Unforgettable Luxury Thank You Gifts This Festive Season

Unforgettable Luxury Thank You Gifts This Festive Season (1)

The festive season is that time of the year when we relax, enjoy ourselves and spend time with our loved ones. It is the time to appreciate everything you have and all the people who care about you and love you. That is the main purpose of giving gifts – to show people what they mean to you and to say a big “Thank you for being a part of my life!” The Highland Chocolatier Iain Burnett has the ideal luxury thank you gifts for you. In our festive range of gourmet chocolates you can find the perfect gift – from whisky chocolate for your dad to tasty chocolates for kids that are ideal for the little members of the family!

Whisky and Truffles – The perfect pair!

MLT9SEL_SIn every family there is at least one dedicated whisky lover who has invested in discovering the magic of malt whiskies. And there is no better place for whisky lovers than Scotland! The whisky chocolate selection available from the Highland Chocolatier has been created with the whisky and chocolate lover in mind. Our gourmet chocolates are the
perfect whisky companions expertly paired with the Top Fifty Malts from Scotland.

If you are looking for the ideal luxury thank you gifts for the whisky lover we recommend our Whisky Tasting Box of 20 Chocolates. This gourmet chocolates selection contains the award-winning Velvet Truffle, natural spices and real fruits perfectly enrobed in 70% single origin cocoa chocolate or milk chocolate. It is perfect to pair with a range of whiskies. So why not order this gift and get a nice bottle of malt whisky to accompany it? We send our chocolates by post and you can get them on the next working day.

Luxury chocolate hampers filled with joy

indulge hamperJust like the whisky lover the dedicated chocolate lover has probably tried almost every type of chocolate and it is getting harder and harder to surprise them. Well, not anymore! Our luxury chocolate hampers will get them speechless and will keep them happy and fulfilled during the festive season. Available in 4 different variations the Highland Chocolatier’s luxury chocolate hampers contain award winning gourmet chocolates, expertly paired boxes of chocolates, luxury chocolate bars, decorative tins filled with luxury chocolate treats and packs of traditional favourites dipped in chocolate. If you want your luxury thank you gifts to have an expert selection of the Highland Chocolatier’s gourmet shop products then the chocolate hampers are exactly what you are looking for. Any product in our luxury chocolate hampers can be substituted with an equivalent one, so if you want some extra customisation of your gift simply let us know.

Luxury chocolate bars for every taste

TST100_SLooking for a classic gift with a sophisticated taste? Then our luxury chocolate bars are waiting for you! Glossy in appearance, smooth in texture and amazing in taste, our luxury chocolate bars are available in 12 different combinations. Are you ready for São Tomé 70% dark chocolate infused with cranberries and pistachio in our Cranberry and Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar? Or maybe you prefer a Salted Toffee Bar of caramel noted milk chocolate with toffee pieces and sea salt? You choose the perfect luxury thank you gifts for your loved ones, but do not forget to check our luxury chocolate bars range for some more surprising gourmet chocolate combinations.

Show your love with chocolates for kids

Milk-Chocolate-Buttons-Dinosaur_LChoosing gourmet chocolates for the kids in your life might not be an easy task as the little ones can easily destroy whole boxes of chocolates during the festive season. That is why the Highland Chocolatier has created some special chocolates for kids that are nutritious and tasty, but can be portioned according to your preferences. One such product are the Strawberries and Raspberries Rolled in White Chocolate. These chocolates are ideal for kids and contain real fruits that have been expertly coated in white chocolate. Or maybe a Chocolate Button Dinosaur is even a better gift? Our dinosaur shape is filled with chocolate buttons so it makes for a tasty treat, but it can also be used as a chocolate mould. What child wouldn’t be impressed by a chocolate dinosaur?

This is the Highland Chocolatier’s selection of luxury thank you gifts. Our chocolates by post are delivered promptly and make for an unforgettable present for everyone – from whisky lovers to children. If you have any question or requirements simply contact us.

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