The Christmas Magic of Chocolate Florentines

A box of Florentines is a Christmas classic and no one could argue that they make an amazing present for a loved one. Florentines are definitely some of the most famous cookies in the world, with hundreds of recipes on how to make them, however, these sweet treats also bring a sense of mysticism with them with regards to their origin. As their name (Florentines) suggests that they were first made in Florence they were considered an Italian dessert, but there were also claims that the recipe originated in Tuscan. Things get even more complicated as others claim that Florentines, as they are made nowadays, are actually a French dessert that was created in the late 17th century as a treat for French royalty. Nevertheless, Florentines are indeed a treat worthy of a royal.

Whether they are French or Italian is a matter we will leave to the experts, because for the team of The Highland Chocolatier the best Florentines are actually Scottish! Made according to our own special recipe, with the best possible ingredients and luxury chocolate our Chocolate Florentines presented in beautiful chocolate gift boxes make for an amazing Christmas present for your loved ones.

When Cranberries Meet Pistachio Nuts

FDCP17XMAS_SAt The Highland Chocolatier we create a festive range of luxury chocolate treats every winter, but some of them become all-time favourites – just like our handmade Cranberry & Pistachio Florentines. These disks of São Tomé 70% dark chocolate are filled with whole cranberries and pistachio nuts making for an unforgettable experience for the taste buds and for a lovely present. Beautifully arranged and presented in a festive round box these handmade Florentines are ideal for the lover of exotic chocolate combined with fruit and nuts. Each of the chocolate gift boxes contains minimum 17 Florentines which makes it an ideal treat to share with the whole family. We deliver our chocolates by post so all you need to do is place an order and we will take care of the rest.

Peppermint and Dark Chocolate

FDM17XMAS_SAnother classic chocolate combination famous all over the world is peppermint and dark chocolate. Who would refuse a piece of refreshing minty chocolate in front of the Christmas tree or while cuddling on the couch? At The Highland Chocolatier we have perfected the Peppermint Florentines. Using São Tomé 70% dark chocolate we hand-make the Florentine disks and sprinkle them with tangy peppermint sugar crystals. A box of peppermint Florentines is one of our amazing chocolate Christmas gifts.


Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

ROUNDREDMIXEDFL14_SIf you are a dark chocolate lover, but your loved ones prefer milk chocolate choosing chocolate treats to share becomes a challenge, especially if you are looking for something luxurious. Luckily for you with The Highland Chocolatier chocolate Florentines you do not have to choose. Our selection of 14 Mixed Milk and Dark Chocolate Florentines, presented in a beautiful red and gold round box will excite your senses and bring the Christmas spirit to your home.  The milk chocolate Florentines in this selection come with a caramel note and are filled with juicy cranberries and apricot pieces. The dark chocolate Florentines, on the other hand, expertly combine 70% single origin cocoa with whole pistachio nuts, premium almonds and Fiery Chinese ginger to give you the exquisite experience of The Highland Chocolatier’s luxury chocolate gift boxes.

Luxury Chocolate Christmas Gifts

opulence hamper

Our Florentine boxes make for an amazing surprise and are just one of the products in our Chocolate Christmas Gifts range.  At The Highland Chocolatier we also offer Chocolate gifts for the whisky lover that have been expertly paired with some of the top UK whiskies. Our Chocolate hampers are an ideal gift combining some of our most popular products including our Decorative filled tins of chocolates and Dipped fruit for Christmas. These chocolate gift hampers offer an unforgettable experience for the luxury chocolate lover. For more information on our chocolate gift hampers and tins of chocolates visit our Christmas range. We deliver all our chocolates by post so after you place an order our luxury chocolate products will be delivered directly to your home. If you have any questions simply contact us.

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