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Taste of Christmas at The Highland Chocolatier

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Cold Makes Us Nostalgic and Nostalgia Makes Us Warm

Christmas and New Year for me has always been the priceless time when family and friends get together and bask in the glow of the season. How many priceless memories centre around this time of year for each of us–the atmosphere, the anticipation, and the joy. Since my family opened the business 12 years ago, Christmas has become the one week of the year when I close the chocolate kitchen, and that I get to be on holiday at the same time as my brother, Calum, who is my Senior Chocolatier.

For me it is also a particularly beautiful and jovial time in Scotland— especially with the colourful celebration of Hogmanay to brighten up the bleak winter weather. Above all, the season offers a poignant chance to laugh, reflect, and share from the heart—and in that spirit, I offer some Christmas selections, and my warmest wishes for a lovely holiday.

Make It a December to Remember

With such heartfelt nostalgia surrounding it, winter and the holiday season inspires the evocative limited edition Velvet Truffle—The Festive Spice. 

The Festive Spice Velvet Truffle is the chocolate equivalent of a Christmas Pudding. Whether in an exquisite selection box of enrobed Velvet Truffles and pralines, or in an ornate box of unenrobed cocoa-dusted Velvet Truffles, the Festive Spice makes the perfect petits fours for after Christmas dinner, adding an unforgettable sparkle to the taste of Christmas. 



Say it with Chocolate – Gourmet Chocolate Gifts Delivered by Post

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

pic15Does the bustling high street fill you with dread? Nothing can be more stressful than pushing your way through the busy streets searching for the perfect tasty accompaniment for your dinner party, or the ideal gift for your loved ones. Thankfully The Highland Chocolatier has the solution, beautifully hand crafted chocolates by post.

Iain Burnett’s Highland Chocolatier’s luxury chocolate selection is loved the world over and has been recognised through national and international awards. This global recognition has led us to offer a worldwide delivery service so all those who appreciate our exquisite work can enjoy a taste in their own home, no matter the location. Whether as an indulgent treat for yourself and guests in your home, or a special delivery to a distant loved one, the Highland Chocolatier postal service delivers special messages with much more than just words.

You can choose to deliver to your own address, or a different one. Think of the pleasure on your loved ones face as they unwrap the present of our dark and milk salted caramel hearts with a personalised message included. These heart-shaped favourites are filled with a luxurious caramel speckled with the exciting taste and texture of sea salt. Our signature São Tomé 70% dark chocolate sits beautifully with our caramel noted milk chocolate versions. Not only will you receive these moreish treats, but in the centre of the box is a singular disc of dark chocolate for an indulgent treat. This beautiful gift is not only gluten and nut free but finished with a hand tied ribbon in a beautiful white and gold box. No matter where that special person lives, show them how much they mean to you with UK and worldwide shipping all year round.

UK Delivery

Customers are now busier than ever with little time for themselves. Our luxurious chocolate selection by post frees up your valuable time and delivers all your chocolate needs in a convenient way. We aim to deliver our chocolates in perfect condition as quickly as possible. Each item is packaged with extreme care to preserve the contents our small in-house team of chocolatiers passionately create every day. In the UK We deliver Monday – Saturday by Royal Mail and for those who need the perfect chocolate selection in a short space of time, we offer a next day courier service Monday-Friday completely removing the unwanted stress of last minute shopping. The cut off for same-day dispatch of our gourmet chocolate deliveries is 12pm.


Many of our deluxe chocolate items are eligible for free post making them even more appealing, this will be clearly mentioned as “UK Free Post Item” in their description. These items are posted by Royal Mail Second Class. Not only do we offer many items with free delivery, but customers can also order in advance, specifying a preferred delivery date to guarantee the recipient receives their gift on the ideal date.


Worldwide Delivery

We take special care to ensure our customers outside the UK receive their Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier Gifts in the same pristine condition as those in Britain. All deliveries are made via airmail courier, though your ideal delivery date cannot be specified with deliveries outside the UK we aim for European deliveries to arrive within 2+ days and the rest of the world will receive their delicious signature chocolates within 4+ days.

Popular Gift Selections

Our most popular chocolates make ideal gifts to send to those who live far away, but still crave the exquisite taste of our luxurious hand-crafted chocolates. Our Award Winners Selection showcases the best of the Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier range. Each individual mouthful have won awards in their own rights, including the signature dark velvet truffle ,crafted lovingly with single origin dark chocolate and blended with specially selected Scottish cream. These delicate creations took three years to perfect and were once only available to Michelin chefs but now available to chocolate enthusiasts worldwide boxed in an elaborate red and gold container with a magnetic closure. Our award winner selections are all gluten, alcohol and preservative free making them perfect for all who may desire them.

Another popular gift selection is our decorative tins of luxury chocolates, encased in a beautiful black and gold tin that can be kept as a memento, our decorative tin selections include milk chocolate pearls made with our signature chocolate that melts in your mouth and transports you to a  place of serenity with each mouthful. For those who love nothing more than a strong coffee with their luxury chocolate, you can now enjoy espresso beans rolled in our signature 70% dark chocolate for a bitter sweet and truly unique flavour.


An exceptional gift for those who enjoy the zing of fresh fruit is our dipped fruit selection. Candied in syrup for weeks to preserve their natural flavours perfectly capturing their sweet moreish flavour and presented in a distinctive round to perfectly showcase the glisten of the fruit. Each fruit, though varying in each selection could include a whole clementine and cherries on their natural stalks are hand dipped in our signature single origin 70% dark São Tomé chocolate

The outstanding textures and flavours we produce are thanks to the best natural ingredients chosen with extreme care. The finest aspect of our chocolate creations is the fresh yearly harvest that ensures fresh, unique flavours to our recipes. We are proud to be able to deliver these one-of-a-kind flavours to customers all over the world.

There is not much as widely appreciated the world over as delicious, melt in the mouth chocolate. Here at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier we believe that no matter the taste preference or the occasion, whether it be as a thank-you, a birthday treat or anniversary, our gourmet chocolate gifts by post will be thoroughly enjoyed by all who are lucky enough to receive them.






The Story of St. Valentine’s Day

Friday, January 8th, 2016


For many of us St. Valentine’s Day is a day of romance in which we give our loved ones Valentine’s Day chocolates or Valentine’s Day presents. This day is famous for all the flowers, red hearts, romance and luxury chocolate we buy. And truly who could imagine this celebration without Valentine’s Day chocolate or some other romantic gifts for her or him? That is why Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier has created and outstanding selection of Valentine’s Day Chocolates for any taste. Some of our most popular Valentine’s Day presents include unforgettable romantic gifts for her, such as gourmet truffles, a variety of Florentines, handmade dipped fruits and luxury boxes of chocolate. We also have amazing men’s Valentine’s Day gifts including luxury chocolates for whisky lovers and award-winning chocolatier selections. Our range of romantic Valentine’s Day presents will help you turn February 14 into a truly romantic experience for your loved one. But before we tell you more about our mouth-watering chocolate gifts and introduce you to our best selling products, we want to go back to the story of St. Valentine’s Day and how this holiday originated.

Who was St. Valentine?

One legend says that St. Valentine was a Roman Priest, who lived at the time of Emperor Claudias who was known for persecuting the Early church. Emperor Claudias believed that unmarried soldiers fight better than married soldiers so he did not allow them to get married. St. Valentine, on the other hand, following the church and the Christian faith, started encouraging people to get together and secretly married them. In the year 269 AD he was caught, imprisoned and sentenced to death for his actions, as performing marriage ceremonies was against the command of the Emperor. The story goes that the last words he wrote in a note were “your Valentine” which inspired nowadays romantic missives. Because of his sacrifices Valentine has come to be known as the patron saint of lovers – St. Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Chocolates

The tradition of sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts on Valentine’s Day is considered to have originated in the UK. Since the 19th century handwritten notes, have been replaced with mass produced greeting cards and around £1.3 billion is spent every year on cards, flowers, Valentine’s Day presents and Valentine’s Day chocolate. At the Highland Chocolatier we know how to make the best Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts that make this celebration and unforgettable experience.

The Best Valentine’s Day Chocolates

red heart boxAt the Highland Chocolatier we believe that we have found the secret to making the best Valentine’s Day Chocolate. It is pretty simple – you choose the perfect Valentine’s chocolate present and we make it for you with a lot of love. One of our most romantic luxury chocolates selection is the Red Velvet Heart-Shaped Box. This amazing Valentine’s chocolate gift contains 20 beautiful gourmet chocolates from The Chocolatier’s Selection. They have been specifically selected to give your loved one the unforgettable luxury chocolate experience they deserve. This amazing Valentine’s Day gift can be delivered with your own personal message. What could be more impressive than a romantic gift that was made just for your favourite person? After you place an order through our website you can make any special requests or indicate your preferences at checkout. Then you will receive your luxury chocolates by post.

Check Highland Chocolatier’s Valentine’s Day Presents and Men’s Valentine’s Day Gifts for more ways to make February 14 an unforgettable experience! Surprise the one you love and you can be sure that your efforts will not go unnoticed. If you have any special requirements contact us today and we will do all we can to help you.

Say thank you with chocolate gifts this Christmas

Monday, December 7th, 2015


‘Tis the season for gift-giving, and at The Highland Chocolatier we have everything you need for the perfect Christmas with our lovingly crafted range of chocolates this holiday season. Whether you are curling up on the sofa watching that Christmas film the kids never tire of, or are settling down for a toast with friends, Christmas chocolates are never out of reach for a little treat. It is with friends and family in mind that we enjoy this season, and we want to help you say thank you to the people that make it special with our range of chocolate hampers and gifts.

The All-in-One Christmas Hamper Gift

Wanting to find the perfect gift to give that says it all in one glance? Has somebody been extra special and you want to give them a little bit of everything chocolatey to say thank you? A luxury chocolate hamper could be the way to go. Combing a range of gourmet chocolate gifts in one basket, hand selected by us, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

gourmet hamper

The Highland Chocolatier Gourmet Chocolate Hamper is the most inexpensive in the range, and doesn’t lack in its’ luxury quality in the slightest. As with all our hampers, your gift is sealed beautifully in a stunning black wicker hamper and is full to the brim with delicious, gourmet Christmas chocolate gifts. This hamper includes a Decorative Tin of Dark Hot Chocolate Flakes (200g), The Chocolatier’s Selection – Box of 9 Chocolates (88g) , 1 pack of Luxury Fudge Dipped in Milk Chocolate (115g) , and a special Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mug for them to enjoy their new gift in style. The hamper itself is reusable too for all those future picnics and lunches.

Our full selection of hampers can be seen here.

Fill their heart with Choco-love

There’s that special someone in your life; you know who we’re talking about! With your loved one in mind, there is a fine selection of treats to choose from that would make any budding romantic blush. With the help of The Highland Chocolatier, say thank you this Christmas with one of our more romantic options.
chocolate truffle giftOur award-winning range of luxury chocolate truffles are the ideal gift for that person you just can’t keep out of your mind. You know you’ll be giving a gift that is internationally recognised as the best in the world for that person who is the best in yours.

The Velvet Truffle Dark São Tomé is our world renowned jewel in our chocolate crown, and we think it is the perfect way to say thank you. Winner of the Gold award at the World Finals of International Chocolates Awards 2015 for Unflavoured Dark Chocolate Truffles, and made with fresh Scottish cream, this Christmas gift is nothing short of exquisite. We’ve even included a set of truffle forks in a beautifully presented gift box to truly give the gift of luxury. We also offer a Strawberry and Star Anise truffle option for the more sweet-toothed person, and a delicious White Chocolate, Lime and hint of Chilli option for the adventurous gourmet.

The romantic will be positively bursting with affection, and we hope to help you along the way with our Chocolate Christmas gifts. Come take a look at more of our romantic options here.

Kids’ Christmas Candies

Chocolate is arguably part of every child’s favourite list of Christmas treats, and ours too! If there is one way to say thank you to the little tyke in your life that they’ll really love, it’s got to be chocolate. At The Highland Chocolatier, we offer a range of children’s chocolates that will really impress and delight. Give them a little taste of luxury as a stocking filler, or as a way to say a special little thank you with something they’ll really love.

chocolate button snowman

Our yummy Childrens’ milk chocolate buttons are lovingly made with little ones in mind. Small in size, they’re perfect for a little treat while watching that same movie or waiting for Santa to arrive, and are melt-in-the-mouth good. For the kids who prefer white chocolate ours is top quality with no additives and there’s milk or strawberry too. Why not try eating all three together and see what flavours they create together?

If you’re looking for something even more special and memorable, we also offer delightful shaped containers. Our Strawberry Chocolate Piggy Bank is full of our luxury, delicious chocolate buttons, and when it’s finished it can be used as a real piggy bank – two gifts in one! Specially for Christmas, why not try our Chocolate Button Snowman too? Or maybe they prefer dinosaurs to little piggies? The big bad wolf – er, Chocolate button dinosaur! – is here to huff puff and blow them away. Choose from the option of milk, white, or strawberry chocolate buttons to really give them something to love.

Spoil them with Luxury

Your co-workers have been working hard this year and you want to say thank you – but how? Your family love chocolate, but you want something different to give them at Christmas? We have just the thing – our luxury range of Chocolate dipped fruits.

dipped fruit selection classicExotic and tasty slowly candied fruits, covered in our stunning Dark São Tomé Chocolate, make the ideal Christmas chocolate gift and a luxury thank you gift too. Sealed in our special seasonal boxes, these are truly a delicious way to give a gift of luxury to those who deserve it. We have a range of different fruits to choose from – cherries, oranges, and lemons – but to really give them a taste of the range, we offer the Dipped Fruit Selection Classic.

Boasting fruits that have been candied in syrup for over a week to really seal in their juices and flavours, and in a beautiful box, you can’t go wrong with this for the fruit and chocolate lover! Featuring 1 whole clementine, 3 pairs of cherries with their natural stalks, 1 whole orange sunrise slice, and 1 pineapple slice, all dipped in our beautiful 70% São Tomé dark chocolate, this is truly a great value gift box.

You can find our full range of Christmas chocolate gifts this season available on our website.  To truly customise your gourmet chocolate gifts you can add Special Instructions at checkout. Why not browse our range of chocolates for him, her, and the kids too! We even have a fine selection of chocolates for the whisky lover in your life for the ultimate Scottish chocolate flavour. Go on, say thank you with chocolate this Christmas.