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Tea & Chocolate: A Perfect Pair

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Brew up for Chocolate Week…

This week heralds the annual celebration of Chocolate Week in the UK!

To celebrate, Iain Burnett has launched the Tea Pairing Selection Box – for what could be more quintessentially British than a perfect cup of tea with your gourmet chocolate?

Created in collaboration with friends at Wee Tea Company, the Tea Pairing Selection is the perfect Chocolate Week indulgence for tea and chocolate devotees alike.

This fragrant mix of award-winning, handmade Velvet Truffles and pralines has been expertly matched by Iain to beautifully harmonise with a variety of your favourite classic teas, including Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Mint & Green Teas, and Chai.

When enjoyed together, the chocolate and tea emphasise one another’s flavours and aromas, providing a rich, warming experience. Tasting notes are included to help you unravel the subtle compounds playing out on your palate, and to get the most out of your tea pairing adventure.

So, brew a cup of your favourite tea and get cosy for Chocolate Week with this new companion box!

Wishing you a happy Chocolate Week from Highland Perthshire.


New Salted Toffee Dark Bar

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

Proudly presenting…

Due to popular demand, Iain Burnett is proud to present: the Sea Salted Toffee Dark Bar!
Iain’s Salted Toffee Milk Bar has been a best-seller since its introduction to the range, and Iain is pleased to now offer the same magnificent handcrafted tablet for dark chocolate lovers.

Based on a rare 72% São Tomé Island chocolate, the sparing addition of sea salt accentuates the robustness of the single origin dark cocoa.  The toffee pieces and salt crystals  sprinkled on top of the bar add texture, crunch, and a flavourful interplay between savoury and sweet.

Each of Iain’s artisan chocolate bars are handmade in the chocolate kitchen, and tempered to perfection– giving them a sublime glossy finish and a satisfying snap when broken.

Choose your perfect selection of 4 gourmet chocolate bars for £20.

Iain hopes you’ll enjoy the latest creation!


Unveiling the World’s First Ruby Velvet Truffle

Friday, July 27th, 2018

The Fourth Type of Chocolate

Iain is announcing a world first with the unveiling of a Ruby Velvet Truffle!

Recently launched after a decade of development, ruby chocolate is being hailed as the “fourth type of chocolate”. So named for its natural pink colour and fruity flavour, it has so far only had limited release in select countries—making it all the more tantalising for consumers, chefs and chocolatiers alike.

Comprised of a highly unique combination of flavour compounds, naturally present in the beans, ruby chocolate brings a new spectrum of possibilities to Iain’s gourmet chocolate kitchen. Not much has been revealed about how ruby chocolate has been developed, only that there are precursors in some cacao beans that, handled carefully, produce a fruity pink chocolate.

A World of Possibilities

Excited by the arrival of ruby chocolate samples in his kitchen, Iain has been eager to experiment with new tastes and pairings, explaining “Ruby chocolate acts somewhere between white and milk chocolate, with a creamy yet tangy berry note. For a chocolatier, the unique flavour notes are fun to work with and open a world of possibilities.”

Inspired by a recipe he created for the Queen’s birthday using Her Majesty’s own blackcurrants, Iain realised the ruby chocolate would be a perfect match, “The natural creaminess yet acidic fruitiness of the ruby is beautifully accentuated with the tang of crushed blackcurrants for a powerful experience – and a vibrant burst of violet colour! I think it will be awhile until the full potential of the ruby bean is reached. In the meantime, we have just begun to have fun with this, starting with The Ruby Velvet Truffle.

For the culinary craftsman to the consummate chocoholic, this is truly a taste experience not to be missed, order The Ruby Velvet Truffle here!

Enjoy Whisky Chocolate and Celebrate the Scottish Open

Thursday, July 21st, 2016



The prestigious golf event, The Open is finishing this week in our home of Scotland and what better way to celebrate than with a box of Whisky Chocolates. The Open Championship returned to The Royal Troon gold course this July and has been the 145th Open Championship.

Tourists have traveled far and wide to visit Scotland for this very special event and box of delicious whisky chocolates is the perfect keepsake to return home with. (more…)

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Gourmet 70% Dark Chocolate

Friday, July 1st, 2016


Chocolate has long been known as a comfort food and has been a source of solace for many during stressful times. Chocolate is also associated with romance and is used as a mood-enhancer, but finally it’s being recognised for holding multiple health benefits. Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa really is good for us. Here at the highland chocolatier we specialise in crafting chocolates with single origin dark chocolate which has been discovered to be good for the heart, circulation and brain. (more…)

How to Make and Decorate Artisan Easter Eggs

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


Creating artisan Easter Eggs by traditional methods is a time-consuming and skilful business, and there is little point in doing it if you don’t use the very best chocolate.   At Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier we use the same carefully selected cocoa used in our Florentines and gourmet chocolate bars and we temper it to perfection it in exactly the same way.

The eggs are made in moulds, just two halves at a time. The basic method is to “dose” each mould with the desired weight of liquid chocolate.  Then, in moves which have been likened to those of Tai Chi, the molten chocolate is slowly and gently swirled around until it is evenly distributed.  Too thin and the egg will be fragile, too thick and the eating experience is spoiled.  We have all experienced over-thick chocolate that has to be fought into submission!

The swirling motion can only cease when the chocolate is firm enough to hold its shape – think about drips running down a newly painted surface.   We must then wait for the chocolate egg to set fully before it can be released. Deposits of cocoa butter in the mould ensure that the chocolate does not stick and surprisingly intricate patterns can be transferred to the chocolate surface.

Decorating Handmade Easter Eggs

Drizzle-Egg (1)

A number of different artisan chocolate techniques are used to enhance the gourmet Easter Eggs.  Each has to be trialled and perfected, and the chocolatiers trained and practiced before going into production.  You will notice than no two of Iain Burnett’s handmade chocolate eggs are exactly the same.  That is because each one is made individually and the style of the various chocolatiers will vary slightly.  It’s a bit like a signature and this uniqueness makes giving a handmade Easter egg extra special.

Drizzle Gourmet Easter Eggs are made by piping contrasting chocolate into the mould in a curvy pattern. The chocolate must be allowed to set fully before the mould is dosed with the main chocolate flavour. A more dramatic effect is achieved by slashing a completed egg with contrasting chocolate.  This calls for confident sweeps to create the deep sculpted effect.

To add texture as well as visual appeal, crisp eggs are arranged in the mould, before chocolate is carefully applied to hold them in place.  Once secure, the cluster is surrounded by a “dose” of chocolate which is evenly distributed round the mould as before.   Imagine how tricky this is to achieve perfectly!  For more sophisticated palates Crystallised Chinese Ginger can be used instead.

Expertly tempered chocolate Easter eggs are shiny already and can be enhanced further with a dusting of food powder. This is the technique used to make our cute little Chocolate Easter Chicks stand out from the brood.

New This Year


The latest Easter eggs reflect our most popular flavours of chocolate bar – 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate with Raspberry Easter Egg and Caramel-noted Milk Chocolate with Sea Salted Toffee.  This involved yet another technique which was developed this year.  Can you guess how they were decorated?