Chocolate Bar Library

Chocolate Bar Library



Ten of Iain Burnett's hand-made gourmet chocolate bars - a complete library! Presented in a perfect, bespoke bar box.

Sea Salted Toffee Bar - Artisan bar of sea salted toffee on caramel noted milk chocolate.

Chinese Ginger Bar - Fiery Chinese stem ginger embedded in an artisan bar of single origin São Tomé dark chocolate. 

Raspberry Bar - Gently dried natural raspberries crushed over single origin São Tomé dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Bar - A hand crafted bar of rich milk chocolate with subtle spices and notes of caramel.

Dark São Tomé Bar - Iain Burnett's single origin dark chocolate from the rich volcanic soils of this South Atlantic island. Powerful, intense, fruity and aromatic.

Blonde White Chocolate Bar - Artisan bar of "blonde" creamy white chocolate

Toffee Caramel - Artisan bar of caramel noted milk chocolate studded with toffee pieces

Orange - Candied, shredded orange sprinkled on São Tomé dark chocolate. 

Peppermint - Artisan bar of crystallized real mint leaf on single origin São Tomé dark chocolate.

Almonds & Pistachios - Caramel noted Milk Chocolate bar studded with premium pistachio and almond whole nuts. 

Item may differ slightly from selection shown.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, toffee [sugar, glucose, sweetened condensed milk, vegetable oil (RSPO palm), butter oil, carnauba wax (trace)], candied ginger [ginger, dextrose], freezedried raspberries, almonds, pistachios, crystallized mint [sugar, natural mint, gum arabic, colour E141], cranberries [contain sunflower oil], dried apricot [apricots, rice flour, preservative: sulphur dioxide], whey powder (milk), emulsifier: soya lecithin, salt (<0.5%), spices, natural flavourings.  Milk chocolate contains cocoa solids 35% minimum, milk solids 14% min. Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 70% min.  "Blonde" Chocolate contains milk solids 27% min.

All Iain's chocolates are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians. No artificial flavourings are used.

Please Contact Us if you have specific questions or requests.

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Thu 2nd Apr 2020
A little bit of everything for everybody, perfect gift as separately packaged.

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