Welcome to the Velvet Truffle Tasting Flights


Make sure you have your tasting mats and chocolates laid out in front of you.

Have a glass of room temperature water or slice of apple to hand to cleanse your palate when you need to.

My Velvet Truffles are best tasted at room temperature, so if you’ve kept them in the fridge, allow at least an hour for them to come to room temperature before starting. 

If you think you're all set - click 'play' on the video below to start your audio guide and let me introduce you to a world of artisan gourmet truffles.  I'd recommend you listen to the 16 minute "Guide 1 Introduction" first because it offers some insights that you'll miss otherwise.  However you can skip straight to the actual 18 minute Tasting Flights if you wish.

Let me know if you enjoy it and I’ll let you know about the next Tasting Flight when I’ve completed it…





   Guide 2 - Dark Velvet & Fruits Tasting Flight



Guide 3 - Milk Velvet & Caramels Tasting Flight



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