Chocolate gifts for men this Christmas

It’s commonly accepted that chocolate is a women’s indulgent food of choice, and there are no shortage of chocolate gift sets wrapped up for Christmas ready to be opened by the female population come the morning of December 25th.

But when selecting the perfect hamper for your mum, maybe stop to think whether there is a man in your life who might appreciate something chocolaty under their tree on Christmas day. We have a wide range chocolate gifts for men and below we’ve highlighted some of our masculine gift packages if you’ve got a guy with a bit of a sweet tooth (or one who likes whiskey or coffee, because that’s covered within our range too).

For the whisky drinker

Whisky chocolate gift set for menWhilst snuggling up on the sofa with a bar of chocolate is an image associated with women, relaxing with a dram of whiskey is a pastime more largely associated with the male population. If you have a whiskey connoisseur in your life, then one of our Whiskey Tasting Hampers is sure to be up their street. Our two boxes contain some of our signature flavours but also comes complete with expert advice on which famous whiskey to pair it with. If you know a man who has a whiskey cupboard with some of the finest whiskeys available in Scotland, then this chocolate gift set is perfect to accompany him as he sits down for his Christmas day celebratory drink.

Or the coffee enthusiast

For someone with more masculine taste buds, there’s the gift of chocolate coffee beans this Christmas.  Use them in the same way as regular traditional beans and allow your guy to create the aroma of a luxury coffee shop on Christmas morning. The luxury coffee beans are rolled in 70% rich dark chocolate and are also non-alcoholic, making them the perfect hot drink to waken him up on Christmas morning.

Something fudgy

Coffee beans are not the only thing we have been rolling in our luxury chocolate. If your man isn’t a coffee person, there’s also the option of fudge covered in milk chocolate to leave under his tree this Christmas. Our tin of luxury fudge contains 200g worth of fudged dipped in milk chocolate and also comes in a decorative tin to create that extra feel of luxury.

Dark chocolates for masculine tastesJust Dark Selection Box

When it comes to men and chocolate, the secret to buying chocolate for men is to avoid the sweeter varieties of chocolate and head towards the darker and slightly more bitter end of the chocolate scale. Our Just Dark Selection Box is the selection box of choice for Christmas shoppers trying to select something for the men in their life. The selection box contains 30 chocolates which are all created using 70% dark chocolate such as our award-winning Velvet Truffle, as well as German marzipan and hazelnut pralines.

The big gift of all the Chocolates

If you have a man to buy for in your life who just loves chocolate and doesn’t need it paired with whiskey to enjoy it, then we have our Chocolatier’s Selection Box. Containing 48 chocolates, this selection box is one of the best ways to sample some of the finest chocolates in our range. The chocolates in this box ranges from milk chocolate onto something at the darker end of the scale. There is our award-winning Velvet Truffle alongside a wide range of other varieties of chocolates from Heart of Gold with its caramel centre as well as the White Hearts and Langue de Chat mini bars which comes in dark, milk and blonde varieties.

Award winners selection boxOr a smaller box of our award winning chocolates

If a box of 48 chocolates sounds like a bit too much for the man you have in mind, then a smaller box containing 20 of our award-winning chocolates might be more to their taste. This is a very popular gift, so much that it was honoured at the Scotland Food and Drink Awards 2013 with the prize for Excellence Product of the Year. Some of the delicious flavours to dip into are the Chai Truffle, Dark Velvet Truffle and Lime Truffle.

And something small for the Christmas stocking

We have a range of small gifts which are perfect for sneaking into a guy’s Christmas stocking on the 25th of December. We have our mini Chocolatier Christmas box with just four chocolates from the gourmet range and also a bar of cranberry and pistachio dark chocolate, both the kind of chocolate for men we’d recommend.

We have the perfect chocolate gifts for men, and anyone else you’re buying for too

Whether the man you are buying for is your whiskey-loving father, your espresso-appreciating husband or sweet-toothed male best friend we have a wide range of products with plenty of chocolates for men on offer.

And for the men reading, if you’re sneakily looking for yourself then carry on and treat yourself. But if you’re needing to purchase chocolates for either the children in your life or a special woman then we have gift ranges perfect for their stockings too.


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