, colour is returning to the trees, and our delicious range of chocolates are here to make those still slightly chilly evenings just that little bit warmer. Whether you are looking for a delicious luxury chocolate hamper to dig into, or a few bars of your favourite kind of chocolate, we have everything you need to have a warm and pleasant April. Is your Spring snack cupboard stocked up yet? We have just the treats to tempt you with.

A Chocolate Hamper for Everyone


Our chocolates are just too good not to share with the rest of the family. (We won’t tell anybody if you sneak a few away just for yourself. Promise!) For the gift that keeps on giving, filled with near-endless treats that can be restocked again and again, choose a luxury chocolate hamper. What is great about our hampers is the black wicker hamper that all of our selection arrives to your door in. Once your chocolates have been enjoyed, simply fill it back up or use it to take for a picnic or road trip with the family!

We have four different sizes of hampers to choose from with our Gourmet, Indulge, Deluxe, and Opulence chocolate hampers all available for purchase online and in our Grandtully shop. The petite option is the Gourmet hamper, which includes a delicious decorative tin of our single origin dark hot chocolate flakes, a Chocolatier’s Selection box of 9 individually handmade chocolates, a pack of luxury chocolate dipped fudge, and a special Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mug to enjoy your warm drinks in again and again!

The top of our chocolate hamper range features the Opulence hamper, stocked full of some of our favourites, and those of our customers. A truly tantalising array of artisan treats are placed within this black leather-bound hamper. Including a Chocolatier’s Chocolate Selection of 48 chocolates, a decorative tin of luxury nougat, a pack of juicy cherries dipped in 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate, and much more, this chocolate hamper is truly the most opulent of all chocolate options. Whether you are looking for gifts for him, her, or for the family to share, our luxury chocolate hampers are the cream of the crop.

Break Off a Piece of Our Chocolate Bars


One of the best ways to share chocolate around your family is by buying a chocolate bar. We all have fond memories of sitting together for a family movie night or after-dinner talk, passing around snacks and, of course, there are often chocolate bars. Chocolate is a match made in heaven for a family night in, and at the Highland Chocolatier we have a full range of some of the most delicious and flavoursome luxury chocolate bars on the market.

If your family loves dark chocolate, look no further than our 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate bar. Our single-origin chocolate is full of flavour. Aromatic and floral, this dark chocolate whisks you away to islands full of summer sun and adventure. What is even better about buying this bar is that 10p of every bar is sent directly to Alzheimer Scotland, reaching out to research, treat and prevent Alzheimer disease across Scotland. You can feel warm inside from knowing you have done a great deed while enjoying your chocolate treats.

Looking for something more exciting and different? We also have a range of truly irresistible chocolate bars with flavours beyond your wildest imagination. Our salted toffee bar is made with our delicious caramel-noted milk chocolate, with chewy toffee pieces scattered on top. A few pinches of sea salt added on top really make the flavours burst in your mouth – you have to try it to understand it! For families who are a little on the adventurous and daring side, we also have a bar of our 70% dark chocolate with fiery Chinese root ginger embedded on top of it for a deliciously hot bite. For families who enjoy ginger, this is one chocolate bar you cannot afford to miss.

Boxes of Chocolates to Share


Besides chocolate bars, there is nothing better to pass around the family than a box of everybody’s favourite selections of chocolates. At the Highland Chocolatier, we create only the finest and most luxurious chocolates for our customers, using fresh ingredients and locally sourced produce. Your chocolates by post will be delivered the very next day, fresh from our kitchens and straight to your coffee table.

Our chocolates are award-winners, and our best of the best selection is within our Award Winners Selection Box. The box won Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Product of the Year in 2013, and each individual chocolate inside has won its own award too.  From our dark velvet truffle, milk velvet truffle, and lime truffle, this box has it all. These 20 delectable chocolates will have the whole family feeling a taste of luxury.

Share with the Family


All of our chocolates are suitable to share among friends and family and make the perfect gift for anybody who loves chocolate or simply deserves to be treated to a delicious gourmet treat. We are available to contact for you to find out which chocolates are best for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you are looking for a delicious chocolate hamper or some of our smaller sweet treats, we will help find the perfect family gifts for you.

Tantalising Sweet Treats Perfect for Entertaining Guests.

Friday, April 1st, 2016

pic25When having friends or family over for a meal, impressing your guests is something all hosts aim for, often with dessert being the highlight of the evening. Waiting with eyes glistening and mouths watering as the grand finale is paraded into the room with pride, regardless of how full you and your guests are, there always seems to be room for a mouthful of something sweet.

Whether enjoyed formally round a table in the dining room or shared round casually with loved ones in a comfortable sitting room after the meal is over at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s we have just the right selection of tantalising gourmet chocolate treats as a perfect after dinner accompaniment. All our luxurious chocolates are alcohol-free and vegetarian allowing them to be shared gladly with all your guests.

Praline Selection

Our signature praline chocolates recipe has been fine-tuned over the years to bring maximum pleasure when eaten. The soft creamy texture melts away into pure bliss. Our sharing boxes are guaranteed t o thrill at any dinner party as they are passed around, each guest selecting their ultimate flavour combination. Our exquisite hazelnut pralines are coated in single origin 70% dark chocolate with subtle caramel notes to entice any taste buds.

Why not try a sharing box of 20, 30 or 40? Our completely natural and preservative free flavours include interesting additions designed to dazzle your guest such as lemongrass which offers a fresh citrus burst, it’s flavour paired perfectly with the silky smooth texture of the praline. Designed to be enjoyed with Macallan Amber, Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old, Glenkinchie 12 Year Old and Caol Ila Moch whiskies. What could be more delightful as an after-dinner indulgence than this?

For those who enjoy the warming spiced flavour of cinnamon, a unique rich flavour is balanced expertly by our in-house specialist chocolatiers with our cinnamon praline with a hint of clove. This warming gluten free recipe has been chosen to be paired with Glenfiddich 18 Year Old, Lagavulin 16 Year Old, Tobermory 15 Year Old, Benromach Peat Smoke and Mortlach Exclusive whiskies.


Your guest may prefer a more traditional flavour, and for this, we recommend not only our signature hazelnut praline, but also the cocoa nib praline. This delicate flavour provides a unique texture for those who enjoy a subtle crunch and the marzipan layer compliments the bittersweet notes beautifully.

All Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier pralines come in beautiful presentation boxes in luxurious red and gold shades, finished with a secure magnetic fastening.

Award Winning Truffles

Pure naked truffles were once only available to Michelin Star chefs, but now these can be shared by our customers proudly as a final flourish at any dinner party or event. Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s signature Velvet Truffle Classic was the winner of Gold against tens of thousands of chocolates from all the world in the International Chocolate Awards 2015 “best dark chocolate” category. These truly exquisite truffles come sealed in a foil gold bag with an oxygen-absorbing bag to preserve our delicate creations and keep them free from artificial preservatives, every delightful box is finished with an expertly hand-tied ribbon.

Your guest may wonder why they’re called “naked truffles” with the perfect balance of flavour handcrafted by our chocolatiers we had no need to cover them in anything, leaving the delectable ganache the star of the show. Each box of truffles comes with a special truffle fork with which to serve them, ideally on a cool porcelain plate.


Why not tantalise your guest with a speciality flavour of award winning truffle? Our Velvet truffle with passion fruit and a touch of mango was awarded silver in the 2015 International Chocolate awards. This refreshing flavour is a blend of crushed passion fruit, real mango combined in a silky cream ganache. This flavour combination is perfect for those who enjoy the sharp zing of citrus.

For those guests who love nothing more than to try new and unique flavours, our raspberry and black pepper velvet truffle is the ideal after dinner treat. Once again an award winning combination at the 2015 International Chocolate awards the crushed raspberries are infused with black pepper to create an expertly balanced flavour combination like no other.

Turkish Delight

What could be more enticing than the prospect of your favourite flavours enrobed in silky luxury chocolate? Your guests will be transported back to their childhood sweet shop memories when offered one of these generous fragrant pieces.

Though this is not the usual Turkish delight of your childhood, here at Ian Burnett Highland Chocolatier the rose and lemon hinted treats are encased in either our signature São Tomé a single origin 70% dark chocolate or an expert blend of caramel noted milk chocolate.

Our Turkish delight chocolates come in a beautiful decorate tin, that is bound to fill your guest with pleasure as they dip their hand in and taste the exotic aromatic notes.

When next entertaining, and in need of a show-stopping dessert or after dinner accompaniment look no further than Iain Bennet Highland Chocolatier. Our award winning naked truffles to exquisite special chocolate covered treats we have something to satisfy every taste your guests may have.