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Luxury Chocolate Hampers Make The Perfect Gourmet Gift

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Luxury Chocolate Gift

We don’t think there’s anything more mouth-watering than a hamper brimming with bespoke Highland Chocolatier chocolates. Our specialist selections are perfect for any occasion, whether a unique way to say thank you to a chocolate lover in your life or simply to share with you entire family. Choose from four indulgent hampers bursting with our finest chocolate range ready to enjoy. (more…)

Gourmet Chocolate Guide – Chocolate Gifts for Him

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Gourmet Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. Gifts for him are often hard to choose, which seems silly when you think that everyone loves a rich piece of chocolate. Gentleman like to indulge in dark tastes and whisky paired chocolates which are available to order at Highland Chocolatier.

Below are our top picks for chocolate for men which will solve your problem when picking a gift for his birthday, Father’s Day or even if you are looking for next year’s Valentines chocolate.



April Luxury Chocolate Showers: Gifts for The Family

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


We are now fully underway in the Springtime here at the Highland Chocolatier. The flowers are blooming, colour is returning to the trees, and our delicious range of chocolates are here to make those still slightly chilly evenings just that little bit warmer. Whether you are looking for a delicious luxury chocolate hamper to dig into, or a few bars of your favourite kind of chocolate, we have everything you need to have a warm and pleasant April. Is your Spring snack cupboard stocked up yet? We have just the treats to tempt you with.

A Chocolate Hamper for Everyone


Our chocolates are just too good not to share with the rest of the family. (We won’t tell anybody if you sneak a few away just for yourself. Promise!) For the gift that keeps on giving, filled with near-endless treats that can be restocked again and again, choose a luxury chocolate hamper. What is great about our hampers is the black wicker hamper that all of our selection arrives to your door in. Once your chocolates have been enjoyed, simply fill it back up or use it to take for a picnic or road trip with the family!

We have four different sizes of hampers to choose from with our Gourmet, Indulge, Deluxe, and Opulence chocolate hampers all available for purchase online and in our Grandtully shop. The petite option is the Gourmet hamper, which includes a delicious decorative tin of our single origin dark hot chocolate flakes, a Chocolatier’s Selection box of 9 individually handmade chocolates, a pack of luxury chocolate dipped fudge, and a special Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mug to enjoy your warm drinks in again and again!

The top of our chocolate hamper range features the Opulence hamper, stocked full of some of our favourites, and those of our customers. A truly tantalising array of artisan treats are placed within this black leather-bound hamper. Including a Chocolatier’s Chocolate Selection of 48 chocolates, a decorative tin of luxury nougat, a pack of juicy cherries dipped in 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate, and much more, this chocolate hamper is truly the most opulent of all chocolate options. Whether you are looking for gifts for him, her, or for the family to share, our luxury chocolate hampers are the cream of the crop.

Break Off a Piece of Our Chocolate Bars


One of the best ways to share chocolate around your family is by buying a chocolate bar. We all have fond memories of sitting together for a family movie night or after-dinner talk, passing around snacks and, of course, there are often chocolate bars. Chocolate is a match made in heaven for a family night in, and at the Highland Chocolatier we have a full range of some of the most delicious and flavoursome luxury chocolate bars on the market.

If your family loves dark chocolate, look no further than our 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate bar. Our single-origin chocolate is full of flavour. Aromatic and floral, this dark chocolate whisks you away to islands full of summer sun and adventure. What is even better about buying this bar is that 10p of every bar is sent directly to Alzheimer Scotland, reaching out to research, treat and prevent Alzheimer disease across Scotland. You can feel warm inside from knowing you have done a great deed while enjoying your chocolate treats.

Looking for something more exciting and different? We also have a range of truly irresistible chocolate bars with flavours beyond your wildest imagination. Our salted toffee bar is made with our delicious caramel-noted milk chocolate, with chewy toffee pieces scattered on top. A few pinches of sea salt added on top really make the flavours burst in your mouth – you have to try it to understand it! For families who are a little on the adventurous and daring side, we also have a bar of our 70% dark chocolate with fiery Chinese root ginger embedded on top of it for a deliciously hot bite. For families who enjoy ginger, this is one chocolate bar you cannot afford to miss.

Boxes of Chocolates to Share


Besides chocolate bars, there is nothing better to pass around the family than a box of everybody’s favourite selections of chocolates. At the Highland Chocolatier, we create only the finest and most luxurious chocolates for our customers, using fresh ingredients and locally sourced produce. Your chocolates by post will be delivered the very next day, fresh from our kitchens and straight to your coffee table.

Our chocolates are award-winners, and our best of the best selection is within our Award Winners Selection Box. The box won Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Product of the Year in 2013, and each individual chocolate inside has won its own award too.  From our dark velvet truffle, milk velvet truffle, and lime truffle, this box has it all. These 20 delectable chocolates will have the whole family feeling a taste of luxury.

Share with the Family


All of our chocolates are suitable to share among friends and family and make the perfect gift for anybody who loves chocolate or simply deserves to be treated to a delicious gourmet treat. We are available to contact for you to find out which chocolates are best for you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether you are looking for a delicious chocolate hamper or some of our smaller sweet treats, we will help find the perfect family gifts for you.

Best-Selling Chocolates From The Highland Chocolatier

Monday, March 14th, 2016


There is not much else that can beat a delicious bite of chocolate, that much we are very certain of. In terms of the most luxurious gourmet experience you can have, the Highland Chocolatier offer some of the very best luxury chocolate gifts in Scotland that you need to try. With an extensive list of available products, it can be hard to find the product that you are looking for. However, we are here to help to make your gift-giving decision that little bit easier.

Among our chocolates, there are some that have proven to become best-sellers. From our delicious chocolate hampers to our exquisite velvet truffles, the Highland Chocolatier have the very best gifts of chocolates by post you could possibly choose from. Need more information? Keep on reading to find out which products our customers cannot get enough of.

The Award Winners Selection Box


With a name that defines the contents, our Award Winners Box of 20 Chocolates has soared to the top of our customers’ list of favourite purchases. Perfect for passing around after a dinner party, or for some private indulgence with a glass of fine malt whisky, this box of 20 hand-crafted and designed chocolates is as visually stunning as it is delightful to eat. You may even feel a little bad tucking in to your first few pieces, but trust us, you’ll find them far too moreish to stop!

Featuring some of our award winning chocolates, your box comes with the Scottish Food and Drink Excellence Product of the Year 2013 Award under its beautifully crafted lid. The box contains our dark velvet truffle, milk velvet truffle, lime truffle, raspberry truffle, chai truffle, and rose truffles – to name a few! If you are looking for chocolates by post that will delight your gift receiver, look no further than this award winning selection box of our most favoured treats.

Delightful Chocolate Hampers


No list of our best sellers would be complete without a mention of our divine selection of the finest chocolate hampers. Each black wicker basket is crafted with beautiful black leather straps, keeping your chocolate goodies contained and hidden away until the last moment. Protected and secure, your chocolate hamper will arrive to give your gift that extra bit of sparkle and light up their day.

Each of our chocolate hampers comes with different contents, and can be altered to suit dietary requirements if needed. We have four different sizes of hamper available: Gourmet, Indulge, Deluxe and Opulence. With contents including dark hot chocolate flakes, chocolate dipped fruits, and our chocolatier’s selection box of chocolates in varying sizes, there is something for everyone with these exceptionally crafted chocolate hampers.

The World’s Best Chocolate Truffles


Did you know that the Highland Chocolatier are the holders of the title for the World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle Award 2015? Our velvet truffles are internationally recognised for their decisively smooth textures, stunning flavours, and luxurious craftsmanship. As Iain Burnett’s signature chocolates, you can understand why these are internationally renowned.

The world’s best dark chocolate truffle is awarded to our Dark Sao Tome Velvet Truffles. Completely nut and gluten free, they make the perfect gift for everybody to enjoy.  With notes of spice and the dark flavours of our single origin Sao Tome dark chocolate, our all-natural velvet truffles simply melt in your mouth and are the perfect accompaniment to an end of dinner cup of tea – or a glass of something stronger, if you wish! These chocolates simply have to be tasted to understand just how exquisite they truly are.

Chocolate Accompaniments for Whisky


As we are based in Scotland, we are of course privy to the best whisky in the world. With the best whisky in the world in mind, we have formed a selection box of chocolates that suit whisky from across Scotland. No matter your favourite tipple, these chocolates are simply delicious with your glass.

Our whisky tasting box of 20 chocolates is ideal for the whisky lover in your life. Including our award winning velvet truffle, real fruit and spice infused chocolates, and the smoothest pralines all enrobed in the finest dark and milk chocolate, is there anything better to allow yourself to indulge in? This selection has been chosen to pair with the top fifty malts from across Scotland. Sound like the ideal gift? Have your chocolates by post with next day delivery.

Select the Finest Chocolates

Every chocolate crafted at the Highland Chocolatier is made to lovingly fulfil all gift requirements and give you the best gourmet chocolate experience possible. Our most popular choices are just some of the many products we have available that could be the perfect gift, or the ideal treat for yourself. There is never a more appropriate excuse for having a little chocolate for yourself!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to the Highland Chocolatier’s gourmet treats today.

Extra Special Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts in Decorative Tins

Monday, February 29th, 2016


There are many ways to show your mum that you appreciate her. Mother’s Day is perhaps one of the best chances that you have to really make a big song and dance about your mum and everything she has done for you over the years. From the most delicious home-cooked meals, to the times where she bandaged your knee when you fell, to helping you when times were tough. It is the perfect day to give a little something back to her – and with our selection of tins of chocolates made especially for the special people in your life, what better way is there to say thank you than with chocolate Mother’s Day gifts?

Hot Chocolate to Warm Her Heart


Everybody loves to sit down with a mug of their favourite warm drink. There is almost nothing better than sitting down together, watching a movie, sipping at your drink and laughing about memories you have had together. Why not add a touch of luxury to your evening’s relaxation with a beautifully decorated tin of dark hot chocolate flakes from the Highland Chocolatier?

Our finest dark Belgian chocolate is delicately flaked to be used as a topping for any desserts, melting into different sauces, and especially for making the most delicious mugs of hot chocolate. For the best flavour, add to warmed milk for the smoothest texture. A fan of a creamier, thicker hot chocolate? Why not add in a second bag of hot chocolate flakes to fill up your mug? Add in a spoonful or two of our white hot chocolate flakes and make your taste experience smoother, sweeter, and creamier. Your mum will look forward to some teatime talk almost as much as you do!

A Taste of the Classics

When we think of anything dipped in chocolate, there are a few old favourites that tend to come to mind very quickly. At the Highland Chocolatier, we always love to embrace the old and twist it with the new, lavishing sweet treats in our delicious milk and dark chocolate to appeal to the most varying of tastes. Your mother’s day chocolate gifts couldn’t be easier to find with our decorative tins full of some of the most classic chocolate combinations possible.

A decorative tin of Turkish delight is one of the most classic of combinations embraced by chocolatiers over the years. A favourite for many of our customers, your mum will delight in the soft, delicious texture of our rose and lemon scented Turkish Delight enrobed in milk or single origin 70% dark chocolate, smooth and creamy and a perfect blend of textures. Luxury does not come much finer than these delicious bite-size nibbles.

Looking for a treat to suit an even sweeter tooth? We understand perfectly. Another favourite of our customers is our delicious black and gold decorative tins of luxury fudge. They are a more traditional favourite, with many growing up adoring the delicious taste of warm vanilla fudge. Each piece is smooth and creamy, hand dipped in the smoothest luxury milk chocolate. The classics have never tasted so good. Go on, treat your mum this Mother’s Day.

Alternative Flavour Combinations


Growing up, we all develop different preferences for flavours. Did you know that some of our favourite treats can even give us certain health benefits? Indeed, it is known that ginger can have additional health benefits for the body, including immunity to muscle pain and effective anti-diabetic properties. At the Highland Chocolatier we have taken our finest single origin 70% dark chocolate and coated pieces of crystallised ginger, stored in another of our beautiful black and gold decorative tins, to create one of our best – and most fiery – flavour combinations for those who cannot get enough of the taste of ginger. If your mum loves a warm treat, this could be the one for her.

Is your mum a coffee addict? No need to fear – we have a delicious alternative to that coffee gift card you were considering. Our decorative tin of dark chocolate coffee beans offers the gift of a delicious bundle of some of the finest espresso coffee beans available, wrapped delicately in our 70% dark chocolate. The bitter flavours of coffee and dark chocolate melt together with a hint of sweetness that is as moreish as it suggests. For a mocha flavour without the hassle, this mother’s day chocolate gift is ideal.

Chocolate Covered Fruit


It is not only tins of other sweets and coffee that we have to offer your mum for Mother’s Day. In fact, one of our most loved treats comes in our beautiful decorative tin of strawberries and raspberries. For the mum who is a fan of white chocolate, this is the perfect gift. With dried natural strawberries and raspberries enrobed in the smoothest, creamiest white chocolate, there is the most delicate mix of sweet and bitter with an added crunch of texture that makes this tin beautifully appetising.

If you are looking for more additions to your chocolate covered fruit collection for your mum, we also offer a delicious range that you can choose to add to your order. From whole clementines to cherries, there is a chocolate dipped fruit to suit everyone.

Give Your Mum the Best Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts


Your mum is important to you, and we want to help you say thank you in the best ways possible. If a decorative tin is not enough, why not try our beautiful luxury chocolate hampers? Filled to the brim with our finest chocolates and some added treats, you cannot go wrong. Make your mum’s day the best ever this March with the Highland Chocolatier deluxe chocolates.

Spring Into Sweet Chocolate Covered Fruits

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


Although the weather may appear to say differently here in Perthshire, we are now starting to see the seasons change from Winter to Spring. With this new season comes warmth, new life, and plenty of new flavours to delight your senses with. At the Highland Chocolatier we are especially excited for the new fruits that begin to come into season, giving more opportunities for us to let our customers experience new fruit and chocolate combinations. There is no time quite like Spring for leaping in and tasting the difference our sweet chocolate covered fruits can make.

Sweet and Sour Delights


Not everybody likes to eat fruits that are commonly ‘sweet’ and ‘sugary’. Some may prefer to go for the sour sweets in an assorted packet, and we understand those tastes perfectly. If you are looking for a gift that drips with that ‘Spring’ feeling, this may be the option for you. The most perfectly Spring-looking chocolate covered fruits we have are our finest Slices of Lemon Dipped in White Chocolate. We know what you are thinking – can you even eat slices of lemon? Yes!

Our chocolate covered fruits are all candied to perfection, creating a deliciously sweet taste and texture that enables you to be able to eat even slices of lemon. Lemon is a naturally juicy and delicious fruit. Candying slices of lemon brings out their juicy, bitter flavour with an accompaniment of sweetness we can’t get enough of. Delicately dipped in our smooth and creamy white chocolate, you experience sweet and bitter juices mixed with delicate creamy chocolate for a truly special taste experience.

If you would prefer something a little sweeter with a familiar yet less pronounced tanginess, why not try our Orange Sunrise Slices? Slightly sweeter than lemon and candied in the same week-long process to create the most delectable treat, they are hand dipped and dressed in our Sao Tome 70% dark chocolate. Presented in a red and gold embossed box with 4 – 5 full slices, there is no reason not to get your Spring off to the best start with this gift.

Spring Fruits Fit for Royalty


Did you know that we have supplied our chocolates for events at Holyrood Palace? Indeed, the Highland Chocolatier have the finest chocolates to offer in Scotland and our chocolates are appreciated at all events they attend. Our chocolate dipped fruits are not only perfect for Spring, but they are ideal for royalty.

If you have not yet tried our Chocolate Dipped Cherries, know that they are the Queen’s favourites. Gently candied for over a week to retain their natural juices and served complete with their natural stalks, each cherry is hand dipped in our Sao Tome 70% dark chocolate for the most delicious of flavour combinations. Cherries and chocolate go together like peaches and cream, so do not miss out on our selection that is truly irresistible – even to royalty.

Whole Juicy Fruits


It is not only slices of fruits that offer at the Highland Chocolatier. We embrace the Spring spirit and offer whole candied fruits such as our chocolate dipped cherries. In fact, one of our favourite products is our box of 4 Whole Candied Clementines. Candied to create the sweetest layer of sugar from our delicious syrup to allow the whole fruit’s juices to be contained, each bite is sweeter and juicier than the next.

Swirled with a delicate pattern of our single origin 70% dark chocolate and dipped by hand, these individual candied fruits are a real treat for any chocolate connoisseur. If you are looking for a gift idea, all of our fruits – including a whole clementine – are available in our specially selected St Clements fruit selection, decorated especially for Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts


Spring is also a time for giving gifts and showing appreciation. With both Easter and Mother’s Day around the corner, there is no better time to make sure you are prepared with the most delectable chocolate thank you gifts. Chocolate dipped fruits could be just what your friends and family are looking for.

Our candied lemon dipped in white chocolate is wrapped up in a special white box, topped off with a seasonal ribbon, to make an ideal gift of Mother’s Day chocolates for your mum. We have other Mother’s Day chocolates that would make the ideal gift, with none more luxurious than our selection of decadent chocolate hampers.

Chocolate hampers make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day as they bring together some of our best loved products wrapped up in a luxurious black wicker hamper. The hamper we recommend for Mother’s Day is our Gourmet Chocolate Hamper. With a selection box of 9 chocolates, a decorative tin of hot chocolate flakes, luxury chocolate dipped fudge and a special Highland Chocolatier mug to enjoy her new hot chocolate, what better way is there to tell your mum that she is loved and appreciated than with the finest selections of chocolates we offer?

Choose The Best Chocolates and Fruits

At the Highland Chocolatier, we use only the finest ingredients in all of our products we hand craft. With expertly sourced ingredients, we offer a truly luxurious gourmet experience in each chocolate. If you are looking for treats to help you get into the Spring spirit, our chocolate dipped fruits have a lot to offer all taste preferences. Go on – treat yourself or a friend this Spring.

Luxury Chocolate Wedding Gifts for the Big Day

Monday, February 15th, 2016


So here you are, in need of a present for a special bride or groom close to your heart. With the wedding season approaching fast you will want to find the perfect gift to showcase the happy couple’s love and affection for one another and at the Highland Chocolatier we have plenty of beautiful gifts for newlyweds.

If you are looking over the online wedding gift list that your dear friends have compiled for all of their guests and you can’t quite spot the perfect gift, consider chocolate wedding gifts from Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier. Chocolate is universally loved, and with our wide selection of different flavours and tastes, there is something for everyone. However, the chocolate we have to offer is not universally found but we can assure that it will be loved by anyone you wish to indulge. We can assure this through our food awards both nationally and internationally such as the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Food Service Product of the Year (2014).

Chocolate Hampers For All Couples


The biggest – and one of the best! – gifts available in our range that would suit a newlywed couple right to a T are our finest gourmet chocolate hampers. The first in the range is the Highland Chocolatier Gourmet Hamper, a black wicker basket containing a Chocolatier’s Selection Box of 9 Luxury Chocolates, a Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, a pack of Luxury Fudge Dipped in Milk Chocolate, and a special Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mug. Our finest recommendation, however, and top of the list for luxury chocolate wedding presents would be the Highland Chocolatier Opulence Chocolate Hamper.

This indulgent hamper is top of the range,  featuring a spectacular Chocolatier’s Selection Box of 48 Chocolates, a Decorative Tin of Luxury Nougat, a Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, a Pack of Juicy Cherries Dipped in 70% Dark Sao Tome Chocolate, a Pack of Brazil Nuts rolled in Milk and 70% Dark Sao Tome Chocolate, a Cranberry and Apricot Milk Chocolate Bar, an Almond and Pistachio 70% Dark Sao Tome Bar, and a beautiful Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier serving plate to enjoy all of these chocolates. Make your gift extra special and offer the happy couple the gift of gourmet.

Award-Winning Luxury Velvet Truffles


Even if our chocolate hampers do not appear on the wedding gift list, they make for the perfect surprise. However, if you have already bought from the list, we would recommend some of our most decadent products which make for an excellent accompaniment to any gift basket. These products include our award winning truffles from our Velvet Truffle Range, especially the Velvet Truffle Classic. The Velvet Truffle Classic range can be found in a box of twelve, with a taste that blends fresh Perthshire cream with a delicate caramel flavour.

However, if you are purchasing for someone searching for unique flavours, then look no further than our other six flavours of truffle including the Velvet Truffle Strawberry and Star Anise, the Velvet Truffle Dark São Tomé, the Velvet Truffle Caramel with a hint of liquorice, the Velvet Truffle Raspberry and Black Pepper, the Velvet Truffle Passion Fruit with a Touch of Mango and finally the Velvet Truffle White Lime with a hint of chilli. We can assure you that for any chocolate lover, any of our seven types of gourmet chocolate truffles will be the crème de la crème of all gifts received.

Make Their Hearts Flutter with Boxes of Chocolates

If you reading this and are the bride or groom yourself, and find yourself wishing for these goodies, after adding ‘chocolate hamper from Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’ to your gift list, why not invest in luxury chocolate wedding favours. Our recommendation would our Butterfly Box, an adorable and beautifully presented little box containing our chocolate truffles, and at an even more delectable price of only £3.95. These pretty little boxes add elegance and grace to any table they are placed upon.


Head over to our Wedding Gifts section for an even larger selection of chocolate wedding gifts including beautiful boxes of chocolates, some coated in velvet and in the shape of a heart, for those of you wishing to give out more of a romantic gift this wedding season. Our Box of 20 Salted Caramel Hearts is shaped in this way, and plays host to twenty chocolates hearts infused with caramel, and with the addition of sea salt crystals to give a taste unmatched by any other. Yet, if you wish for less caramel why not try our romantic selection, in two sizes this selection of chocolates is in a gold heart shaped box featuring speciality chocolates finely selected by our master chocolatier. Both boxes include milk, dark and hazelnut pralines and enrobed truffles and if you so wish, you can pick and choose exactly what you would like these boxes to contain at the checkout option.

Perfect Chocolate Wedding Gifts at the Highland Chocolatier

Find a gift that is special and unique at the Highland Chocolatier. Our vast range of chocolate gifts are perfect for weddings – either if you are a guest giving the gift or a bride or groom giving out favours. Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier provide excellence every time and an assured quality in every bite of chocolate.

Boxes of Chocolate and Festive Cheer

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

There is no better way to start your Christmas party in style than with some sweet treats to tickle your guests’ taste buds. (Besides a glass of something sparkly, that is!) With friends and family having multiple different tastes, what else makes a great suggestion that boxes of chocolates and chocolate hampers? With our finest gourmet chocolate contained in every one, you’ll be guaranteed a quality box of chocolates that will win over even the fussiest of guests and bring some good old festive cheer to your party.

Classic Christmas Box of Florentines

ROUNDREDMIXEDFL14_SFlorentines are arguably one of the most popular treats available over Christmas, and with good reason. Made with delicious chocolate and given so many flavours, there’s a lot to choose from for your perfect Florentine. At The Highland Chocolatier we offer a very festive Christmas box of Cranberry and Pistachio Florentines that will make even the pickiest of guests’ mouths water. With 14 individual Florentines contained in a beautiful red and white patterned box ideal for the holidays, your table will really shine with the winter flavour of cranberry mixed with delicious pistachio wrapped up in a disc of our ‎São Tomé 70% dark chocolate.

Also available in our range of chocolate boxes are Mixed Milk and Dark Chocolate Florentines and fresh-tasting Peppermint Florentines (which come in a specially-made Christmas designed box for that extra bit of Christmas magic!). The milk chocolate Florentines have a delectable caramel note to their taste and are scattered with cranberry and apricot pieces, while the dark chocolate Florentines contain either a fiery Christmas warmer of Chinese root ginger or the tamer almond and pistachio. The peppermint option is a spark of delicious genius, a delight for anybody who loves the cool taste sensation. The perfect boxes for that range of tastes you want to appeal to at your party.

A Christmas Taste Adventure

The Velevet Truffle - Festive SpiceThere are flavours that all of us can associate with the Holiday season and winter. Around the dinner table, thousands of us tuck in to a delicious slice of Christmas pudding. Even talking about it brings back memories of the spices used so often in their creation, the smell of them warming up the kitchen, and making even the fullest of bellies rumble.

We have taken those warm memories and flavours as inspiration and created something luxuriously different for this Christmas season. The Highland Chocolatier’s dark chocolate truffle is winner of the Gold Award at the World Finals of International Chocolate Awards 2015 for unflavoured dark chocolate truffle. Taking our professional techniques, we created our sister truffle that has Christmas at its heart; the Velvet Truffle Festive Spice. A box containing more festive spirit than Santa’s sleigh, this tray of truffles is made with fresh Scottish cream and infused with the tempting flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and allspice that subtly replicates the taste of Christmas pudding. Dusted in red cocoa powder to make it even more festive, you won’t want to pass up this option to wow your guests (or keep them all as an extra special treat for yourself when the party’s all over!).

Traditional Boxes of Chocolates for Sharing and Caring

Festive Chocolatier's SelectionWhen we think of boxes of chocolates we often think of a little decorated box filled with chocolates with different flavours and fillings to tempt all of our palettes. The Highland Chocolatier have created boxes of chocolates especially crafted to be enjoyed and shared over Christmas for you and you’re the people closest to you.

Our Christmas Selection Chocolates and Florentines in a Round Box is the perfect box of 20 gourmet chocolates to break the ice at any social gathering. At its heart there are 3 of our cranberry and pistachio dark chocolate Florentines. Surrounding them are the other stars of the show: 27 individual chocolates ready to be plucked from the box. These include cinnamon and clove pralines, milk and dark chocolate covered German marzipans topped with a whole almond, Garden Mint truffle, cocoa nib, and orange crush praline. You have a real box of chocolates full of traditional Christmas flavours and more. Why not make it your table’s centrepiece this Christmas for a real touch of gourmet luxury in your home?

Festive Spice Velvet TruffleAnother option we have includes one of our special edition Velvet Spice Truffles – too tempting to resist! The Festive Chocolatier Selection in a Round Box makes for the perfect gift or for sharing at a party. Slightly smaller, featuring 20 individual chocolates, this box makes for a great gift to that special somebody with that little extra spark of magic from the truffle at the heart of this box. Featuring our finest chocolates and award-winning excellence, this makes for another great option in chocolate box gifts.

(You can make special requests by indicating any preferences at the checkout for your box, too, to make this gift truly special.)

Chocolate Hampers for the Big Day

Looking for the best in our range in something a little bigger than a traditional box of chocolates? We have the additional great option of our finest selections of chocolates stored in beautiful chocolate hampers of varying sizes for you to choose from. With four pre-selected hampers filled to the brim with different chocolates, there’s a hamper for everyone at The Highland Chocolatier. We even are able to substitute products in the hampers on request to make your chocolate hamper feel even more special.opulence hamper

Our range spans over four sizes and prices: Gourmet, Indulge, Deluxe, and Opulence. Each is lovingly packed with a specially selected choice of our gourmet chocolate products, ranging from chocolate dipped Turkish delight and dark hot chocolate flakes to dipped nougat and cherries. Sealed in a stunning black wicker hamper sealed with leather straps, your luxury Christmas chocolate hampers are here!

You can see our full range of Christmas chocolate gifts here. For more information on any of our products or with any other queries, Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.

Chocolate Hampers for the Holidays

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Remember the old favourite selection boxes you used to get gifted as a child? Remember the excitement of opening it up to pick from a range of your favourite chocolates all in one handy little package? At The Highland Chocolatier, we wanted to stay true to this festive tradition in our own, more luxurious way: our luxury chocolate gift hampers especially made for you and your friends this Christmas. If you can’t find a singular item to choose for that special chocolate gift this Christmas, why not take a look at our full range of chocolate gift hampers? Lovingly made with the very best selection from our kitchen delivered straight to your door, there is something for everyone in each hamper.

Chocolate hampers are the perfect way to incorporate all different tastes without having to worry about the gift wrapping. Each of our hampers comes fully packed in a beautiful black woven hamper sealed with black leather straps for that little extra special touch you expect from us. So what do we have to tempt you with in our Christmas gift range?

The Luxury Budget Chocolate Hamper

gourmet hamperLooking for a Christmas hamper packed with our award winning chocolates by post on a budget? We have the smallest hamper in our range that could really whet your appetite – the Highland Chocolatier Gourmet Chocolate Hamper. Small in size, big on value. This hamper packs in chocolate and more to give your gift that extra special touch this Christmas.

This chocolate hamper gives you a great selection from our range that covers all different tastes. If you love hot chocolate, you’ll really get a kick out of our included Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, giving you the perfect warm drink to enjoy when winding down at the end of Christmas Day. It may be hard to keep the kids away from if you top it off with some marshmallows! Enjoy it in your very own special Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mug included with this hamper for the ultimate Highland Chocolatier experience!

The hamper also includes 1 box of 9 of our finest chocolates – The Chocolatier’s Selection, and 1 pack of Luxury Chocolate Fudge Dipped in Milk Chocolate. The hamper measures 30cm across and can be reused once your chocolates have been eaten. Maybe you could even fill it with more Highland Chocolatier chocolates to re-live the gift box experience. The possibilities are simply endless.

Indulge Your Senses

indulge hamperIf you are looking for a little more in your gift hamper, the next option up in our range is the Highland Chocolatier Indulge Chocolate Hamper. With 5 items included, this chocolate gift hamper is great value for you and a great gift idea.

The Chocolatier’s Selection Box includes 20 of our award winning luxury chocolates in this hamper, giving you even more bite sized pieces of tempting flavours to indulge your senses in.  For those with a taste for white chocolate and fruit, we also offer 1 pack of delicious Strawberries and Raspberries rolled in white chocolate to really make their mouth water. Add in a unique Highland Chocolatier chocolate serving plate to place your new delights on to really get a feel for the luxury experience we offer. Two deluxe chocolate bars top off the chocolate selection in this gift hamper; 1 Salted Toffee Chocolate Bar and 1 70% Bar. Delicious, delectable, and utterly irresistible, your gift receiver won’t be able to resist diving right in!

Make It Deluxe-ury

deluxe hamperContinuing on with our chocolate gift hamper range and next up in size is the Highland Chocolatier Deluxe Chocolate Hamper – a black wicker hamper choc-full of our favourites, carefully selected to make you smile. Eight featured products give even more options to pick from, and your present will have that wow factor with how much is included!

The products in this hamper include The Chocolatier’s Selection of 30 different award winning chocolates, ideal for the chocolate lover. Also included are 1 Decorative Tin of Luxury Fudge, 1 Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, 1 Pack of Turkish Delight Dipped in 70% Dark São Tomé and Milk Chocolate, 1 Pack of Cinder Toffee Honeycomb Dipped in Milk Chocolate, 1 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar, and 1 Raspberry encrusted 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar. Enjoy your new treats with a warm beverage with a friend with the two included Highland Chocolatier mugs. Perfect for a cosy night in together enjoying your new chocolate treats. This chocolate hamper is the deluxe option that will make them smile.

Our Finest Luxury Chocolate Hamper

opulence hamperTop of our range and the ultimate gift for any chocolate lover is our Highland Chocolatier Opulence Chocolate Hamper. This is our most tantalising gift option yet, and with what is included, we can’t be more proud of it! What is included in this huge chocolate hamper, you ask?

Starting with The Chocolatier’s Selection Box which includes 48 of our finest chocolates – more than enough to share, or just to indulge in by yourself! The list goes on, with 1 Decorative Tin of Luxury Nougat, 1 Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, 1 Pack of Juicy Cherries Dipped in 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate, 1 Pack of Brazil Nuts Rolled in Milk and 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate, 1 Cranberry and Apricot Milk Chocolate Bar, 1 Almond and Pistachio 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar, and an additional Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier serving plate. Phew!

This is the ultimate in your chocolate hamper gift ideas out there. At The Highland Chocolatier we take great pride in every item we place in our beautiful hampers and hope that whether you are buying for somebody else or are just looking for a great treat for yourself, you enjoy our best selections of chocolates. Have a wonderful, chocolate-filled Christmas!