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Taste of Christmas at The Highland Chocolatier

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Cold Makes Us Nostalgic and Nostalgia Makes Us Warm

Christmas and New Year for me has always been the priceless time when family and friends get together and bask in the glow of the season. How many priceless memories centre around this time of year for each of us–the atmosphere, the anticipation, and the joy. Since my family opened the business 12 years ago, Christmas has become the one week of the year when I close the chocolate kitchen, and that I get to be on holiday at the same time as my brother, Calum, who is my Senior Chocolatier.

For me it is also a particularly beautiful and jovial time in Scotland— especially with the colourful celebration of Hogmanay to brighten up the bleak winter weather. Above all, the season offers a poignant chance to laugh, reflect, and share from the heart—and in that spirit, I offer some Christmas selections, and my warmest wishes for a lovely holiday.

Make It a December to Remember

With such heartfelt nostalgia surrounding it, winter and the holiday season inspires the evocative limited edition Velvet Truffle—The Festive Spice. 

The Festive Spice Velvet Truffle is the chocolate equivalent of a Christmas Pudding. Whether in an exquisite selection box of enrobed Velvet Truffles and pralines, or in an ornate box of unenrobed cocoa-dusted Velvet Truffles, the Festive Spice makes the perfect petits fours for after Christmas dinner, adding an unforgettable sparkle to the taste of Christmas. 



Chocolate Hampers for the Holidays

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Remember the old favourite selection boxes you used to get gifted as a child? Remember the excitement of opening it up to pick from a range of your favourite chocolates all in one handy little package? At The Highland Chocolatier, we wanted to stay true to this festive tradition in our own, more luxurious way: our luxury chocolate gift hampers especially made for you and your friends this Christmas. If you can’t find a singular item to choose for that special chocolate gift this Christmas, why not take a look at our full range of chocolate gift hampers? Lovingly made with the very best selection from our kitchen delivered straight to your door, there is something for everyone in each hamper.

Chocolate hampers are the perfect way to incorporate all different tastes without having to worry about the gift wrapping. Each of our hampers comes fully packed in a beautiful black woven hamper sealed with black leather straps for that little extra special touch you expect from us. So what do we have to tempt you with in our Christmas gift range?

The Luxury Budget Chocolate Hamper

gourmet hamperLooking for a Christmas hamper packed with our award winning chocolates by post on a budget? We have the smallest hamper in our range that could really whet your appetite – the Highland Chocolatier Gourmet Chocolate Hamper. Small in size, big on value. This hamper packs in chocolate and more to give your gift that extra special touch this Christmas.

This chocolate hamper gives you a great selection from our range that covers all different tastes. If you love hot chocolate, you’ll really get a kick out of our included Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, giving you the perfect warm drink to enjoy when winding down at the end of Christmas Day. It may be hard to keep the kids away from if you top it off with some marshmallows! Enjoy it in your very own special Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mug included with this hamper for the ultimate Highland Chocolatier experience!

The hamper also includes 1 box of 9 of our finest chocolates – The Chocolatier’s Selection, and 1 pack of Luxury Chocolate Fudge Dipped in Milk Chocolate. The hamper measures 30cm across and can be reused once your chocolates have been eaten. Maybe you could even fill it with more Highland Chocolatier chocolates to re-live the gift box experience. The possibilities are simply endless.

Indulge Your Senses

indulge hamperIf you are looking for a little more in your gift hamper, the next option up in our range is the Highland Chocolatier Indulge Chocolate Hamper. With 5 items included, this chocolate gift hamper is great value for you and a great gift idea.

The Chocolatier’s Selection Box includes 20 of our award winning luxury chocolates in this hamper, giving you even more bite sized pieces of tempting flavours to indulge your senses in.  For those with a taste for white chocolate and fruit, we also offer 1 pack of delicious Strawberries and Raspberries rolled in white chocolate to really make their mouth water. Add in a unique Highland Chocolatier chocolate serving plate to place your new delights on to really get a feel for the luxury experience we offer. Two deluxe chocolate bars top off the chocolate selection in this gift hamper; 1 Salted Toffee Chocolate Bar and 1 70% Bar. Delicious, delectable, and utterly irresistible, your gift receiver won’t be able to resist diving right in!

Make It Deluxe-ury

deluxe hamperContinuing on with our chocolate gift hamper range and next up in size is the Highland Chocolatier Deluxe Chocolate Hamper – a black wicker hamper choc-full of our favourites, carefully selected to make you smile. Eight featured products give even more options to pick from, and your present will have that wow factor with how much is included!

The products in this hamper include The Chocolatier’s Selection of 30 different award winning chocolates, ideal for the chocolate lover. Also included are 1 Decorative Tin of Luxury Fudge, 1 Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, 1 Pack of Turkish Delight Dipped in 70% Dark São Tomé and Milk Chocolate, 1 Pack of Cinder Toffee Honeycomb Dipped in Milk Chocolate, 1 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar, and 1 Raspberry encrusted 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar. Enjoy your new treats with a warm beverage with a friend with the two included Highland Chocolatier mugs. Perfect for a cosy night in together enjoying your new chocolate treats. This chocolate hamper is the deluxe option that will make them smile.

Our Finest Luxury Chocolate Hamper

opulence hamperTop of our range and the ultimate gift for any chocolate lover is our Highland Chocolatier Opulence Chocolate Hamper. This is our most tantalising gift option yet, and with what is included, we can’t be more proud of it! What is included in this huge chocolate hamper, you ask?

Starting with The Chocolatier’s Selection Box which includes 48 of our finest chocolates – more than enough to share, or just to indulge in by yourself! The list goes on, with 1 Decorative Tin of Luxury Nougat, 1 Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes, 1 Pack of Juicy Cherries Dipped in 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate, 1 Pack of Brazil Nuts Rolled in Milk and 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate, 1 Cranberry and Apricot Milk Chocolate Bar, 1 Almond and Pistachio 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate Bar, and an additional Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier serving plate. Phew!

This is the ultimate in your chocolate hamper gift ideas out there. At The Highland Chocolatier we take great pride in every item we place in our beautiful hampers and hope that whether you are buying for somebody else or are just looking for a great treat for yourself, you enjoy our best selections of chocolates. Have a wonderful, chocolate-filled Christmas!