The 100% Bar

The 100% Bar



100% cocoa bar. Contains no sugar, so technically not chocolate, but this is conched until beautifully smooth. Perfect for adding unique flavour to savoury and sweet sauces, casseroles, meat roasts, and of course all kinds of desserts. 100g bar.

Item may differ slightly from selection shown.

Ingredients: 100% cocoa mass.

May contain traces of milk, soy, nuts.

All Iain's chocolates are alcohol free and suitable for vegetarians. No artificial flavourings are used.         

Please Contact Us if you have specific questions or requests.

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Wed 20th May 2020
An excellent product with great quality and flavour.

Mon 23rd Mar 2020
Not bitter yet contains no sugar.?beautiful texture.

Mon 12th Aug 2019
Smoothest, creamiest, deepest favoured melt in my mouth 100% I have tried.

Fri 22nd Dec 2017
I wouldn’t eat such strong, bitter chocolate, but use it for cooking/baking. Magic!

Fri 1st Dec 2017
Amazing quality - Good gift

Sat 14th Oct 2017
Intense and unforgettable.

Wed 6th Apr 2016
As Above

Thu 12th Nov 2015
very nice my wife really enjoyed it.

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