Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Bag

Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Bag



The Dark Chocolate Lovers Gift Bag

Iain Burnett has created the ultimate gift bag for the Dark Chocolate Lover.

This ornate gift bag includes a selection of Iain Burnett's award-winning Dark Chocolate products and a pair of bespoke Iain Burnett fine china mugs. This is truly an unmissable offer- saving you over £25! 


- The Dark Velvet & Fruits Tasting Flight (for 2) complete with an audio tasting guide (£21.95)

- Box of 12 Unenrobed Dark Velvet Truffles (£20.95)

-  Dark Bar Bundle - 3 Gourmet Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bar (£21.85) Includes the Dark São Tomé Bar, Raspberry Dark Bar, Almond & Pistachio Dark Bar.

- A pair of bespoke branded Dunoon Fine Bone China Mug (£40)

Item may differ slightly from selection shown.

All Iain's chocolates are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians. No preservatives are used. 

Dark Velvet and Fruit Tasting Box:

Dark chocolate min. solids 72% cocoa, milk chocolate 35% cocoa/14% milk, white chocolate 27% milk solids. Store airtight below 16C.

Unenrobed Dark Velvet Truffles: cocoa mass, fresh cream, sugar, butter, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, whey powder (milk), emulsifier: soya lecithin, spices, natural vanilla flavouring.

Dark São Tomé Bar: cocoa mass, sugar, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring. Cocoa solids 72% min. May contain traces of milk, nuts. Plain chocolate contains minimum cocoa solids 72%                 

Raspberry Dark Bar: cocoa mass, sugar, freezedried raspberries (2%), emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural flavourings. Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 72% min. May contain traces of milk, nuts.

Almond and Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bar: cocoa mass, sugar, almonds (5%), pistachios (5%), soya lecithin, natural vanilla. Dark chocolate contains cocoa solids 72% min. May contain milk. 

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