Award-Winning Chocolate

Iain Burnett "the Highland Chocolatier" has been recognised as a world-class artisan chocolatier, with a growing collection of over 45 national and international awards and is a member of the Academy of Chocolate.

In particular Iain's Velvet Truffles® have consistently been endorsed by both the Food and Drink Industry and international Chocolatier Associations.  They have twice been awarded Best Food Service Product at Food&Drink Excellence; Gold, Silver & Bronze awards from the Academy of Chocolate; Triple Gold Star from the Great Taste Awards; and Europe’s Best Hot Chocolate Ganache.


Iain has received over a dozen Great Taste Awards for the Milk and Dark Velvet Truffles, Raspberry & Black Pepper, Nigerian Ginger, Mocha/Espresso, Orange & Clove, Strawberry & Star Anise Velvet Truffles, as well as the award winning Hazelnut Chocolate Spread.


The World's Best Dark Chocolate Truffle & The World's Best White Chocolate Truffle

The Velevt Truffle Dark Sao Tome Gold WInner

Iain Burnett's highest accolade to date is the World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle  followed by the World's Best White Chocolate Truffle, The Velvet Truffle with a Hint of Liquorice.  Tens of thousands of chocolates from over 40 countries were judged by world class chefs, sommeliers and food experts to decide on these Gold International Chocolate Awards.


British, Scottish & International Awards

Iain was awarded the British Gold at the International Chocolate Awards for The Velvet Truffle - Classic.

And the World Silver at the International Chocolate Awards for The Velvet Truffle – Passion Fruit with a Touch of Mango and The Velvet Truffle – Raspberry & Black Pepper.


Iain received the Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Product of the Year in the Confectionary and Snacking category for the entire Unenrobed Velvet Truffle Range.

Iain was awarded the Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Food Service Product of the Year. This was an unexpected honour having receiving the coveted overall Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Product of the Year the year before for the entire range of chocolates, surpassing the extensive range of supreme fare which Scotland has to offer.

Iain's individual gourmet chocolates have also won multiple awards over the years and you may like to order the Award Winning Selection Box to try them for yourself!

Visit the Chocolate Selection page for award details on every chocolate.

Iain Burnett's Velvet Truffle - Dark São Tomé Gold winner of the International Chocolate Awards best dark chocolate truffle.


"The best, most luxurious chocolates we have ever tasted. Excellent quality and individually delicious."


A Scotland Food and Drink Excellence Product of the Year - represented by The Chocolatier's Selection Box of 48 chocolates.


"Exquisite, delicious chocolates for special occasions. Mmmmmh"

A collection of individual prize-winning Velvet Truffles - The Award Winning box of 20 Chocolates

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