Strawberries & Cream Selection

Strawberries & Cream Selection



Created specially for Wimbledon 2018 - "Strawberries & Cream" selection.

A beautiful white and gold round box filled with 14 Strawberry Velvet Truffles, with just a hint of Star Anise, and 4 luxurious hearts, filled with creamy white chocolate ganache. The perfect serve for Wimbledon 2018! 


All of Iain's Chocolates are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, fresh cream, cocoa butter, butter, strawberries, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, whey powder (milk), (wheatflour, sugar, butterfat, vegetable fat, milk sugar, milk proteins, salt, barley malt flour, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate), invert sugar, almonds, water, glucose syrup, sorbitol, invertase, fully hydrogenated coconut fat, salt, emulsifier: soya lecithin, E471, spices, honey, natural flavourings, trace amounts of colours E100/ 102/ 104/ 110/ 120/124/ 129/ 132/ 133/ 142/ 171/ 172. 

Dark chocolate min. solids 72% cocoa, milk chocolate min 35% cocoa/14% milk, white chocolate min 27% milk solids.  Store airtight below 16C


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Fri 7th Jul 2017
Wonderful Wimbledon treat

Wed 12th Jul 2017
the products are just delicious

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