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Gems from the Kitchen

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall…

Autumn has arrived in Highland Perthshire, and the Chocolate Kitchen is celebrating the changing season with the Autumn Gems box.

20 award-winning, handmade Velvet Truffles and pralines, carefully selected to harmonise with the autumnal season both in taste and colour. Brimming with spice, tang, rippling caramel and crunchy cocoa nibs, this box delivers a well-rounded tour of texture and richness.

This limited edition gourmet chocolate selection notably features the World’s First Ruby Velvet Truffle as well as the Caramel & Liquorice Velvet Truffle, which was awarded the World Gold for Best White Truffle at the International Chocolate Awards.

Wishing you a delicious Autumn season,

New Salted Toffee Dark Bar

Tuesday, August 28th, 2018

Proudly presenting…

Due to popular demand, Iain Burnett is proud to present: the Sea Salted Toffee Dark Bar!
Iain’s Salted Toffee Milk Bar has been a best-seller since its introduction to the range, and Iain is pleased to now offer the same magnificent handcrafted tablet for dark chocolate lovers.

Based on a rare 72% São Tomé Island chocolate, the sparing addition of sea salt accentuates the robustness of the single origin dark cocoa.  The toffee pieces and salt crystals  sprinkled on top of the bar add texture, crunch, and a flavourful interplay between savoury and sweet.

Each of Iain’s artisan chocolate bars are handmade in the chocolate kitchen, and tempered to perfection– giving them a sublime glossy finish and a satisfying snap when broken.

Choose your perfect selection of 4 gourmet chocolate bars for £20.

Iain hopes you’ll enjoy the latest creation!


Unveiling the World’s First Ruby Velvet Truffle

Friday, July 27th, 2018

The Fourth Type of Chocolate

Iain is announcing a world first with the unveiling of a Ruby Velvet Truffle!

Recently launched after a decade of development, ruby chocolate is being hailed as the “fourth type of chocolate”. So named for its natural pink colour and fruity flavour, it has so far only had limited release in select countries—making it all the more tantalising for consumers, chefs and chocolatiers alike.

Comprised of a highly unique combination of flavour compounds, naturally present in the beans, ruby chocolate brings a new spectrum of possibilities to Iain’s gourmet chocolate kitchen. Not much has been revealed about how ruby chocolate has been developed, only that there are precursors in some cacao beans that, handled carefully, produce a fruity pink chocolate.

A World of Possibilities

Excited by the arrival of ruby chocolate samples in his kitchen, Iain has been eager to experiment with new tastes and pairings, explaining “Ruby chocolate acts somewhere between white and milk chocolate, with a creamy yet tangy berry note. For a chocolatier, the unique flavour notes are fun to work with and open a world of possibilities.”

Inspired by a recipe he created for the Queen’s birthday using Her Majesty’s own blackcurrants, Iain realised the ruby chocolate would be a perfect match, “The natural creaminess yet acidic fruitiness of the ruby is beautifully accentuated with the tang of crushed blackcurrants for a powerful experience – and a vibrant burst of violet colour! I think it will be awhile until the full potential of the ruby bean is reached. In the meantime, we have just begun to have fun with this, starting with The Ruby Velvet Truffle.

For the culinary craftsman to the consummate chocoholic, this is truly a taste experience not to be missed, order The Ruby Velvet Truffle here!

Luxury Chocolate Hampers Make The Perfect Gourmet Gift

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

Luxury Chocolate Gift

We don’t think there’s anything more mouth-watering than a hamper brimming with bespoke Highland Chocolatier chocolates. Our specialist selections are perfect for any occasion, whether a unique way to say thank you to a chocolate lover in your life or simply to share with you entire family. Choose from four indulgent hampers bursting with our finest chocolate range ready to enjoy. (more…)

Luxury Chocolate – The Perfect Thank You Gift for Teachers

Friday, July 15th, 2016

chocolate-selectionThroughout our school years there are certain teachers we remember with extreme fondness, they nurture our young minds, help shape our personalities and even guide us towards our perfect careers. The master chocolatiers at Iain Burnett’s Highland Chocolatier can’t think of a better way to thank them for all their hard work at the end of term than handmade chocolates, crafted with as much devotion and care as they have given us throughout the school year.


Enjoy the Health Benefits of Gourmet 70% Dark Chocolate

Friday, July 1st, 2016


Chocolate has long been known as a comfort food and has been a source of solace for many during stressful times. Chocolate is also associated with romance and is used as a mood-enhancer, but finally it’s being recognised for holding multiple health benefits. Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa really is good for us. Here at the highland chocolatier we specialise in crafting chocolates with single origin dark chocolate which has been discovered to be good for the heart, circulation and brain. (more…)

Gourmet Chocolate Guide – Chocolate Gifts for Him

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Gourmet Chocolate is the perfect gift for any occasion. Gifts for him are often hard to choose, which seems silly when you think that everyone loves a rich piece of chocolate. Gentleman like to indulge in dark tastes and whisky paired chocolates which are available to order at Highland Chocolatier.

Below are our top picks for chocolate for men which will solve your problem when picking a gift for his birthday, Father’s Day or even if you are looking for next year’s Valentines chocolate.



Tantalising Sweet Treats Perfect for Entertaining Guests.

Friday, April 1st, 2016

pic25When having friends or family over for a meal, impressing your guests is something all hosts aim for, often with dessert being the highlight of the evening. Waiting with eyes glistening and mouths watering as the grand finale is paraded into the room with pride, regardless of how full you and your guests are, there always seems to be room for a mouthful of something sweet.

Whether enjoyed formally round a table in the dining room or shared round casually with loved ones in a comfortable sitting room after the meal is over at Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s we have just the right selection of tantalising gourmet chocolate treats as a perfect after dinner accompaniment. All our luxurious chocolates are alcohol-free and vegetarian allowing them to be shared gladly with all your guests.

Praline Selection

Our signature praline chocolates recipe has been fine-tuned over the years to bring maximum pleasure when eaten. The soft creamy texture melts away into pure bliss. Our sharing boxes are guaranteed t o thrill at any dinner party as they are passed around, each guest selecting their ultimate flavour combination. Our exquisite hazelnut pralines are coated in single origin 70% dark chocolate with subtle caramel notes to entice any taste buds.

Why not try a sharing box of 20, 30 or 40? Our completely natural and preservative free flavours include interesting additions designed to dazzle your guest such as lemongrass which offers a fresh citrus burst, it’s flavour paired perfectly with the silky smooth texture of the praline. Designed to be enjoyed with Macallan Amber, Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old, Glenkinchie 12 Year Old and Caol Ila Moch whiskies. What could be more delightful as an after-dinner indulgence than this?

For those who enjoy the warming spiced flavour of cinnamon, a unique rich flavour is balanced expertly by our in-house specialist chocolatiers with our cinnamon praline with a hint of clove. This warming gluten free recipe has been chosen to be paired with Glenfiddich 18 Year Old, Lagavulin 16 Year Old, Tobermory 15 Year Old, Benromach Peat Smoke and Mortlach Exclusive whiskies.


Your guest may prefer a more traditional flavour, and for this, we recommend not only our signature hazelnut praline, but also the cocoa nib praline. This delicate flavour provides a unique texture for those who enjoy a subtle crunch and the marzipan layer compliments the bittersweet notes beautifully.

All Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier pralines come in beautiful presentation boxes in luxurious red and gold shades, finished with a secure magnetic fastening.

Award Winning Truffles

Pure naked truffles were once only available to Michelin Star chefs, but now these can be shared by our customers proudly as a final flourish at any dinner party or event. Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s signature Velvet Truffle Classic was the winner of Gold against tens of thousands of chocolates from all the world in the International Chocolate Awards 2015 “best dark chocolate” category. These truly exquisite truffles come sealed in a foil gold bag with an oxygen-absorbing bag to preserve our delicate creations and keep them free from artificial preservatives, every delightful box is finished with an expertly hand-tied ribbon.

Your guest may wonder why they’re called “naked truffles” with the perfect balance of flavour handcrafted by our chocolatiers we had no need to cover them in anything, leaving the delectable ganache the star of the show. Each box of truffles comes with a special truffle fork with which to serve them, ideally on a cool porcelain plate.


Why not tantalise your guest with a speciality flavour of award winning truffle? Our Velvet truffle with passion fruit and a touch of mango was awarded silver in the 2015 International Chocolate awards. This refreshing flavour is a blend of crushed passion fruit, real mango combined in a silky cream ganache. This flavour combination is perfect for those who enjoy the sharp zing of citrus.

For those guests who love nothing more than to try new and unique flavours, our raspberry and black pepper velvet truffle is the ideal after dinner treat. Once again an award winning combination at the 2015 International Chocolate awards the crushed raspberries are infused with black pepper to create an expertly balanced flavour combination like no other.

Turkish Delight

What could be more enticing than the prospect of your favourite flavours enrobed in silky luxury chocolate? Your guests will be transported back to their childhood sweet shop memories when offered one of these generous fragrant pieces.

Though this is not the usual Turkish delight of your childhood, here at Ian Burnett Highland Chocolatier the rose and lemon hinted treats are encased in either our signature São Tomé a single origin 70% dark chocolate or an expert blend of caramel noted milk chocolate.

Our Turkish delight chocolates come in a beautiful decorate tin, that is bound to fill your guest with pleasure as they dip their hand in and taste the exotic aromatic notes.

When next entertaining, and in need of a show-stopping dessert or after dinner accompaniment look no further than Iain Bennet Highland Chocolatier. Our award winning naked truffles to exquisite special chocolate covered treats we have something to satisfy every taste your guests may have.


How to Make and Decorate Artisan Easter Eggs

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016


Creating artisan Easter Eggs by traditional methods is a time-consuming and skilful business, and there is little point in doing it if you don’t use the very best chocolate.   At Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier we use the same carefully selected cocoa used in our Florentines and gourmet chocolate bars and we temper it to perfection it in exactly the same way.

The eggs are made in moulds, just two halves at a time. The basic method is to “dose” each mould with the desired weight of liquid chocolate.  Then, in moves which have been likened to those of Tai Chi, the molten chocolate is slowly and gently swirled around until it is evenly distributed.  Too thin and the egg will be fragile, too thick and the eating experience is spoiled.  We have all experienced over-thick chocolate that has to be fought into submission!

The swirling motion can only cease when the chocolate is firm enough to hold its shape – think about drips running down a newly painted surface.   We must then wait for the chocolate egg to set fully before it can be released. Deposits of cocoa butter in the mould ensure that the chocolate does not stick and surprisingly intricate patterns can be transferred to the chocolate surface.

Decorating Handmade Easter Eggs

Drizzle-Egg (1)

A number of different artisan chocolate techniques are used to enhance the gourmet Easter Eggs.  Each has to be trialled and perfected, and the chocolatiers trained and practiced before going into production.  You will notice than no two of Iain Burnett’s handmade chocolate eggs are exactly the same.  That is because each one is made individually and the style of the various chocolatiers will vary slightly.  It’s a bit like a signature and this uniqueness makes giving a handmade Easter egg extra special.

Drizzle Gourmet Easter Eggs are made by piping contrasting chocolate into the mould in a curvy pattern. The chocolate must be allowed to set fully before the mould is dosed with the main chocolate flavour. A more dramatic effect is achieved by slashing a completed egg with contrasting chocolate.  This calls for confident sweeps to create the deep sculpted effect.

To add texture as well as visual appeal, crisp eggs are arranged in the mould, before chocolate is carefully applied to hold them in place.  Once secure, the cluster is surrounded by a “dose” of chocolate which is evenly distributed round the mould as before.   Imagine how tricky this is to achieve perfectly!  For more sophisticated palates Crystallised Chinese Ginger can be used instead.

Expertly tempered chocolate Easter eggs are shiny already and can be enhanced further with a dusting of food powder. This is the technique used to make our cute little Chocolate Easter Chicks stand out from the brood.

New This Year


The latest Easter eggs reflect our most popular flavours of chocolate bar – 70% Dark São Tomé Chocolate with Raspberry Easter Egg and Caramel-noted Milk Chocolate with Sea Salted Toffee.  This involved yet another technique which was developed this year.  Can you guess how they were decorated?



Gourmet Chocolate for Every Occasion

Monday, January 4th, 2016

There is arguably no better ice breaker at a social event than delicious food and drink to keep a party flowing and natural throughout the course of the day or evening. At The Highland Chocolatier we believe every one of our hand-crafted gourmet chocolates would make a perfect appetiser – or beautiful centrepiece! – for any occasion. Whether you are just looking for the perfect luxury thank you gift, or a great wedding gift, or even a nice bit of a sweet treat for your weekend party, we have everything you could look for in our chocolate lovers’ haven.

Delicious Gourmet Chocolate for Kids

We all know when we were young that chocolate was a must-have on any party food list, and we can’t agree more with that even today! Kids are the ultimate chocoholics, and a delicious sweet treat never goes amiss at the party food table. If you are looking to give that touch of extra luxury, however, why not try some of our sweets made especially for little ones?

We have created a delicious range of white, milk, and tantilising strawberry chocolates for you and your children to choose from in specially made containers! Does your child really love to make a stomp around their party? Our chocolate button filled dinosaurs would be a real roaring success at their party! Or perhaps they would love a gift that could help them save up for an even bigger box of chocolate? The chocolate button filled piggy bank is both a great treat and a fantastic way to teach your kids about the value of saving their pocket money. If that doesn’t suit, we also have a delicious number of chocolate bars for you to choose from, including our Blonde Chocolate Bar, made with São Tomé cocoa butter, vanilla, and our best fresh Scottish cream. No kid could resist – big or small!

Wedding Gifts for Couples to Share


Finding the perfect chocolate wedding gift can be quite the challenge if you are looking in the wrong places. Here at The Highland Chocolatier we think that our wide range of delicately made chocolates serve as the ideal treat for any pair of love-birds flying home to their new nest. We have chocolates and truffles available in every flavour for that wow factor in your gift. Choose something different to the rest with us.

Our award winning range of truffles are the perfect wedding gift for anybody who likes both chocolate and a bit of luxury. We specially make every batch of truffles with São Tomé cocoa for a delicious dark chocolate experience unlike any other. With gold awards for our dark truffles from international chocolate award associations, why look anywhere else for your gourmet truffles? Specially for gifting, we have created a range of truffle selection boxes that are purely filled with our truffles. Ranging from 9 to 48 individual truffles, you can find a box within every price range with the same luxurious gourmet chocolate feeling. Not sure what flavours they may like? Not to worry. All of our truffles come in a variety of flavours – and some are even just our delicious gold award winning plain 70% dark chocolate truffles. They also include delicious Lime and Chilli, Raspberry and Black Pepper, Rose, and many other delicious fruit and spice flavoured truffles to pick from. Your giftees will be spoiled for choice and love the thoughtfulness of your gift. (If you’re tempted to pick one up for yourself, we wouldn’t blame you- they’re pretty delicious even if we do say so ourselves!)

We also have on offer our great range of chocolate hampers. They contain a variety of our finest chocolates to bring you the very best of our full range in a great, luxurious, reusable chocolate gift hamper that makes a great gift for anybody. If you want something a little bigger and more eye-popping for your wedding gift, why not look at our hampers for some great gift ideas?

The Best Party Trick – Chocolate!

We admit it, we all serve chocolate at our parties. There is just nothing better for that quick party treat that impresses everybody and is universally accepted as the best sweet around. Having no chocolate at a party is like a bar without wine, so why not make sure you have the best for your big occasion?

Why not choose chocolate? They make great chocolate gifts for men, women, kids, and everybody. Have some friends who really love Turkish delight? Let them try our great Chocolate Dipped Turkish Delight served in a beautiful decorative tin for that little bit of extra luxury for your guests. Or maybe they would prefer something a little sweet and juicy? There is a great option for them with our range of chocolate dipped fruit. Making a delicious addition to any bowl of snacks or served on their own, try our amazing chocolate coated cherries and orange segments, or even our pineapple slices. There is something for absolutely every fruity flavour preference.

These are only a small handful of the options available for your special occasions listed on The Highland Chocolatier. Every one of our gourmet chocolate products could make the ideal show-stopping piece at a party or the best gift – it’s up to your to find the absolutely perfect one for those special people in your life. Whether you are looking for chocolate gifts for children, or for a partner or friends, you’re sure to find what you are looking for with The Highland Chocolatier.