Stocking Fillers for Chocolate Loving Kids

Chocolate is such a wonderfully nostalgic treat, and it played a big part in many of our childhoods. How many children still rush downstairs on Christmas morning to unwrap the first hanging chocolates from the tree! Luckily, Highland Chocolatier has a range of award-winning sweets to delight any child this festive season. Why not give them an extra treat this Christmas or pad out their stockings with our range of delectable chocolates, crafted specially with little ones in mind?

Classic chocolate buttons

Brighten up any snowy morning with a cone of our classic buttons in strawberry, milk or white. Slip them under their pillow, into their stocking, or hang on the tree for extra festivity. Gran and Grandad can earn some extra points by turning up with these in hand, or simply mix together in a big bowl with some fruit for the kids to munch on while they watch their favourite Christmas movie. Guaranteed to put a smile on their faces, their nostalgic packaging and moreish taste may prove an excellent appetiser for the turkey – if Mum and Dad don’t eat them all!

Prehistoric treats

Is there a budding palaeontologist in your family? How about that one nephew who watches Jurassic Park on repeat? Little tyrannosaurus fans will be delighted with our amazing Chocolate Button Dinosaur, available in milk, white and strawberry flavours (pictured right). Gourmet buttons packaged in a sweet reusable dinosaur-shaped container which can be used later to store treasured fossils, be painted like a real T-rex, or even as a mould to make your own chocolatey dinosaur treat!

Penny sweets

A loveable dinosaur isn’t the only chocolate creature creation on our Christmas list. Many a mickle macks a muckle, as we say in Scotland, and you too can help your child save for rainy days with our adorable and delicious Piggy Bank. Full of our beautifully made buttons, the container slips easily into a stocking, makes an excellent last-minute gift and also doubles as a real piggy bank to carefully store away coins.

Milky Bar Kid

Who remembers the old adverts? Most likely not the young ones in your life, which is a crying shame! Before you start searching around on YouTube for that catchy jingle, introduce them to the joy of white chocolate with our Blonde Chocolate Bar. A classic white chocolate bar with a smooth, creamy flavour, it’s good enough to squabble over, so make sure you stock up on enough! Its irresistible combination of São Tomé cocoa butter, Madagascan vanilla and fresh Scottish cream is likely to appease even the pickiest sprout at the table.

A treat before bedtime

When it all winds down on Christmas Day, what’s better to top off the evening than with a hot, steaming mug of real hot chocolate? Get the kids involved and let them customise their own creations with marshmallows, sprinkles and lashings of cream, all resting on a base of our incredibly tasty Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes (pictured right) for a real winter’s feast. Simply mix into hot milk for a beautifully smooth mug of hot chocolate, or cater for milder tastes by mixing in some of our White Hot Chocolate Flakes too. Endless combinations can be made with orange, vanilla or mint essence – don’t forget to sprinkle some more on top!

Christmas and chocolate go hand in hand. Some children are notoriously difficult to buy for, but rest assured any sweet-toothed youngster will be delighted with our range of chocolates. If you also need something for the man in your life, we have a range of gifts for him as well!

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