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Chocolate Tasting Flights   £16
Choose Dark & Fruits  or  Milk & Caramels.
Learn to taste like an expert with this unique audio-guided gourmet tasting flight of five of Iain’s chocolates. Be surprised by the flavours, textures, & skills that go into creating award-winning chocolates. 40 minutes of pure heaven. Last sitting 1 hour before closing.

All Things Chocolate   £9.95 / person
While in the home of the world’s best chocolate, why not immerse yourself completely?  Includes:
Thick Dark Hot Chocolate
Dark Chocolate Cake
A single truffle or praline
Your choice of cafetiere or tea

Tall Dark & Handsome  £9.95 / person
A combination to die for - the dark chocolate brownie is one of our most popular cakes - it will change the way you feel about gluten-free.  Includes:
Dark Chocolate Brownie (GF recipe)
Frozen Ganache Ice Cream
Your choice of cafetiere or tea
A handsomely paired truffle

Hot Chocolates

Made with his dark truffle ganache, it’s no wonder that Iain’s Hot Chocolate won Best Hot Chocolate in Europe at the International Chocolate Awards! Please let us know if you would like yours topped with fresh whipped cream.

Classic Hot Chocolate  £4.25
Iain’s rich Velvet Truffle Ganache melted in steamed milk.

White Hot Chocolate  £4.25
Very sweet & milky delight of white chocolate melted in steamed milk.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate  £4.95
Iain’s Classic Hot Chocolate mixed with real caramel & just the right amount of salt.

White Raspberry Hot Chocolate  £4.95
Iain’s White Hot Chocolate ganache infused with raspberry.

Vegan Dark Hot Chocolate  £4.50
Real dark chocolate flakes steamed with soya or oat milk.
Marshmallows please add 50p
Children’s portions are discounted by 10%

Thick Hot Chocolates

Thick Dark Hot Chocolate  £2.95
Thick, espresso-sized cup of our Velvet Truffle Ganache melted down! No additives, thickeners, & no extra milk added.

Thick White Hot Chocolate  £2.95
Thick, espresso-sized cup of our White Velvet Truffle Ganache melted down! No additives, thickeners & no extra milk added.

Infused Thick Hot Chocolate  £3.25
An espresso-sized cup of our thick Velvet Truffle Ganache infused with Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Cinnamon, Chilli or Peppermint. Your choice of white or dark chocolate.

Marbled Thick Hot Chocolate  £3.25
For those who can’t choose, why not have both? A tantalising blend of white & dark thick hot chocolate in an espresso-sized cup.

Espresso Coffees

Espresso  £2.25

Americano  £2.75
Espresso “stretched” with hot water

Cappuccino  £3.25
Espresso, with equal parts of steamed milk & foam

Café Latte  £3.25
Espresso, steamed milk & a bit of foam

Flat White  £2.95
Similar to a latte, but stronger espresso flavour & just a touch of foam

Caramel Latte  £4.25
Café Latte with a generous dollop of caramel

Café Mocha  £4.25
Fresh espresso poured into Iain’s Classic Hot Chocolate

White Mocha  £4.25
Fresh espresso poured into Iain’s White Hot Chocolate

Salted Caramel Mocha  £5.95
Iain’s Classic Hot Chocolate mixed with real salted caramel & a shot of fresh espresso

Spiced Apple  £2.95
A warming mug of steamed apple juice with a dash of cinnamon

Extra Espresso Shot  95p

Cafetiere Coffees

£2.95 - just coffee
£4.45 - paired with Velvet Truffle

Sumatra Gaia
Think wood smoke, earth and spice. Paired with a Dark Velvet Truffle.

Ethiopia Sidamo
With natural sweetness and a light fragrance. Recommended for those who like to drink coffee black. Paired with a Passionfruit Velvet Truffle.

Tiki Decaf
Soft and balanced with cosy roast notes. Paired with a Mocha Velvet Truffle.

Loose Leaf Teas

£2.95 - just tea
£4.45 - paired with Velvet Truffle

Breakfast Blend
A hearty breakfast blend with plenty of body & flavour. Paired with a Milk Velvet Truffle.

Gunpowder Green
A fairly full flavoured Green Tea, with hints of smoke and pepper. Paired with a Cocoa Nib Praline.

Royal Earl Grey
Packed with citrus flavours & a hint of sweetness. Paired with a Lemongrass Praline.

Bollywood Dreams Chai
Warming blend of spices, cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper & cinnamon. Paired with a Chai Velvet Truffle.

Perfect Peppermint
Fresh & zingy dried peppermint leaves, naturally sweet & refreshing. Paired with a Garden Mint Velvet Truffle.

Cold Drinks

Fentiman’s Victoria Lemonade  £2.95
Ginger Beer  £2.95
Elderflower Pressé  £2.95
Sparkling Apple Pressé  £2.95
Coke & Diet Coke  £1.95
Glass of Apple Juice or Milk  £1.50
Still & Sparkling Water  £1.50

Cakes & Treats

Dark Chocolate Layered Cake  £4.15
Layers of rich dark chocolate sponge sacher torte with chocolate fudge icing.

Dark Chocolate Brownie (gluten free recipe)  £3.95
Made with Iain’s dark chocolate & red cocoa.

Carrot Cake  £3.95
A rich and delicious take on a classic.

Toffee Apple Cake  £3.95
Topped with toffee icing and glazed apple slices.

Berry & Vanilla Cake (gluten free recipe)  £3.95
Moist vanilla layer cake topped with blackberries.

Rocky Highland Road  £3.95
Almonds, cranberries, apricots & pistachios with white chocolate & marshmallows.

Fruit or Plain Scone  £3.50
With jam & butter and fresh cream.

Cheese Scone  £4.25
With butter, a wedge of cheese & chutney.

Savoury Cheese Mini Muffins  £4.25
Emmental, Mozzarella, goats cheese & chive mini muffins served warm with butter, cheese & chutney. Two muffins per serving.

Chocolate Selections

Dark VelvetWorld’s Best Dark Velvet Truffles
£5.50 - 4 pieces
Judged by experts as the World’s Best Dark Truffle from thousands of chocolates from over forty countries, intense São Tomé dark chocolate notes of spice & cocoa are at their height in this multi-award-winning handmade truffle. Served naked as pure ganache & dusted with cocoa powder.

Unenrobed Fruit 6Un-enrobed Pure Ganache
£10.95 - 6 pieces
Six of Iain’s world famous fruit dusted unenrobed Velvet Truffles:
Raspberry & Black Pepper Velvet Truffle
Passionfruit & Mango Velvet Truffle
White Lime & Chilli Velvet Truffle

Gold Passion Raspberry Sea-Salt DarkGold Selection
£5.95 - 4 pieces
A selection of favourites:
Passionfruit & Mango Velvet Truffle
Raspberry & Black Pepper Velvet Truffle
Sea Salted Caramel Velvet Truffle
Dark Velvet Truffle

Garden Strawberry W Rasp Rose MintScottish Garden Selection
£5.95 - 4 pieces
Enjoy a bouquet of fresh garden fruit & flowers:
Strawberry & Star Anise Velvet Truffle
White Raspberry Velvet Truffle
Rose Velvet Truffle
Garden Mint Velvet Truffle

Pralines C Nib Cinnamon Lemongrass Or CrunchSpiced Praline Selection
£5.95 - 4 pieces
Take a tour of hazelnuts, almonds & textures:
Cocoa Nib Praline
Cinnamon Velvet Praline
Lemongrass Velvet Praline
Orange Crunch Praline (wheat)

Any Selection
£16 / 100g (approx. 10g each)
Click here to create your own selection of Iain Burnett’s multi-award winning Velvet Truffles and spiced pralines. Choose as few or as many as you like, and we will serve them to your table. Please ask us if you have any allergy requirements.

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