The Enchanting World of Award-winning Luxury Chocolate

The world of luxury chocolate is indeed a magical place filled with flavours, spices and the finest chocolate expertly combined to create a symphony of tastes and texture experiences, that the chocolate lover will fully understand and appreciate.  This world of pleasure is bright, intense and vivid – welcoming to everyone who is ready to immerse themselves into a new delicate taste experience.  This world is the world of Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier, Scotland’s most awarded chocolatier.

The International Chocolate Awards

All UK and Scottish chocolate lovers should be pleased to know that Scotland is the home of some of the best chocolate in the world.  During the World Finals of the International Chocolate Awards held at The Chocolate Show in London, held at the close of the Chocolate Week 2015, tens of thousands of chocolates from over 40 countries competed in over 40 different categories. A jury of world class chefs, sommeliers, chocolate specialists, journalists and bloggers selected the winners.  For the team of Highland Chocolatier it is a pleasure to receive the highest recognition of a Gold International Chocolate Award for The World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle without any added flavourings and two Silver Awards for The Velvet Truffle – Passion Fruit with a Touch of Mango and The Velvet Truffle – Raspberry & Black Pepper, particularly when the exquisitely smooth unenrobed Velvet Truffle Range is Iain’s signature.


The World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle 

Who could resist the mouth-watering taste of intense São Tomé dark chocolate cocoa with spice notes combined with the exquisite texture of an award-winning handmade classic Velvet Truffle?  The world’s best dark chocolate truffle expertly balances single-origin chocolate with fresh Scottish cream, without the need for alcohol, artificial flavours and additives.

These naked truffles could be a pleasant surprise gift for a loved one or a luxury treat to yourself, with a single click. Each box comes with a hand-tied ribbon and is sealed in a foil gold bag, designed to keep the fresh cream truffles natural and free from artificial preservatives.  So why not enjoy a world class luxury chocolate prepared by an expert chocolatier just for you?

The Velvet Truffle – Passion Fruit with a Touch of Mango

Looking for an exotic experience while comfortably sitting in your living room? Then the Velvet Truffle – Passion Fruit with a Touch of Mango is the gourmet chocolate for you. The Silver Award winner at the International Chocolate Awards combines the exciting freshness of crushed passion fruit with real mango, all infused together in a silky white ganache. This handmade truffle expertly balances the exotic fruits, with its creamy white chocolate to bring the pure pleasure of an unforgettable chocolate experience.

The Velvet Truffle – Raspberry & Black Pepper

For the chocolate lover with a taste for the spicy and love of raspberries we have another award-winning luxury chocolate – the Velvet Truffle – Raspberry & Black Pepper.  This infusion of crushed raspberries and black pepper with single-origin chocolate and no additives is perfectly balanced to excite your senses and bring the unforgettable experience only Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier can offer.

Award-winning Chocolate Just a Click Away

Are you ready to challenge your senses with exotic, natural tastes, exquisite textures and luxury chocolate?  Then Highlander Chocolatier is expecting you. Getting our award-winning Velvet Truffle Range is easier than ever. Simply visit our website and select the gourmet chocolate you would like to get. Follow the order procedure and you will soon receive our luxury Scottish chocolates by post. Do not forget to take a look at our Gourmet Shop and Chocolate Gifts for more amazing tastes to try and for more ways to surprise and treat your loved ones. If you have any questions contact us. The enchanting world of luxury chocolate is awaiting!




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