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Enrobed Velvet Truffles

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Dark Velvet Truffle
Dark Velvet Truffle
Palet d'Or fresh cream truffle of intense São Tomé flavours
*International Chocolate Awards Gold*
Raspberry Truffle
Raspberry & black pepper Velvet Truffle
Crushed fruit ganache with a hint of black pepper
*International Chocolate Awards Silver*
Orange Truffle
Orange & hint of clove Velvet Truffle
Dark chocolate ganache of orange and clove
*Great Taste Gold*
Lime Truffle
Lime & hint of chilli Velvet Truffle
Tangy limes crushed over white chocolate with a hint of cayenne
*Academy of Chocolate Gold Award*
Ginger TruffleGinger Velvet Truffle
Nigerian ginger brings out São Tomé’s spicy notes
*Great Taste Gold* 
Garden Mint Truffle
Garden Mint Velvet Truffle
A refreshing infusion of real garden mint leaves
Rose Truffle
Rose Velvet Truffle
Dark chocolate with infusion of rose
*Academy of Chocolate Bronze Award*
Espresso Truffle
Espresso Velvet Truffle
Dark ganache infused with freshly ground espresso beans
*Great Taste Gold*
Milk Velvet Truffle
Milk Velvet Truffle
Famous silky truffle of fresh Scottish cream and rich chocolate
*International Chocolate Awards UK Gold*
Chai Truffle
Chai Velvet Truffle
Creamy infusion of Assam tea, cinnamon, ginger, clove and cardamom
*Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver*
Mocha Truffle
Mocha Velvet Truffle
Milk chocolate, fresh Scottish cream and a shot of espresso
*Great Taste Gold*
Strawberry Truffle
Strawberry & star anise Velvet Truffle
Pure fruit coulis ganache infused with star anise
*Great Taste Gold*
Strawberry Truffle
White Raspberry & honey Velvet Truffle
Crushed raspberries and white chocolate ganache with Scottish heather honey (Cranachan)
Passionfruit Truffle
Passionfruit Velvet Truffle
Tangy crushed passionfruit rounded out with a hint of mango
*International Chocolate Awards UK Gold*
Caramel Truffle with Liquorice
Caramel & twist of liquorice Velvet Truffle
Caramelised white chocolate ganache with a touch of liquorice root
*International Chocolate Awards Gold*
Christmas Chocolate
Festive Spice Velvet Truffle
Warm infusion of allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, clove studded orange and a twist of coriander and mace (available only at Christmas)        
Ganach Truffe
Pure Caramelized Ganache Velvet Truffle
Pure caramelized ganache in caramel noted milk chocolate.
Salted Caramel
Sea Salted Caramel Velvet Truffle
Natural sea salt pops out of this caramelized ganache.
Ruby Truffle
Ruby Velvet Truffle
Ruby chocolate in tangy blackcurrant ganache


Spiced Velvet Pralines

Dark Praline
Dark Velvet Praline
Smooth gianduja of pure hazelnut praline and chocolate
Lemongrass Praline
Lemongrass Velvet Praline
With a hint of lime for a surprisingly citrus experience
Cocoa Nib Praline
Cocoa Nib Praline
Crunchy nibs in a rough hazelnut praline on a layer of marzipan
Milk Praline
Milk Velvet Praline
Smooth gianduja of hazelnut and milk chocolate
Cinnamon Praline
Cinnamon Velvet Praline
Sweet praline with a rich spice infusion
Orange Crunch Praline
Orange Crunch Praline
Sorrento orange, chocolate and hazelnut with roast wheat flakes

Other Chocolates

Dark Marzipan
Dark Marzipan*
Pure German marzipan dipped & crowned with a whole almond
Milk Marzipan
Milk Marzipan*
Pure German marzipan dipped and crowned with a whole almond
Langue de Chat
Langue de Chat*
Elegant tasters of São Tomé island 70% dark chocolate, caramel noted milk chocolate, or creamy white chocolate
White Velvet Truffle
White Velvet Truffle*
Creamy white chocolate ganache and triple Madagascan vanilla

Sea Salted Caramel Heart*

Salted smooth, golden caramel in milk chocolate.

*Note - due to their shape, these chocolates cannot be selected for the Box of 90 Enrobed Chocolates or the Butterfly Box - 2 Chocolates.
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