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Enjoy Whisky Chocolate and Celebrate the Scottish Open

Thursday, July 21st, 2016



The prestigious golf event, The Open is finishing this week in our home of Scotland and what better way to celebrate than with a box of Whisky Chocolates. The Open Championship returned to The Royal Troon gold course this July and has been the 145th Open Championship.

Tourists have traveled far and wide to visit Scotland for this very special event and box of delicious whisky chocolates is the perfect keepsake to return home with. (more…)

Pairing Gourmet Chocolate and Whisky

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016


When in Scotland, one if the most popular activities to take part in is, of course, a whisky tour. Our world famous whiskies are known for their superb quality, delicate flavours, and the smooth yet fiery heat they embrace. At Iain Burnett’s The Highland Chocolatier, we are also fans of bringing a whole new range of fans to the wonders that whisky can bring – especially when paired with some of our exquisite, delicious chocolates from our range.

Specially crafted and selected to be paired exclusively with some of the most famed whiskies in Scotland, our selections of chocolates are created to compliment the flavours of each whisky perfectly. Our range extends to champagne, also, but for the definitive Scottish experience, choose the Highland Chocolatier. For the best gift for a whisky lover, consider surprising them with gourmet chocolate paired with their favourite drink.

Expertly Paired for Flavour Sensations


There is nothing quite like a glass of your favourite whisky. For a lot of whisky lovers, not much can beat it. However, at the Highland Chocolatier we believe we have hand crafted some of the most delicate and delicious accompaniments to whiskies that bring out the flavours in both. The chocolates are smooth, sweet, and at times a hint of bitterness lingers, infused with fruits and spices selected to be paired with each whisky’s own individual, strong flavours. From the irresistible charms of the smokier variety to sweeter whiskies, there is a chocolate for every favoured glass.

Iain Burnett is an expert in flavour pairing. It takes only a small nose of a whisky for him to know which flavours would work best. That is why each of his chocolates chosen to pair with each whisky bring out the flavours of the malt they are created for. Scottish whisky chocolates have never been quite so luxurious – and it takes an expert chocolatier to be able to bring out the chocolate lover in even the most adamant of whisky lovers.

It is important to note that every chocolate Iain creates does not contain alcohol, contrary to the drink they are to accompany. Every chocolate is alcohol-free. While other chocolatiers may include alcohol as a preservative, Iain firmly believes in bringing out the best in the natural flavours of the chocolate without being marred by preservatives. Every handmade box of chocolates by post and in store are freshly made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, ready to be taken home and enjoyed.

Scotland’s Favourite Drinks Enhanced


The Highland Chocolatier have chocolates paired with numerous whiskies aged across Scotland. Some even include our chocolates on distillery tours to enhance guests’ experiences and be able to taste the full extent of the whisky’s flavours. The first to do this was the Dalwhinnie distillery in Inverness. The aromatic aspects of their famous whiskies, particularly the Dalwhinnie 15-year-old malt, pairs beautifully with our All Dark Velvet Truffles. Bitter, dark single origin Sao Tome chocolate flavours bring out the very best in this delicious malt. Now, no Dalwhinnie tour is complete without at least one Highland Chocolatier chocolate available for tasting, and other distillery tours also have our chocolates on hand.

The whiskies our chocolates pair with include the following:

  • Aberfeldy 12-Year-Old
  • Cragganmore 12-Year-Old
  • Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old
  • Glenfiddich Age of Discovery Bourbon & Madeira Casks
  • Lagavulin 16-Year-Old
  • Tullibardine 20-Year-Old

There are many more whiskies our chocolates are paired with among a variety of matured ages. These chocolates are all paired in collaboration with each distillery, and each carefully balanced flavour has been chosen to create the best range of Scottish whisky chocolates on the market.

Introducing New Chocolate and Whisky Fans Alike


If you enjoy whisky, there is no reason not to try one of our paired chocolates with your favourite drinks. If you are looking for an excellent gift for the whisky lover in your life, why not consider going for something different that they will truly appreciate? Our range of paired whisky chocolates has attracted a number of new fans to both the chocolates and whiskies alike. Our customers have given us some wonderful feedback, including from fans who thought they may not have liked chocolate.

Indeed, our chocolates have brought a wealth of new fans through our paired chocolate delights. Enhanced flavour combinations that are irresistibly fresh and smooth offer the perfect complement to our selected Scottish whiskies. Unsure which whisky is your whisky lover’s favourite? We have you covered. Our Whisky Tasting Box of 20 Chocolates contains 20 of our expertly handcrafted chocolates, made to pair perfectly with our select whiskies.

The chocolates include real fruit and natural spice infused truffles, smooth pralines coated in milk or delicious Sao Tome 70% dark chocolate, and our award-winning velvet truffle collection. These chocolates cover whiskies from the Top 50 Malts in Scotland listing, ranging from distilleries up and down the length and breadth of the country. For the ultimate gift, choose this delicious selection box. If you are looking for something extra, why not consider our range of luxury chocolate hampers?

Paired to Perfection

Every chocolate hand-made at the Highland Chocolatier is made with your satisfaction in mind. Made without preservatives and natural ingredients, every chocolate will simply melt in your mouth. Whisky chocolate has never been so good. Contact us at the Highland Chocolatier for more information or to place your order now.

Your New Year Party with Champagne and Whisky Chocolates

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Your New Year Party with Champagne and Whisky Chocolates

If you are organising a New Year Party for your family and friends and you want to give them a very special, unforgettable experience or you are simply looking for a luxury thank you gift that will leave them speechless then the Highland Chocolatier can help you. No New Year Party is complete without a bottle of malt whisky shared with friends and a glass of champagne at midnight, but what can make the evening even better is adding luxury gourmet chocolates expertly paired with some of the best whiskies and champagnes in Scotland. Put these boxes of champagne and whisky chocolates on the table five minutes before midnight and you might not find them ten minutes later!

Gourmet chocolates and champagne

Expertly matching champagne and gourmet chocolates is Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s specialty. Working together with Laurent Perrier we have created a range of luxury gourmet chocolates that contain no alcohol or preservatives but make for an amazing treat when combined with premier champagnes.

MLT9LME_SOne such product is the Strawberry and Star Anise Velvet Truffle containing fruit coulis ganache infused with star anise and coated in milk chocolate with caramel notes. Pair this magnificent velvet truffle with Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Champagne for a perfect New Year celebration. Or why not try the sophisticated taste of White Lime and Chilli Velvet Truffle? This fresh infusion contains tangy limes crushed over white chocolate and complemented with a hint of chilli. For an unforgettable finish the white lime and chilli velvet truffle has been coated in 70% Dark São Tomé chocolate. Perfect to pair with Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut and Laurent Perrier Demi-Sec Champagnes. These boxes of chocolates contain 9 velvet truffles each and are ideal to share.

The sophisticated whisky companions

The Highland Chocolatier has a mouth-watering selection of whisky chocolate for any taste. Our range of whisky companions was created to match some of the top Scottish malts, which makes them the perfect luxury thank you gifts for the whisky lover.

MLT9ORG_SSo how about our All Orange Truffles Box? This amazing whisky chocolate companion contains dark chocolate ganache of orange and clove covered with 70% Dark São Tomé chocolate. It can be paired with seven different whiskies including Mortlach 18 Year Old, Glenfiddich 15 Year Old and Singleton 12 Year Old. Or maybe you need something more refreshing? Then the All Lemongrass Praline Box is the ideal choice. This selection of hazelnut pralines infused with lemongrass citrus and coated in 70% Dark São Tomé chocolate can be paired with Macallan Amber, Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old, Glenkinchie 12 Year Old and Caol Ila Moch.

Do not forget to check the full range of whisky chocolate products to find the most suitable whisky companion for your New Year Party!

Refreshing chocolate dipped fruits

4-Whole-Clementines_LWhisky and champagne do not always need to be paired with boxes of chocolates, whisky chocolate or luxury chocolate bars. They are also exceptional when paired with chocolate dipped fruits. That is why the Highland Chocolatier created São Tomé 70% dark chocolate dipped Whole Clementines. The fruits are carefully candied over days and expertly decorated by hand serving as a real treat for the connoisseur. This luxury chocolate dipped fruits are perfectly paired with Laurent Perrier Vintage 2004 Champagne.

Another all-time-favourite are the Highland Chocolatier’s São Tomé 70% dark chocolate Dipped Cherries. These juicy cherries have been candied and dipped in gourmet chocolate to create the perfect whisky chocolate treat. Pair with Glenfiddich 30 Year Old malt to bring out the subtle flavour notes of the whisky.

The Highland Chocolatier’s Gourmet Chocolates by post

If you are looking for luxury thank you gifts the Highland Chocolatier has a wide range of gourmet chocolates for any occasion. Our luxury chocolate hampers are the perfect present for the chocolate lover and our luxury chocolate bars are the ideal chocolates for kids and adults alike. We deliver our chocolates by post directly from Scotland in just a few days, just remember to check our luxury chocolate range before you place your order. If you have any questions, simply contact us and we will respond as soon as possible!