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Taste of Christmas at The Highland Chocolatier

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Cold Makes Us Nostalgic and Nostalgia Makes Us Warm

Christmas and New Year for me has always been the priceless time when family and friends get together and bask in the glow of the season. How many priceless memories centre around this time of year for each of us–the atmosphere, the anticipation, and the joy. Since my family opened the business 12 years ago, Christmas has become the one week of the year when I close the chocolate kitchen, and that I get to be on holiday at the same time as my brother, Calum, who is my Senior Chocolatier.

For me it is also a particularly beautiful and jovial time in Scotland— especially with the colourful celebration of Hogmanay to brighten up the bleak winter weather. Above all, the season offers a poignant chance to laugh, reflect, and share from the heart—and in that spirit, I offer some Christmas selections, and my warmest wishes for a lovely holiday.

Make It a December to Remember

With such heartfelt nostalgia surrounding it, winter and the holiday season inspires the evocative limited edition Velvet Truffle—The Festive Spice. 

The Festive Spice Velvet Truffle is the chocolate equivalent of a Christmas Pudding. Whether in an exquisite selection box of enrobed Velvet Truffles and pralines, or in an ornate box of unenrobed cocoa-dusted Velvet Truffles, the Festive Spice makes the perfect petits fours for after Christmas dinner, adding an unforgettable sparkle to the taste of Christmas. 



Boxes of Chocolate and Festive Cheer

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

There is no better way to start your Christmas party in style than with some sweet treats to tickle your guests’ taste buds. (Besides a glass of something sparkly, that is!) With friends and family having multiple different tastes, what else makes a great suggestion that boxes of chocolates and chocolate hampers? With our finest gourmet chocolate contained in every one, you’ll be guaranteed a quality box of chocolates that will win over even the fussiest of guests and bring some good old festive cheer to your party.

Classic Christmas Box of Florentines

ROUNDREDMIXEDFL14_SFlorentines are arguably one of the most popular treats available over Christmas, and with good reason. Made with delicious chocolate and given so many flavours, there’s a lot to choose from for your perfect Florentine. At The Highland Chocolatier we offer a very festive Christmas box of Cranberry and Pistachio Florentines that will make even the pickiest of guests’ mouths water. With 14 individual Florentines contained in a beautiful red and white patterned box ideal for the holidays, your table will really shine with the winter flavour of cranberry mixed with delicious pistachio wrapped up in a disc of our ‎São Tomé 70% dark chocolate.

Also available in our range of chocolate boxes are Mixed Milk and Dark Chocolate Florentines and fresh-tasting Peppermint Florentines (which come in a specially-made Christmas designed box for that extra bit of Christmas magic!). The milk chocolate Florentines have a delectable caramel note to their taste and are scattered with cranberry and apricot pieces, while the dark chocolate Florentines contain either a fiery Christmas warmer of Chinese root ginger or the tamer almond and pistachio. The peppermint option is a spark of delicious genius, a delight for anybody who loves the cool taste sensation. The perfect boxes for that range of tastes you want to appeal to at your party.

A Christmas Taste Adventure

The Velevet Truffle - Festive SpiceThere are flavours that all of us can associate with the Holiday season and winter. Around the dinner table, thousands of us tuck in to a delicious slice of Christmas pudding. Even talking about it brings back memories of the spices used so often in their creation, the smell of them warming up the kitchen, and making even the fullest of bellies rumble.

We have taken those warm memories and flavours as inspiration and created something luxuriously different for this Christmas season. The Highland Chocolatier’s dark chocolate truffle is winner of the Gold Award at the World Finals of International Chocolate Awards 2015 for unflavoured dark chocolate truffle. Taking our professional techniques, we created our sister truffle that has Christmas at its heart; the Velvet Truffle Festive Spice. A box containing more festive spirit than Santa’s sleigh, this tray of truffles is made with fresh Scottish cream and infused with the tempting flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and allspice that subtly replicates the taste of Christmas pudding. Dusted in red cocoa powder to make it even more festive, you won’t want to pass up this option to wow your guests (or keep them all as an extra special treat for yourself when the party’s all over!).

Traditional Boxes of Chocolates for Sharing and Caring

Festive Chocolatier's SelectionWhen we think of boxes of chocolates we often think of a little decorated box filled with chocolates with different flavours and fillings to tempt all of our palettes. The Highland Chocolatier have created boxes of chocolates especially crafted to be enjoyed and shared over Christmas for you and you’re the people closest to you.

Our Christmas Selection Chocolates and Florentines in a Round Box is the perfect box of 20 gourmet chocolates to break the ice at any social gathering. At its heart there are 3 of our cranberry and pistachio dark chocolate Florentines. Surrounding them are the other stars of the show: 27 individual chocolates ready to be plucked from the box. These include cinnamon and clove pralines, milk and dark chocolate covered German marzipans topped with a whole almond, Garden Mint truffle, cocoa nib, and orange crush praline. You have a real box of chocolates full of traditional Christmas flavours and more. Why not make it your table’s centrepiece this Christmas for a real touch of gourmet luxury in your home?

Festive Spice Velvet TruffleAnother option we have includes one of our special edition Velvet Spice Truffles – too tempting to resist! The Festive Chocolatier Selection in a Round Box makes for the perfect gift or for sharing at a party. Slightly smaller, featuring 20 individual chocolates, this box makes for a great gift to that special somebody with that little extra spark of magic from the truffle at the heart of this box. Featuring our finest chocolates and award-winning excellence, this makes for another great option in chocolate box gifts.

(You can make special requests by indicating any preferences at the checkout for your box, too, to make this gift truly special.)

Chocolate Hampers for the Big Day

Looking for the best in our range in something a little bigger than a traditional box of chocolates? We have the additional great option of our finest selections of chocolates stored in beautiful chocolate hampers of varying sizes for you to choose from. With four pre-selected hampers filled to the brim with different chocolates, there’s a hamper for everyone at The Highland Chocolatier. We even are able to substitute products in the hampers on request to make your chocolate hamper feel even more special.opulence hamper

Our range spans over four sizes and prices: Gourmet, Indulge, Deluxe, and Opulence. Each is lovingly packed with a specially selected choice of our gourmet chocolate products, ranging from chocolate dipped Turkish delight and dark hot chocolate flakes to dipped nougat and cherries. Sealed in a stunning black wicker hamper sealed with leather straps, your luxury Christmas chocolate hampers are here!

You can see our full range of Christmas chocolate gifts here. For more information on any of our products or with any other queries, Contact Us and we will be happy to assist you.