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Extra Special Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts in Decorative Tins

Monday, February 29th, 2016


There are many ways to show your mum that you appreciate her. Mother’s Day is perhaps one of the best chances that you have to really make a big song and dance about your mum and everything she has done for you over the years. From the most delicious home-cooked meals, to the times where she bandaged your knee when you fell, to helping you when times were tough. It is the perfect day to give a little something back to her – and with our selection of tins of chocolates made especially for the special people in your life, what better way is there to say thank you than with chocolate Mother’s Day gifts?

Hot Chocolate to Warm Her Heart


Everybody loves to sit down with a mug of their favourite warm drink. There is almost nothing better than sitting down together, watching a movie, sipping at your drink and laughing about memories you have had together. Why not add a touch of luxury to your evening’s relaxation with a beautifully decorated tin of dark hot chocolate flakes from the Highland Chocolatier?

Our finest dark Belgian chocolate is delicately flaked to be used as a topping for any desserts, melting into different sauces, and especially for making the most delicious mugs of hot chocolate. For the best flavour, add to warmed milk for the smoothest texture. A fan of a creamier, thicker hot chocolate? Why not add in a second bag of hot chocolate flakes to fill up your mug? Add in a spoonful or two of our white hot chocolate flakes and make your taste experience smoother, sweeter, and creamier. Your mum will look forward to some teatime talk almost as much as you do!

A Taste of the Classics

When we think of anything dipped in chocolate, there are a few old favourites that tend to come to mind very quickly. At the Highland Chocolatier, we always love to embrace the old and twist it with the new, lavishing sweet treats in our delicious milk and dark chocolate to appeal to the most varying of tastes. Your mother’s day chocolate gifts couldn’t be easier to find with our decorative tins full of some of the most classic chocolate combinations possible.

A decorative tin of Turkish delight is one of the most classic of combinations embraced by chocolatiers over the years. A favourite for many of our customers, your mum will delight in the soft, delicious texture of our rose and lemon scented Turkish Delight enrobed in milk or single origin 70% dark chocolate, smooth and creamy and a perfect blend of textures. Luxury does not come much finer than these delicious bite-size nibbles.

Looking for a treat to suit an even sweeter tooth? We understand perfectly. Another favourite of our customers is our delicious black and gold decorative tins of luxury fudge. They are a more traditional favourite, with many growing up adoring the delicious taste of warm vanilla fudge. Each piece is smooth and creamy, hand dipped in the smoothest luxury milk chocolate. The classics have never tasted so good. Go on, treat your mum this Mother’s Day.

Alternative Flavour Combinations


Growing up, we all develop different preferences for flavours. Did you know that some of our favourite treats can even give us certain health benefits? Indeed, it is known that ginger can have additional health benefits for the body, including immunity to muscle pain and effective anti-diabetic properties. At the Highland Chocolatier we have taken our finest single origin 70% dark chocolate and coated pieces of crystallised ginger, stored in another of our beautiful black and gold decorative tins, to create one of our best – and most fiery – flavour combinations for those who cannot get enough of the taste of ginger. If your mum loves a warm treat, this could be the one for her.

Is your mum a coffee addict? No need to fear – we have a delicious alternative to that coffee gift card you were considering. Our decorative tin of dark chocolate coffee beans offers the gift of a delicious bundle of some of the finest espresso coffee beans available, wrapped delicately in our 70% dark chocolate. The bitter flavours of coffee and dark chocolate melt together with a hint of sweetness that is as moreish as it suggests. For a mocha flavour without the hassle, this mother’s day chocolate gift is ideal.

Chocolate Covered Fruit


It is not only tins of other sweets and coffee that we have to offer your mum for Mother’s Day. In fact, one of our most loved treats comes in our beautiful decorative tin of strawberries and raspberries. For the mum who is a fan of white chocolate, this is the perfect gift. With dried natural strawberries and raspberries enrobed in the smoothest, creamiest white chocolate, there is the most delicate mix of sweet and bitter with an added crunch of texture that makes this tin beautifully appetising.

If you are looking for more additions to your chocolate covered fruit collection for your mum, we also offer a delicious range that you can choose to add to your order. From whole clementines to cherries, there is a chocolate dipped fruit to suit everyone.

Give Your Mum the Best Mother’s Day Chocolate Gifts


Your mum is important to you, and we want to help you say thank you in the best ways possible. If a decorative tin is not enough, why not try our beautiful luxury chocolate hampers? Filled to the brim with our finest chocolates and some added treats, you cannot go wrong. Make your mum’s day the best ever this March with the Highland Chocolatier deluxe chocolates.

Gourmet Thank You Gifts For Mother’s Day

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016


Your mother has done a lot for you. She raised you, made you feel special, and would turn the world upside down to make you happy. It is important to show her that you love and appreciate her for all the time and effort she put in to help you grow up and become the person you are today. Mother’s Day is her day to be pampered and appreciated (more than usual!) and finding her a beautiful gift can be a great way to tell her ‘thank you’ for all that she has done. Saying thank you could not be easier than with the Highland Chocolatier’s delicately divine range of Mother’s Day chocolate gifts crafted especially for her.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving


Finding the right gift to say how much your mother mean to you is a real struggle sometimes, especially when you want to give a present that is full of meaning and heart. Sometimes we can’t even find ourselves able to settle on just one thing, making the decision all the more difficult. With a fine range of chocolates to choose from here at the Highland Chocolatier, we understand that selecting only a few is difficult, which is why we have created our most luxurious gift idea yet that would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Our luxury chocolate hampers are sure to make any mother smile. Filled with only our finest selected chocolate products, each black wicker hamper is packed full of flavour. The most petite in our range is the Highland Chocolatier Gourmet Chocolate Hamper. Give your mother the gift of choice this Mother’s Day in this beautiful, reusable hamper. Inside, there are treats for her to enjoy whenever she likes. With nine award-winning homemade chocolates in the Chocolatier’s Selection Box, a decorative tin of dark hot chocolate flakes, a pack of luxury fudge dipped in milk chocolate, and a special Highland Chocolatier Mug made just for her to enjoy her new hot chocolate drinks, there is something for more than just Mother’s Day inside this hamper that she can come back to again and again.

We also offer slightly larger chocolate hampers at different prices filled with even more chocolates from our award winning range. Browse them today for more information, and contact us if you require any changes or have recommendations prior to delivery. Delivering the perfect gourmet gift to you means everything to us, as your mother means to you.

A Heart Full of Love


Traditional boxes of chocolates make a great gift for Mother’s Day. Yet, if you are looking for something just a little more different and special, the Highland Chocolatier have the beautifully made selection box just for you. Telling your mother that you love her could not be easier than with our beautiful boxes of 6 Loving Filled Hearts. Enclosed in our beautiful red and gold Highland Chocolatier boxes are a selection of three of our most lovingly designed chocolates from our selection.

She will be able to enjoy tasting our stunning Hearts of Gold, beautifully smooth caramel-note milk chocolate filled with the softest oozing caramel centres; Pure White Velvet Hearts, a deliciously creamy blonde chocolate heart with a creamy ganache centre; and Dark Sao Tome Hearts, with just a pinch of sea salt thrown in to really add to their decadent flavours. If your mother would love a box full of choice, this could be the heart-filled box you need.

Let Her Heart Soar with Butterfly Chocolate Boxes


Finding something small as a little treat for your mother to enjoy can brighten up her day. That is why at the Highland Chocolatier we have created our finest little boxes of chocolates that bring out the beauty of the contents. Whether they are a smaller part of a large present, or a little gift to hand to her throughout the day, our expertly decorated Liquorice Butterfly Box filled with two decadent little chocolates makes the perfect treat.

These chocolates are some of our newest we have created. Caramelised white ganache with the finest trace of liquorice truffle is enrobed in our delicious single origin 70% dark Sao Tome chocolate. The taste of liquorice matches perfectly with the sweet and creamy taste of white chocolate, making for an exquisite taste sensation your mum would love. Wrapped up in a small white box with an elegantly designed gold butterfly atop the bundle, there is no more attractive gift on shelves for Mother’s Day.

Award-Winning Selections for Her


Chocolates can make anybody’s day brighter. The Highland Chocolatier offers the finest of Scottish chocolate selections, and with the added benefit of your Mother’s Day chocolate delivered to you, there is no reason not to make your online order today. Boxes of chocolates are the traditional choice for any gift, including Mother’s Day, so it is only right that we have included our finest chocolate selection box in our range for Mother’s Day.

Our Mother’s Day Truffle Selection is one of the most elegant and delectable choices for your mother with 20 chocolates presented neatly in a beautiful gift box that requires no extra wrapping up. Each truffle is individually wrapped in delicious milk or 70% dark chocolate and hand decorated to perfection. Included in the box are our finest award winning velvet truffles, chosen at the International Chocolate Awards 2015 to receive the highest Gold award for chocolate truffles. We have also included more flavours from our truffle range for that extra special elegancy Mother’s Day chocolate gift. Go on, let her know she means the world and more with this beautiful box of gourmet treats.

Tokens of Love

Looking for the perfect accompaniment to a bouquet of flowers? Take a look at our range of delicious love tokens for more ideas this Mother’s Day from the Highland Chocolatier’s expert chocolate kitchen. Contact us for more information or for any dietary requirements necessary.