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Easter & Mother’s Day Inspiration

Friday, March 15th, 2019


Easter is coming…

Easter is on its way and Iain Burnett has something for every bunny! Lovingly handmade decorative Easter Eggs, hand-dusted colourful chicks, satchels of mini eggs tied with a flourish and more… the hunt for Easter chocolate is on and you can browse Iain’s full range of Easter creations here.

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is also just around the corner, and Iain is introducing several new products sure to delight the mother you love most! First, Iain brings you the new Mixed Raspberry Florentines box – a beautiful selection of 14 handmade milk, white and dark chocolate Florentines, each scattered with natural raspberries, gently dried and crushed.

The classic box of Iain’s dipped fruits has been re-imagined especially for Mother’s Day — with the same juicy, chocolate dipped fruits you love, presented in a beautiful floral box with decorative ribbon.

With springtime just waiting in the wings, Iain has created the Fruits and Flowers Spring Selection. An ornate gold and white box, tied with a colourful ribbon, and filled with a selection of Iain’s award-winning Velvet Truffles and Pralines, particularly for spring!

Chocolate for Coffee Lovers

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

The Coffee Pairing Box ☕

Calling all coffee-lovers! Iain Burnett has brewed up some marvelous new chocolate creations just for you…

Introducing the new Coffee Pairing Box! A stunning magnetic box of Velvet Truffles and Pralines, expertly paired by Iain to match a variety of favourite single-origin coffees from around the world. 

An ideal gift boxes for those who love to savour a perfectly brewed cup of coffee along with the finest chocolate. As always, tasting notes are included to enhance the experience and unravel the flavours.

With the success of the Tea Pairing Selection Boxes, it was time to offer the same unforgettable gourmet experience to coffee devotees. Iain hopes you’ll enjoy this new pairing experience!

The Mocha Bar

Iain and his team are also excited to bring you the new Mocha Bar. The Highland Chocolatier’s signature caramel-noted milk chocolate, sprinkled with melt-in-your-mouth, roasted arabica coffee. Guaranteed to mocha you happy!

Other News from the Kitchen…

Iain and Chocolatier Jacqueline (below), preparing Velvet Truffles for submission to the international awards at the Academy of Chocolate.  It’s been several years since Iain and his team have submitted a Velvet Truffle for awards consideration. With two World Golds highlighting past years, let’s see what happens this time…


The New Caramel Velvet Truffles!

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

like you’ve never had it before…

You may remember Iain Burnett accidentally caramelizing one of his Velvet Truffles with a twist of liquorice which, after a little refinement, went on to be awarded the Best Truffle in the World!

Inspired by the incredible response from chefs and customers, Iain has been working for the last 2 years to create, not a common sugary caramel, but a pure caramelized truffle.

He has finally been successful and is somewhat relieved to launch both a Pure Caramelized Ganache Velvet Truffle AND a Sea Salted Caramel Velvet Truffle.  Iain gives the classic fusion of caramel and chocolate his signature artisan spin, resulting in two jaw-dropping, show-stopping taste sensations!

About his latest creations, Iain says, “I really wanted to discover how to caramelize the ganache itself – not just another sugary caramel. I spent so long investigating the science of caramelization and so many old methods.  The breakthrough came by using a fresh cream and a milk chocolate, both containing notes of caramel, then discovering how to caramelize the ganache itself.  I have a feeling that the salted caramel version is going to be very popular, as the way I’ve found to add the sea salt makes it ‘pop’ out beautifully.” 

Just in time for Black Friday, the new Caramel Velvet Truffles are available in mixed enrobed selection boxes, or as unenrobed Velvet Truffles.

Iain can’t wait for you to try them!


Newsletter – Limited Edition Festive Flavours & Fashionably Back in Edinburgh

Monday, November 21st, 2016

Highland Chocolatier 48 Variety Final close up low res

Back in Vogue at Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh

After an interlude which proved tantalising for some of our Edinburgh-based regular customers, we’re delighted to announce that the Highland Chocolatier range of Award Winning Truffles and Pralines is once more available from the chocolate cabinet on the “Forth Floor” of Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh. Pop in while Christmas shopping or if you can’t make it there, read more to browse the chocolate selection on offer.

Congratulations to the lucky winner of our October Draw, Fiona Karbal from Merseyside, who won a box of gourmet chocolates. You have a chance to win every month while you remain subscribed to this Newsletter.

Gems from the Kitchen

The Velevet Truffle - Festive SpiceThe Velvet Truffle – Festive Spice encapsulates the essence of Christmas. This super-smooth petitfour is delicately flavoured with cinnamon, clove, orange and star anise.  Perfect to serve after dinner or to take along to a party.

The Velvet Truffle – Festive Spice (12) £22.95






Go Off-piste this Christmas!

Festive Chocolatier's SelectionShow your originality with hand-made chocolate gifts that really stand out from the crowd.  From the quality of the packaging, to the exquisite contents, it’s clear that great care has been taken.

Festive Selection (20)               £34.95
Mixed Florentines (14)             £24.95
Dipped Fruit – Classic              £22.95




Healthy Choices

3-100-Bars_LWishing to avoid over-indulging on party snacks, popcorn can be a healthy alternative. Make your own and try this topping: Melt a bar of our São Tomé 70% dark chocolate and drizzle over the top of a bowl of popcorn then stir in dried fruit and unsalted nuts.

Newsletter – A Second World Gold & Our Birthday Gift to You 

Monday, October 24th, 2016

liquorice_and_caramel_velvet_truffle_box_with_chocs_at_frontAs a truffle specialist, Iain’s highest accolade to date has been the World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle which was awarded at the International Chocolate Awards in 2015.  Now, a year later, this has been followed by the World’s Best White Chocolate Truffle.  The Velvet Truffle – Caramel with a Hint of Liquorice was developed as a warming spiced flavour for winter.  The winning recipe was selected as favourite by customers during a taste trial. It’s nice to know that the “people’s choice” is also the choice of the world class chefs, sommeliers and food experts who made up the judging panel.

The Velvet Truffle – Caramel with a Hint of Liquorice
The Velvet Truffle – Dark São Tomé                                           both £19.95


Gems from the Kitchen

Caramel with hint liquoriceCaramel with a Hint of Liquorice and indeed the entire Velvet Truffle Range of flavours feature in Selection Boxes in their enrobed form – that is coated in a delicate chocolate shell and decorated.  Either dark or milk chocolate couverture is used to complement the centre.

Award Winners Box (20)                 £28.95
Caramel & Liquorice Butterfly Box (2)  £3.95

Pre-Order for Christmas

5This year our shops in Grandtully and St Andrews will be offering a Call and Collect service for Christmas.  Get organised now and save time queueing later or order on-line anytime choosing a delivery date in the future.
Chocolatier’s Selection (20)        £28.95
Mixed Florentines (14)               £19.95
Dipped Fruit – Classic               £18.95

Healthy Choices

dark-chocolateIt can be hard to get through the long dark winter months. Before resorting to anti-depressants, try chocolate as a mood booster.  It triggers production of dopamine in the brain…..

Newsletter – Nuts for Autumn & Luxury Travel Feature

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

whisky-chocolateTravel in Style, Arrive to Gourmet Chocolates

The ever-growing list of establishments who serve Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier chocolates to their guests reads like an exclusive travel directory – ranging, as they do, from cruise ships to vintage car tours, Mayfair hotels to rural luxury B&Bs. We’ve created a page on the web-site to make our introductions, hoping that this might inspire you when planning your next well deserved break.  Click here to visit the Luxury Lifestyle Page

Just Nuts for Autumn

14-Pistachio-and-Almond-Chocolate-FlorentinesThink Autumn.  Think balmy days, golden evenings, falling leaves and woodland walks. Our nut-inspired range includes Hazelnut Praline Selections in boxes from 4 to 48 as well as handmade Almond & Pistachio Florentines,  70% Dark São Tomé chocolate bars studded with whole nuts and Brazil or Cashew nuts rolled in chocolate in either decorative tins or smaller packs.

Just Pralines Selection (Box of 48)   £68.95

Almond & Pistachio Floretines (14) £18.95
Tin of Brazil Nuts (230g)              £14.95
Pack of Cashew Nuts (115g)          £5.95

Gems from the Kitchen

Cocoa Nib Praline

Once fermented, roasted and crushed, cocoa bean kernels are known as “nibs”.  Part way to becoming chocolate, cocoa nibs can be used as an ingredient just as they are, bringing a crunch of intense flavour. In the Cocoa Nib Praline Iain uses a base layer of marzipan incorporating cocoa nibs under gianduja, topped with dark chocolate, feathered with a milk chocolate pattern.


 Healthy Choices

pic25Relaxation is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle but busy people can find it very difficult to slow down. Try using chocolate as a focus for mindfulness.  There’s no better choice than the World’s best dark truffle to  hone one’s ability to appreciate the here and now.

The Velvet Truffle – Dark São Tomé (12)            £19.95



Newsletter – Late Summer Harvest and a Buzzing Chocolate Kitchen

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


raspberry-and-heather-honey0018-copyThe heather is in flower and beekeepers are harvesting this season’s honey – a scene which inspired Iain to create the White Raspberry Truffle.  This truffle celebrates local ingredients with the classic combination of crushed raspberry and creamy white chocolate ganache sweetened with Scottish heather honey.  Interesting fact for the whisky lovers – White Raspberry Truffles have been carefully chosen to pair perfectly with Ledaig 15 Year Old malt whisky.

White Raspberry Truffles (9)

Gems from the Kitchen

langue-de-chatLangue de Chat, named after French biscuits of the same shape, are the refined way to appreciate pure chocolate. Featured in the Chocolatier’s Selection Box, the 70% Dark São Tomé version is paired with 1824 Macallan Gold and will soon be enjoyed alongside no fewer than 54,000 drams, in our biggest single order to date.

Chocolatier’s Selection (20)

Dark São Tomé Bar  (100g)


Healthy Options

hcl21Inspired by the Olympic athletes in Rio? Recharge your batteries after exercise with a hot (or chilled) chocolate instead of a caffeine-loaded soft drink. It may seem indulgent, but as well as energy this provides calcium and other vital vitamins and minerals.



Introducing Iain Burnett’s Chocolate Lounge

Tuesday, August 16th, 2016

The Chocolate Lounge

This autumn Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier, Grandtully will be celebrating its tenth anniversary and great changes are afoot to prepare for another exciting decade of gourmet chocolates.

On 5th of September, we will be transforming Legends Coffee House with a fresh approach to how it looks and what we serve.  We’re creating a more relaxed space with soft seating and more room for our visitors to kick back and make themselves at home.  Our customers will be able to enjoy excellent food and drinks in an atmosphere that’s more in tune with our passion – the creation of exquisite chocolates.

To this end, the coffee house will be renamed ‘Iain Burnett’s Chocolate Lounge,’ and we hope all our visitors will find it as exciting as we do.  In addition to all round improvements to the ambiance and the chocolate-themed menu, we are launching an experience that we believe will be unique in Scotland – our own Audio Tasting Tour.  Whether from near or far, you will be able to learn why our chocolates are world-beating from the man who has made it all possible – Iain Burnett.   Listen to Iain’s audio guide describing our business, explaining why the chocolates we make are so special, and then be conducted through a tasting of contrasting origin chocolate followed by a scrumptious tasting  of the chocolate truffles that have made Iain Burnett renowned in master chocolatier circles.

Your New Year Party with Champagne and Whisky Chocolates

Hilarie Burnett, our chair and a founder director, has played a lead role in these changes. “It has been challenging but fun to devise new ideas for what has become a popular stopping-off place in the IBHC Choc cakeUpper Tay Valley” she said.  “What was ‘Legends of Grandtully’ is now being reborn as something more restful, with inspirational touches from Iain’s artist wife Rachel.  An exciting addition will be the introduction of individual artisan chocolate tasting adventures using an audio guide.

“Many local people will know Janet Washington who has helped us with the new furnishings and colour schemes. We sincerely hope our customers will like what we are developing, which will be much more in keeping with our chocolate brand.  The familiar friendly team who are working so cheerfully with us will be looking after everyone just as before.”

We will be closing the coffee house area on 30th August and will reopen on September 5th relaunching our new look.  In the meantime we hope our regular customers will bear with us if service is a little more limited for a short time.  The Scottish Chocolate Centre, chocolate shop and gift shop in Grandtully, and of course our second chocolate shop in St Andrews, will be open as usual.

Newsletter – Give Mum a Chocolate Experience to Remember & Easter Preview

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

Cherish the Iain Burnett Truffle Experience

Spa Days are undoubtedly treats, but you don’t have to travel miles and take a whole day out to take your senses to a new level of decadence.   Picture the scene – you’ve dimmed the lights, removed all distractions, made yourself warm and comfortable.  Light some candles, but make them unscented.  Then simply take time to savour the moment that sublime chocolate truffles yield.

Perfect for Mother’s Day on 6th March

The Velvet Truffle – Classic         The Velvet Truffle – Strawberry and Star Anise  both £19.95

Someone who can vouch for this is lucky winner of our January Draw, Danielle Winton from Edinburgh.

 Gems from the Kitchen


We must hatch plans early to make Easter the occasion that chocolate lovers are eagerly anticipating. This year the Chocolatier’s challenge was to translate our best-selling bars into ovoid form.  Read More about making eggs by hand.

Eat with Your Eyes


This, the most recent of our designs, reflects the trend for unusual flavour combinations. Some are just strange – but you can trust Iain’s impeccable palate.  This Caramelised Liquorice truffle features in:

Mother’s Day Truffle Selection                    £32.95

Healthy Choices

There’s nothing wrong with chocolate per-se. In fact, there are positive health benefits, which we will be sharing over the coming months.  Choose quality not quantity.

Just Dark Selection of 9 Chocolates £14.95

Newsletter – Iain Burnett Aiming to be a Chocolate Millionaire

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Highland Chocolatier 48 Variety Final close up low res

The highlight of 2015 was undoubtedly winning Gold at the International Chocolate Awards, recognising Iain as the creator of the Best Dark Truffle in the World.  Of course we all knew this already!  The coming year is no less exciting.  In October the business will be celebrating its tenth birthday and we are aiming to produce one million chocolates in 2016 – quite amazing when you consider that every Velvet Truffle is made by hand.


Gems from the Kitchen

We invited visitors to our shops to help choose a new spiced Velvet Truffle.   There was a clear winner and we are happy to introduce a caramelised white chocolate ganache with a touch of liquorice root.  Be one of the first to try this unusual, but undoubtedly popular flavour.


The Velvet Truffle – Caramel with a Hint of Liquorice £ 19.95


Love is in the Air

Pre-order your Valentines Day gift and we will deliver on the date of your choice, to an address of your choice and it can even be anonymous. A range of adorable boxes have been created fit for the occasion.


Romantic Selection in a Heart Shaped Box (20)                   £32.95


 Velvet Truffle Classic Gold Box Final

All Your Birthdays at Once

Did you know you can purchase E-Giftcards ahead of time? They are valid for a year from the delivery date. Set up all your birthday presents in advance now and give the lucky recipients the pleasure of selecting their favourite chocolates.  [SHOP NOW]